Love Your Parents.

[This post is directed at teenagers and young adults]
I remember there was a time where I used to think that friends were everything; even more important than my parents / family. I was quite young back then. Probably 13~15? It was always “I want to go hang out with my friends!” and “Mumm, don’t hug me in public. It’s embarrassing!” or “I’m on the phone!
It only occurred to me that this wasn’t the way I should be acting when my mum was admitted to the hospital when I was 15/16. The thought of losing my mum made me realize how stupid and selfish I’ve been.

(My dad and I bought decided to draw on lemons the other day for no reason..)
Spend Time With Your Parents
Before it’s too late..
The thing is, your parents aren’t going to be around forever. And that’s a fact. One day they will eventually pass away; and you will no longer be able to see them. Therefore, in my own opinion, it doesn’t matter how many disagreements there are or how much you think your parents are boring; if you don’t spend the time with them now
 …you will regret it.
Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have some free time off them. And that going out with friends is a bad thing; but I just believe that everything should be done in moderation. It’s not fair to be out every single day and never come home.

(My brother and I out shopping / eating with my mum)
I understand that there are just some things you want to do right now. But the truth is, you’re still young and you have your whole life ahead of you to: go to the clubs, go on dates, go travelling etc. (Again, not saying you can’t do this – just don’t do it at the sake of not seeing your parents at all)
But your parents are not young and eventually, they will pass away. 
– – – – – — – – – – – – – 
My own parents are really really strict. And sometimes it is slightly unbearable and a little unreasonable when they don’t let me do certain things which are quitenormalfor the rest of you to be doing; and if I was younger and less mature, I would get angry all the time. But, I think to myself. It’s okay. When I’m older, I’ll do those things but for now, I want to be on good terms with my parents and not fight with them.
I don’t want them to be gone for me to finally realize that I want to be spending my time with them.
I don’t want to regret for the rest of my life.
♥  ♥  ♥
How do you treat your parents?
It’s okay if you find it difficult to get along with your parents. I think nearly everyone goes through that “rebellious teenager stage” but just think about what I said. 

And I know that parents just don’t understand sometimes; and it make seem like they really don’t care. But they do. They do care and love you – they just don’t understand. Yeah?

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43 comments to Love Your Parents.

  • Vu

    I wholeheartedly agree with this entire post. There was a stage in my life where I would get angry at my parents for not letting me do certain things but now that I think about it, they were only looking out for me.

    I'm not too sure of how I treat my parents, I guess I could be a better son if I did some house chores. xD

    This was a really good post, sweetheart. :)

  • Silkybow

    aw what a sweet post!
    I agree with everything you said, especially when I met a friend who really loved his family and I realised I shouldn't fight with my parents over stupid things and hang with them more (but i've always had anyway) haha.
    And LOL at that picture of your brother, he's wearing your hat right??? and he's like listening to music, making it seem like he's bored haha :):).

    I do hope that more people start to care for their parents like that, there's been many people these days who curse their parents etc and it's so…

  • Jennifer :) ~

    aww i loved this post :) this has got to be one of your best ones yet. your words really touched me and it made me think about how i am to my parents and how much i believe it's unfair when they don't let me do certain things or go to certain places. they do that because they care and not to make me miserable or upset, even though it does frustrate and annoy me. you're so right, parents aren't going to around forever and once they're gone we are likely to feel regret from not spending more time with them when we had the chance. i'm happy to say that i do get along with my parents and even though i argue with them from time to time about small things, it's nothing really major. the only thing is that my parents don't really get along with each other =/ they're not a couple that's in love, but they've remained together for the sake of me and my brothers. it's like they've sacrificed their happiness for me and my siblings and i feel that i should be more appreciative of that.

    i lost my grandpa early this year and it really made me think of how i'd feel if it were my mum or dad instead. it affected me a lot but it would have been worse if it was my parent, just saying. i think i need to 'rebel' less against my parents and not argue as much about little things. from now on i will spend more time with them and talk with them more whenever i'm home with them :)

    thanks for this post melody <3

  • Mei

    I love your post x it's pretty similar to mine…
    My mum is ill lately and I've been trying to take care and spend more time with her than I normally would.
    I know when parents are superstrict but they are trying to protect you and be the best for you.
    I help my parents as much as I can and I try to show love to them.

