Stereotypes: I’m Blueeee…

More often than not, people are generally stereotyped in to groups and then judged.

I bought a blue wig the other day because I’ve always liked blue hair but never wanted to bleach my hair to get it to something this bright. And, it’s kind of fun to put on a wig and just be different for the moment.
But, when you do things like this get stereotyped and judged.
She has blue hair. She must be some sort of goth or freak or just weird
And, I don’t understand why people must feel the need to stereotype people based on the way they dress or the way they look. How is that even fair? It’s like when people say “You’re Asian, so you have to be smart and study Medicine or Law“. And this is wrong. Because I believe that we’re all people and even if we have different opinions on fashion and looks and what not; you should keep it to yourself.

Because, why does your opinion even matter? If I’ve chosen to look or dress a certain way; I will. If I want to  wear stockings that are bright or have weird patterns – I will. By dying my hair or wearing an unnatural coloured wig, I am not trying to get attention or trying to “rebel“. I just like doing it.
People have to realize that everyone is different.
And that by stereotyping us in to groups, they’re just making themselves seem unapproachable. I mean, are you really going to want to become best friends with someone who judges everything and everyone? No. You’re going to say and do things carefully around them so that they won’t stereotype you.

I try to treat everyone equally until I know them personally. If he wants to look like a she; then I’m not going to treat him any differently if he’s a nice guy. I hate people who are mean to others just because of they way they look.
So, everyone, before you stereotype or judge someone – just think, what if they did that to you? What if having black hair was considered weird and everybody thought you were a freak because of it?
♥ ♥ ♥

” So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. ” ~ Matthew 7:12
Have you ever been stereotyped? And how did you deal with it ?

If you don’t like something, it’s fine. Just don’t hurt others because of it.
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46 comments to Stereotypes: I’m Blueeee…

  • Vu

    Ngawww, my sweetheart looks so cute with blue hair. >:D

    I've been stereotyped before on countless occasions, not to mention have racist remarks thrown at me just because I'm Asian. How did I deal with it? I just simply ignored it, I figured that was probably the best thing to do. x]

    Maybe one day they'll realize how rude they've been and change, maybe they'll never change. That's life I guess. xD

  • ` .tb

    You are so right! We are INDIVIDUALS and the only thing we should be associated with are ourselves~

    You are awesome and if awesome is one such a stereotype, it is probably the best one to be called as it is SO vague, the context behind it doesn't really matter!!!!!

  • Bibi

    Melody, you look great with blue hair too ^^ And I really love your thights, where did you get them?

    Sure I've been stereotyped. I avoid people who don't accept me for me, there are lots more people out there! I know that everyone has an opinion, and if our opinions don't meet, than we better keep them for ourselves and go on with our lives…

  • Bibi

    excuse me: tights… ^^

  • h.tea

    I hang out with guys, so I must get around/be a flirt 8|

  • Mei

    Haha and I thought Melody gone rebels and dyed her hair blue, phew it's just a wig.
    Anyway I think people are to scarded to be differents and they are like not 'used' for changes in the sociaty…

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    I totally agree with you. I hate when people hurt others by stereotyping them… There is nothing wrong to be who you want to be :( I'm sorry if that happen to you.
    I've been stereotyped before but I honestly don't really care what others think as long as I am happy :)
    I really love how you have different style! And I think you look really cute in blue hair!

    So happens that I'm getting blue extensions soon~! <3

  • Elisaaa (^-^)v

    I actually like the wig, its impossible to get a haircolor like that xD when i was young i always wanted to have like pink or green highlights in my hair =p I still think its cool though hahaha

  • petitechouxx

    I don't remember if i have been stereotyped.. maybe.
    I don't care what may think of me. I like dress what i want and dye my hair what i want. I know some people who judge and criticize . that makes me sad… =(

  • Sakie and Thomas Gantz

    Well I think you look great no matter what you wear, and it is sad that people make up opinions without knowing the person behind the appearance.

