FAQ; Getting to know Melody

I’ve finally finished my University examinations for the year, and now I’ve got all this time to start doing all the things I’ve been planning to do for ages. You’ll be seeing some changes here and there and there are a few blog posts lined up and etc :) But for now, I’ll be answering some Frequently Asked Questions to clear up some air

Name: Melody Chong
Chinese name: Embarrassing as it is, it’s 美丽 *-* If you don’t know what it means, look it up or ..just ignore it :D !
Religion: I’m Christian (Pentecostal) ! I’ve been a Christian my whole life and even though I don’t frequent Church as much as I used to, I still live by God’s word. 

Nationality: I’m Malaysian Chinese! And no, do not call me Malay – because that’s completely different ! But for those who want to go down to specifics, my Father is Hakka and my Mother is Peranakan/Nyonya-Baba. (Although it can be noted that I’m probably mixed somewhere along the tracks because my mum isn’t even sure herself)
Place of Birth: I was born in Malaysia but I moved to Australia when I was 1~2 years old so I don’t really remember anything about it ! :(
Languages: English, Japanese, Malay. And then small bits of other languages consisting of Canto, Mando etc. And odd thing to add is that, Cantonese was actually my first language (well with English?) when I lived in Malaysia with my relatives. But when I moved to Australia, I forgot it all as my parents never speak it with me :) 
Why I can speak Malay: I can understand Malay because it’s the only language apart from English that my parents share fluently. They both can speak other languages that the other knows bits of but not able to fully communicate with! And they’ve always mixed Malay in to their every day speech so I eventually picked up quite a lot of basic words :) 
How long have Vu and I been together: We’ve been together for nearly 8 months and I’m planning on staying with him for much much muchhh longer ♥ He’s my best friend and I love him so much (:

When did I start blogging: I started blogging in 2004 on MSN spaces. From then, I’ve had countless of blogs. Some that are more dedicated than others :) I’ve had: MSN Spaces, Xanga, Blogger, WordPress, Livejournal ..and well, lots of blogs on the one platform. If I were to count every single blog that I’ve started since then, I don’t think I can tell you a specific number.

Why did I start blogging: Well, since I was a child, I’ve always been scared that I’d “forget” things. So, since I was in like Prep, I’ve written in paper diaries. I have about 10+ of them stored somewhere *-* And then it continued when I discovered blogging :) That, and I want to share my knowledge and advice to all the girls and guys reading this !

Things I like: I like a whole lot of things ! I love blogging and I love reading other people’s blogs and of course the comments you awesome people leave for me to read. In saying that, I love reading in general. I want to have my own library one day !! And I like drawing and anything crafty – although I haven’t done anything of the sorts in a long long long time. I like writing fiction and ..blog posts. I like meeting people from across the globe. I love cute things yet gothic things. I love Arashi. And well, this list could go on so I should stop here ;)

Things I don’t like: There aren’t that many things that I don’t like. Okay, that’s a lie. I can sometimes be a very hateful person and just get annoyed really easily at the most simplest of things. But generally, I just don’t like people who well ..try too hard? I don’t know. Even though I stress and want things to work out my way most of the time; I also don’t like it when people worry too much – you need to relax :)

And I guess that’s all I’ll do for now. :)
These questions will probably go up in to a FAQ tab that I’ll add soon; and if you would like to add any questions to ask me, feel free to leave it in the comments or email me: melludee@hotmail.com
You can even use my Formspring to ask anonymously if you’re too shy !
♥ ♥ ♥
Tell me some facts about you! What are the things you like and don’t? Why did you start blogging?

Did this help answer some of your questions?

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55 comments to FAQ; Getting to know Melody

  • ` .tb


    haha, its good to see you are having fun blogging ^____^ I myself is reluctant to reveal too much about myself, but blogging does make me open up, even just for that tiny bit more

    have fun and sleep tight <3

  • Vu

    Oh boy do I know Melody. ;]Why, she's the cutest girl ever.

    Hmmmm… things that I like. I like video games, anime, and food. Well there's more to it but that's all I can think of on the top of my head right now. xD Things that I don't like… well, I guess you could say I don't like people who boast a lot.

    I started blogging sometime last year, but my blog kinda died along with my motivation at that time. hahaha

  • Jennifer :) ~

    welcome back to blogging :D aw this was a great post melody! you have the same chinese name as my friend x] i wish my name was like that hehe. cantonese as your first language :O how cool! if you could still speak/understand it then we could talk in canto xD i'm sure that you and vu will be together for a very longggg time :D my bf is also my best friend :)

    and to answer your question: i started blogging because it was a way for me to de-stress (especially this year) and i wanted to be able to share my interests/hobbies to people that may also be interested ^_^ i'm glad i've met you through blogging xo

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    As I read this I was like *how I read this before I embarrassingly asked so many questions about you in msn!*
    lol! You're such a cutie!!