    My dad is more open than my mum overall for some reason o:

    Anyway, cute lemons and potato on the right :P ?

  • Jilliancat

    i'm 19 and i'm still not allow to go on a date, of course, dun have to mention clubbing n my curfew is 6pm. lol.

    would like to blog something similiar to yours. ;) thanks for the inspiration. <3

  • Exuvalia

    I loved this post. To be honest, I have had several disagreements and disputes with my mum. But when major events came into my life (like my grandma dying), I realised that I should treasure and cherish what I have. People, things, food, and simply anything and everything. But yeah, my relationship with my mum is not as bad as before. We fool around a lot and have fun. :)

  • Joanna

    I think, I don't treat my mother that well. But I love her, yeah. But I can't stand it when she starts nagging. sometimes I just walk away or sleep (whatever time it is). and when she's asking me to do a favor for her, I get a little irritated. because, when she said that this minute, she want it to be done. pronto.

    As for my father…
    I kinda feel guilty for not talking to him. well, I don't ignore him. But I think, we lack communication, he goes for a vacation here once a year for just 1 week and I think, I don't give enough time talking to him, maybe because, we don't speak the same language.


    okay, enough.
    I don't wanna cry. =D

    BTW, nice post!
    *two thumbs up!*

  • Tien Phan

    Although your parents may be tough at times, its not hard to see why they are so protective of you.

    The fact is you've turned out pretty well and I was surprised to see how well you and your mum communicated in real life.

  • siwing

    Hi Melody! I've know you've been busy with exams, but I've missed your posts!

    Yes, my parents dont let me do certain things but thats cause I always knew they were protecting me. Now that I'm older than 21, they pretty much are still the same way but I do them anyway. Lol.. I've learned a lot from them and I know that in what I am doing, I have learned from the best.

  • gyc

    this post is so sweet. i'm still a young teenager so i guess i can relate to this post in a way. your posts are so meaningful – i love them! =)

  • Jessica

    I guess everyone did came through a rebellious phase.. I did when my parents divorced @__@ 5 years ago xP

    I would came home so late that I nearly arrive the same time my dad goes home from work and he would ask where I came from Id say "the hell you care" *so mean of me. Yeah i spent time with friends even during weekends and waste parents money on unnecessary stuffs. And yes I had bad grades~ from honor student to nearly failing 3 subjects x3. then college came I intentionally applied for an expensive university and major :P Asked money saying I need this and that *but no i just spent the money for my hobbies* then came to the point when i didnt attended my class for more than a month. and blah blah blah

    Mine is pretty harsh, ayt. XD
    but yeah as you grow older you kinda understand your parents ~~

  • petitechouxx


    i have strict parents. i can't go outside after 10 pm, can't go friend's sleepover, always call my mom for where am i, can't go out when it's not weekend =.= i'm a young adult…

    i do get angry, but i don't want to be mean and don't want to fight. So i decide that i will wait when i finish school, have a real job, and have a apartment for my own then i could do what i want to do. For now, i listen to my parents and treat them nicely.

  • Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

    Haha, if you thought those were cute, you should see these!;

    You look kinda bored in the picture!

    I think we're alike with parents. They're not for granted, treat them as this day was the last!

  • Pui

    this is such a different spin from your usual material, but nonetheless, very true.

    I had understood the importance of parents since young, but still mainly placed friends infront of parents because they would be too forceful in their ways or so I believed. However, when they started to give me more freedom, I had placed them ahead.

    Friends may come and go, but family stay forever.

    It is of utmost importance to keep a good relationship with your family at all times. Parents were young once, they can be reasoned with.