  • Prinzesschen★

    I love your wig ♥ It fits you (:

    But it's just too true, what you posted. People always stereotype people of other countries, other societies even they don't know them. and furthermore they're not the same.
    Since I'm living in Japan, I'm often asked where I came from and when I tell them I'm German, they start listing their German stereotypes and it's really annoying and kind of depressing that people just can't accept you the way you are.

  • London's-beauty

    I think you are so cutee! Well my friend was like asians/chinese ppl are so good at maths! i took that as a compliment ^^ nope I don't think I've ever been stereotyped except for that one time.

  • KimChi

    wow I like that wig! :D

    mh of course I get sterotyped just because I azn(?) o.o
    I don't care much if they just don't know it better :3

  • gyc

    aww such a lovely posts. your posts always touches me. =)
    i love wearing all black sometimes because it is so flattering (plus it skinnifies you!) and it goes with anything, but my friend on the other hand says that she doesn't want to wear black because she thinks she'll look like a goth. i guess she didn't mean it in a horrible way, but i guess some people just stereotype naturally?

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    I've been wanting to dye my hair blue or pink for around 4 years now. I almost bought a pink wig until I saw the price…Dissapointment. .__.

  • Celina

    Wow, the blue totally suits you!! You look amazing, I think you should wear it out more often :D

    Stereotypes honestly suck, I've been stereotyped to death :( Especially being female in a male dominated industry (I work in IT), I've been told to just stay at home and have kids instead :P But got to push through that and do what you love to do~ <3 Stay strong :)

  • xxkatielee

    When dealing with stereotypes , it depends on the person . There are people I`m close to and when they say the typical stereotypes for asians or any kind of race , I know they aren`t serious ; we just laugh at the fact that`s what everyone thinks (but it`s stupid) . But on a serious note , using stereotypes to judge someone is REALLY stupid ; you don`t know a person based on their appearance .
    By the way , the picture of you w/ blue hair and brown hat is cute (:

  • Saving Capulet

    ugh, I can totally relate top this, A few days ago, I was ranting about how I want to bleach my hair blonde >.< well, you know what. You totally rock blue hair, it's lovely! and may i ask where did you buy that wig? It looks awesome for a konan (naruto) cosplay if cut short xD, i am in love with its shade :3

  • Shirley

    such a cute post!
    and ya stereotype sometimes really suck…

  • Shirley

    lovely doll! love it!

  • Kura

    Ahhh you look cute in blue hair!
    *3* <3333

    We tend to catergorise things cause it's easier for us….but stereotypes being used in a bad way is not cool ;___;

  • Tezza

    like when asians are called bad drivers? :(
    im a cool driver though! (I'd hope to think ^_^)

    looking great as usual bubs~ <3

  • lissy

    haha love the blue wig…guess its outta the blue… o-o;

    i dont think ive ever been stereotyped…………but once my eng teacher thought i was fob coz i didnt like to talk in her classes… her fault

    well everyone is different and unique :D

  • Tam

    You look like an anime character so cuuuute! People think im smart cos im asian. Then they realised im the creative type and they gasp "OMG YOU LIKE POEMS AND PAINTING?" somewhat offensive but people are annoying :((

  • Silkybow

    It's true but sadly… it's a natural thing that everyone does lol.
    Which is why people normally say first impression counts. I like your blue wig though, suits you well ;]!


    ughh i agree with this post so much, its so sad that people are stereotyped. its so disgusting! its like when my boyfriend shaves his head his classed as a "bad boy" who causes trouble & probably takes drug.
    ive been stereotyped by heaps of people, my "family friends" always classed me as the "bad girl" because i hung with the kids who liked to have fun. they always thought i was going to end up a drop kick, but its funny because all their daughters are sluts and/or junks now while i am the one on top ;] haha
    so fcuk em babe, you want blue hair go for it ;] you look great with it hahaha !
    OHHH and i totally hate being stereotyped as a goth/emo because my wardrobe consists of pretty much just black, grays and pretty much any dark colours !