    I have Nonyababa back ground too~!! OHMIGOSH! that's so cool ><

    I started blogging cuz I enjoy reading and writing and also to improve my English :D

  • Mei

    You don't like me! I can be sometimes tóóó perfectionalist if I want something so badly :'D

  • amanda

    i like this post :*)
    apa kabar melodyyy. hahahaha

    i started blogging my personal thoughts and happenings for my own self reflection. It was only recently this year that people I didn't know in real life started reading my blog.

  • Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

    Haha, thank you! <3

    I hate it when my train has a deloy of 31!!! minutes (it happened today, and it's not realy winter yet!!)
    But I love it when I could wait in the sun, it was such a nice day today! wintersun <3

  • Jilliancat

    WHAT!?!??! MELODY IS FROM MALAYSIA!?!??! *proud. :D :D :D hahaha dis surprised me a lot!

    I started blogging bcos I thought sharing out my thoughts wt my friends wud be easier as some things are hard to come out by mouth. then along the line, I've met ppl who actually try to diss you, using all your past experiences in ur blog to create drama.

    maybe dats when i changed my blogging style completely, try not to share too personal things with the world.

    *Anyway I've watched KOKORO by Rin omfg I CRIED. T_____T I bet you've watched it already ages ago!

  • Oami

    I'm happy to see your headbands! I'm so so interested~♥!

    And thx for this note – through it I can get to know you better ;3 So great!! *^o^*

  • C A S S I E

    I don't know you know.. I have no idea why I started blogging. It…might be because I wanted to comment on people's blogs because I want to share my thoughts too. awhhh your name is good! 美丽<– you are pretty!!

  • Fionaa ♥

    Great post Melody (: all your blog posts are soo interesting ^__^
    I speak cantonese, "lay ho ma?" (: kekeke. I have too many things that I like and don't like to list lol.

    i started blogging because i wanted to the blog to act like a diary where i could just rant about things lol, but once i started reading other people's blogs it inspired me to blog more about interesting things rather than ranting :P

  • KittyBonkers

    Awwwwwww you are so cute!! And its interesting learning about you!! You sound awesome <3

    I am a boring person D: I like cute things, chocolate, ice cream and shoooooeeessss. Shopping YAY!! And I don't like mean people and people who think they are better than others >:(
    I started blogging just to write down things, I like to write down stuff!!

    And thank you for commenting on my bloggy!! Its a shame its getting hot in Ausland now so you can't wear boots but at least you can wear cute flats and wedges :D

    Kitty xo

  • TheMadTwins

    thank you for charing Melody. I adore it when people tell more about them selves, it's always nice to read!
    I also love the pictures :)
    and the white dress in the end is amazing ^___^

    btw sorry that I haven't been commenting lately. I was so buzzy =(

    Loves London

  • Elisaaa (^-^)v

    personal post ^_^! nice, ohhh, can you speak hakka ? =p since you're did is hakka xD..
    would love to hear you speak cantonese hahah =p

  • Tezza

    woww malaysian chinese! thats a cool mix :)

    im like you, i started on msn spaces too ! LOL
    and i first discovered html with NEOPETS and my neopet shop where i put html codes so that my shop had cool backgrounds and epic music LOL

  • yan!

    hey melody! im glad ur exams are over :D ur a reli cute girl!
    the illamasqua eyeshadows i got are exclusively available at myers in australia.. i live in sydney so i've got it at sydney city myer.. i saw somewhere they have it in melbourne too.. :)

  • xxkatielee

    Well the three major things I hate are heights (deathly afraid of) , aliens (weird , I know) , and oranges (I just don`t like the flavor of them) (x
    I like a lot of things : writing poems , stories , singing , reading , building things , fixing things , I love doing algebraic equations , and I love grammar (: Asian dramas are the best (: (: And of course , I love music (:

  • Pui

    Such a long post dedicated to yourself D=!!!

    I started blogging to become known, perhaps i'll fall under your list of "people who try too hard" to be known =P
    I also love writing, so this gives me a chance to refine my writing skills.

    never knew you could/use to be able to speak canto x] that was rather interesting :D

  • Saving Capulet

    oh these faqs are lovely melody and can i just say those photos of you are super duper cute! <3 Well facts about me, I'm small part Portuguese and big part Filipina. Unfortunately I do not know anything about Portuguese culture since it must have faded within our family. I started blogging a long long time ago, 6-7 years ago i think xD I usually blog to rant or to share my feelings, so it sort of came to me as an outlet since I don't usually like talking to my friends about it xD

  • lissy

    you're so lucky you finished you exam, i still have 2 to go D; maths and geogers….
    aww your chinese name 美丽=pretty ^^, well i guess you are:D

  • The Little Dust Princess

    OMG What's your Chinese name? I can't read it so I wanna know. :P Hey, my friend's Hakka..she's always looking for new Hakka people since we don't really know that many Hakka people. Can you speak it? : )

    This is cute. I love getting to know bloggers!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    I started blogging because I wanted a diary where I could add pictures to it and using the computer seemed like the easiest way. Then I decided a blog because I thought other people might be interested…

  • b.