  • Min

    Melody, this post says everything that's on my mind. I haven't lost anyone dear to me yet so I haven't had the first hand experience. But I agree with everything you've said in this post. I've had disputes with my parents on several occasions and thought that they were unreasonable. I guess they had their best interest at heart and wanted to protect me.

    Although there are times when I can't fully agree with their decisions, I'm trying to hold back my thoughts too. Cos I'm still a child to them, till the day I marry and move out (IF that ever happens!). I guess they've been alive for a longer time than I have so their decisions are made through knowledge and experience.

    I hope I won't have to wait till it's too late to realise what they're doing for me is actually out of love. This post made me think a lot about how I should treat my parents. Thanks Mel <3

  • lissy

    awww this post is so sweet^^
    hah im still a young teenager so i guess this post relates to me-ish :)
    so after reading this post i'll treat them nicer and with more respect 8)

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    My parents and I argue a lot and we disagree on a lot of things, but at the end of the day, we still get along pretty well and we can talk about things with each other.

    By the way, I like the lemons! XD

  • P o o p e r

    Such a lovely post Melody, if anything I really respect my parents more than anyone. I fight with them occasionally, and I tend to be stubborn but no matter what I still love them and worry about them.

    If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be who I am today, and for that I'm really grateful. Also they're stubborn yet they can be really cool and it's interesting how they can maintain that way. This post just makes me remember all the good times me and my parents had. :'D

    Btw! Yess I can help you translate from spanish to english! But not in vice versa xD


    aww melody i agree with this post 110%. when i was younger i took major advantage of my mum and always thought i was too cool to be around her and was always so mean to her >.<. but now that i am older i appreciate her more and make all the effort to show her that i love her LOL aww man how mushy :P
    my mum is a typical filipina so she's always been really strict, i had curfews & rules >.< sucked so bad back in the day, but i think if i didnt have a strict mum i probably would have grown up the wrong way :\

  • Ribka

    great post! i have strict parents too. but i always try not to complain because we have to respect them :)

    really inspiring!!

  • Sammigurl

    I totally agree Melody,
    I'm lucky to have really nice, easy-going parents. I love spending time with my mum, shopping, eating out- whatever really. I miss my parents when I'm apart from them for a few days haha.
    Anyway it's great that you appreciate your parents, I mean for everyone it forms a big part of who they are. xo

  • BuNnYLuverz

    haha i luv the family lemons! you and ur bro dont look alike!

  • Gerrytales

    that's really cute how your dad and you drew on lemons. I wish my dad was around more to draw lemons with me.
    I agree with your post entirely. We tend to take our parents for granted in our early teenage years. I was so mean and moody to my mom back then (13-16 years old)
    I think majority of Asian parents are strict on their kids >< I feel your pain. I mean my mom would give me a long lecture if I have a bf. Luck you xD
    Anyway, take care ~

  • TheMadTwins

    I adore the lemons :) and your brother looks kinda different from you ^__^
    and yeah, parents. They took care of you such a long time, I think they deserve respect and I don't like to get angry. Although it sometimes happens. But I can't imagine I life without them. I alway try to be nice, whatever it takes ^__^

    Loves, London

  • wendiie ♥

    HAHAHA LOL it's Darren! XD

    yeh i agree with you..
    my parents are also very very very strict with me ! I try to treat my parents how they want to be treated..
    If i didn't they'd like yell at me and yeh hahah XD

  • Dee Huynh

    How do i treat my parents?
    They treat me pretty fairly so there was never a time where I would get extremely angry at them. I think I'm quite a laid back person. So even if they were angry at me I wouldn't try to be too sulky i guess ^.^ But your post is really true. Spending time with parents is wonderful to do. I know i would definitely regret it if i don't.