  • Rinny

    Aw I think the blue wig actually looks kinda cute on you; you shouldn't let what others say bother you. It's good that you are not afraid to be unique and stand out from the crowd :)

    P.S. I tagged you for the One Lovely Blog award ^^
    Link to post

  • xiao yuan moon

    omg i thought you dyed your hair blue at first XDXD

    but yeah, people always think you're weird if you're not 'normal' slash plain like the rest.

  • Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse

    i like your natural hair color but this is a super cute blue wig.

    Please enter my Lanvin, Jewelry, Makeup & Nail Polish holiday giveaway.

  • Jessica

    I was stereotyped as an EMO ~~ XD

  • The Little Dust Princess

    Aww you're so cute : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  • Lily

    Aw you look cute with blue hair! :D

    Hm totally agree with you. Stereotyping is very annoying and not very nice.

    I guess the only thing I really get stereotyped before is about being Asian and being smart. /: And people saying I'm cheap because I'm Asian. D;

  • Ribka

    Yes I've been stereotyped too! It's so annoying.
    btw you look cute in blue hair

    I follow your blog! :)

  • amanda

    stereotypes sucks but i guess its something thats inevitable.

  • ❥ ќʀɨsтɨиɑ

    Hello! :D Passing by your blog. I hope we can be good friends. Can we follow each others blogs?? (><♥♥♥)

  • P o o p e r

    The blue hair looks incredible on you! Like almost natural imo. :'3

    I've been stereotyped so many times, but everyone has. D': It's a shame because stereotypes end up making a most of us more insecure.

    All of I got to say is, KEEP PREACHING GIRL! :D I don't understand certain why some people choose to be ignorant. It's not like we're living in medieval times. Some people need to catch up with the 21st century and realized that the world should be more accepting by now!

  • Mooshi.Chui

    u can even pull off the blue hair!!!!
    ive always been sterotyped =(
    i guess everyone doesss ><
    people are born to be judgemental!!!

    xx mooshi

  • kaizokumousy

    hihi I love your blue wig melody!^^ It suits you well :) really cute!^^

    I also bought many wigs and extensions which I only use in parties.

    ye I have been stereotyped. and judge.I just ignore them I don't care what other people says as long as I enjoy what I'm doing and I don't hurt anyone doing it :3

    btw hun I gave you an award on my blog please check it :) it's been there for so long I just forgot to tell u :)

  • Hello

    wow!! You look nice with the blue hair!! :) I like your blog do you want to follow each others blogs??

  • BuNnYLuverz

    first off your tights are so cute! and yes thats true ppl shouldnt judge how they dress and just keep it to themselves. where you judged from your blue wig? i like your wig cuz its long! how much was it..i have a blond wig i love it.. i like wigs cuz i always get super bored with my hair nd cut it.. and when i cut it .. it somtimes looks ugly. haha i want to cut my hair now too. must refrain! ill buy a wig =3

  • HL

    woah i too wanted always to have loong looong hair with exciting colours. Maybe pink like sakura of naruto or purple or even blue sometimes i wonder how it would look like if i had white hair or something :'D
    but i still like your current hair colour. it suits you
    oh and i like your rose leggins, it's really beautiful :)
    (<_< so thin legs… arw..)

  • ミシェル♪

    Blue Hair for the win! (^_^);
    Your wig is just awesome! May i can ask you where you'd buy it? :3

    And … yea that stereotypes sucks! (>_<) I hope people will understand it some day? :]

    Well, i hope my english was understandable. If not…sorry! xD

  • TheMadTwins

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! bluee, I have a blue wig as well :) I love collared wigs :) it's suites you well actually ^___^


  • ☆ NachiPoo

    I've always wanted a short pink wig! Blue hair looks so nice on you, haha kinda flows with your look.

    Oh yeah, It happens to me all the time :/ They think I'm a scene kid or emo.I just wear what I love, and I hate being called weird for it. I just ignore them because people like that don't deserve your time.

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