  • Gerrytales

    That's funny how you tried to teach your brother code language. Ay yarh! Boys *shakes head.
    You have never been to a masquerade EVER? oh dear! You must go to one, it is so… mysterious and fun :)
    Anyway, I think it would be interesting if everyone did a personal biography. I should of tagged people to do it T^T

    Later Alligatorrr ~

  • fatimaa-xo

    aw melody! you are such a sweetheart!
    &.. i completely agree with you!
    i don't fight with my parents, and if i do, i usually give in and say sorry.
    i haven't gone through a rebellious stage, and i hopefully i won't since i`m already eighteen.
    i guess its because i used to be an extremely spoiled brat! so i really don't know~

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    such a touching post :')
    Fully agree with you! But I guess when you're at that age, its just hard to understand. I'm 22 and just realizing how much they cared for me and everything.
    Although their ways were strict, but I really thank them for who I am today! Even I'm 22, I still have some rules if I live under their roof!
    I threat my parents as much respect I can give them, cuz they know best :)

    Love the lemon drawings! They are so cute!

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    So very true!!

    I remember when I was 13-14, my parents took everyone on holidays and I didn't enjoy myself because all I wanted was to be home with my friends for the March break. But a few years later, and still now, I regret being so immature about it because it was my first trip out of the country and it was a totally different country, all paid for by my parents to spend time together. I should have enjoyed myself, took pictures of everything and really had a good time! Instead I sulked u____u'' I feel so stupid now. Lol

    I live with my mother and I spend a lot of time with her now. And I see my father every other week. I talk to my sister and my brother every week too.

    It's SUPER important!! Family will always be there, while your friends might just come and go.

  • Alex

    My parents and I always had a good relationship. I never really had the whole OMG-I-hate-my-parents-so-much phase. Of course we had arguments here and there but at the end of the day we all love each other!

    BTW I just found your blog! It's so cute and fun!

    Much love!!

  • Elisaaa (^-^)v

    I can get along with my parents quite well =) but yeah sometimes we do quarrel a lot, but ah well.. We are still family, so the next day we just pretend nothing happened lol ^_^

    Btw. melodyyy I tagged youu:

  • Saving Capulet

    I've a very wonderful relationship with my parents, I try not to give them a hard time and as much as possible, I don't ask them to buy me things I like, I save my own money or I work for it. I really wish I could give my parents all the things they/need. :<

  • Fivyolen Qiu

    Love your post!

    It's just so true! :D Love my parents alot! cos they know me well and the best <3

    You should be a writer, i'm telling you! you're so goooooood!


  • priincess emily

    This is a great reminder! thank you! :)

  • Lily

    Mmm. I totally agree with you. I used to get really angry at really minor things. My parents are pretty strict. Particularly my mum. /: But now that I'm older I guess I can understand better.

    Cute lemons. :D

    T_T My chem and GMA teacher gave the worst notes ever this year. Actually my GMA teacher didn't even give notes… He just read out examples from the textbook and told us to do the work ourselves. >':

  • xxkatielee

    I love my mom (: She's everything to me . I understand that she only does what she does because she's concerned about my future . Yes , sometimes I rebel and disobey her , but I know that's a phase that'll eventually pass d: She's been through a lot , and she's tries to give me and the rest of my siblings the best . That's why when I grow up I hope to give her everything like she has for me (:

  • Tam

    My mum used to be super strict but I got to a reallly rebelious stage and long story short she trust me A LOT now so I'm really free. Which is a bad thing because I don't see her often. Love this post! <3 very personal and meaningful :)

  • kaizokumousy

    This is true.And we have had the same experience!>.<

    my mom likes to hug me and i get embarrased.anyway that was only before but now I am fine with it.I cried when I realize how stupid I was before to push away my mom's hugs :<< anyway I love your made me cry XD

    yeah…parents will pass away.and that time, we wont be able to hug them anymore.and you are right.

  • Bibi

    Reply to you: I usually wear pencil liner, but I was up for the challenge of liquid liner. I do believe after some practice it's easy peasy… Thanks for being supportive of my beginning Twitter-adventures! ^.^ Followed you back, but you might've seen that already ^.^

  • Anonymous

    this post is very usefull thx!

  • Grace

    this is a really sweet post :)

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