    ~ * ♥ * ~
    It's okay Melody ~ my name Bonita means 'Beautiful One" in Spanish, so that's just as bad… So embaressing when people ask you want your name means! =>o<=

    I started blogging 'coz I love writing and keeping a record of what's going on in my life. Plus, I love being creative and sharing that with like~minded people is so much fun! > w <

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    Good to have you back Melody!! n___n

    It's nice you did an FAQ list, I learned lots about you! :3

  • Rinny

    Interesting post! It's always nice to learn a little more about bloggers :)

    I started my blog because I wanted to share my opinions on products I would buy, and now blogging has become a bit of a new hobby for me :P

  • Ailing ♥

    Naww, you're so adorable Melody!!! & you have such a cute name too! ^__^ hehe!
    Thank you for the lovely comments! You're such a sweety! x)
    Yes, you must read The Great Gatsby. I thoroughly enjoyed it but that doesn't mean you will too, but I hope you do! Fingers crossed. HAHA!
    And yay to finishing exams! How good does it feel? No more of that crap for another 3-4 months! YESSS! :D
    Any plans for the Summer?

    I hope all is well. xx

  • P o o p e r

    I love FAQ's! Just because getting to know people more is always interesting. :)

    Hehe, would you ever link us to your other older blogs? xD I have multiple blogs out there somewhere too! I have one on myspace, xanga, and livejournal. I still use LJ for lolita stuff. :3
    They're embarrassing though. lol

    Aww! I wonder how cute your journals from when you were a child are. *_*

  • Tam

    yay I know more about you now. I think I will ask ben what your name means after work hehe. Woah since prep, that is so adorable. Must be cute and interesting to read back those years?
    I started blogging because it elevates the mood. I'm not really good at expressing myself so i write on blogs. Hence NONE of my friend knows i have a blog. It used to be private until july this year i switched it on public as an experiment to see how many people would find it somehow.

  • Min

    MELODY I never knew your mum was a Nonya! That's so cool! No wonder you know so much about Nonya kuehs <3

    And just the other day, I was wondering what your Chinese name was. It's a beautiful name(hahaha no pun intended :p)! Is it a direct translation? Cos it sounds like it ;)

    I started blogging since Year 7 but like you, I've always been keeping a diary ever since I entered primary school. I started it under the influence of my maid, she writes in those diary books with scented coloured pages. And being a kid, who wouldn't like those right! I was too young at that time and I'd usually skip lunch just to save up money to buy those diary books. So when my mum found out about it, she was so angry….

    That was when I switched to blogging online. I've always been on Blogger, although I've started and deleted numerous blogs xD

    ps you look gorgeous in that white dress <3

  • petitechouxx

    i thought you were only chinese =O

    i will post facts about me in fews weeks. i didn't post about me yet (i thought to do…i just forgot to post =.=)

  • Exuvalia

    You finally let loose your 'Chinese name'. It's not that bad, Melody. I reckon that it suits you a lot. Because you are a very pretty girl. And thanks, I think I might do a blog entry like yours. Thanks for the inspiration. <3

  • jess

    hahaha i used to keep diaries too but I'd always start it and then forget to write… I also used to use MSN spaces but i lose motivation all the time!! But you're a great blogger! i also love the bowler hat you're wearing in your photo!

  • Rebekah

    Melody ♥

    I <3 your chinese name and it totally suits you !

    GRATS THAT YOU HAVE FINISH YOUR EXAMS ^^ so now , you can go get your nails all dolled up too !

  • Rebekah

    Melody ♥

    I <3 your chinese name and it totally suits you !

    GRATS THAT YOU HAVE FINISH YOUR EXAMS ^^ so now , you can go get your nails all dolled up too !

  • Rebekah

    Melody ♥

    I <3 your chinese name and it totally suits you !

    GRATS THAT YOU HAVE FINISH YOUR EXAMS ^^ so now , you can go get your nails all dolled up too !

  • such.is-jaHnice

    hi babe ^.^

    aww i love these type of posts, i feel like i know you on a higher level now haha! you are so cute in your pictures!

    o.m.g i have the same dress your wearing in the middle picture ;] twins yes? lol!

    mmmm i started blogging as a time killer and i just wanted something different that i wouldnt get sick of haha >.<

    replying to you:

    i totally agree on making the man carry the bags ;] its a total ego boost especially when you say "oh babe your so strong *bats eyelashes*" hahahaha

    lol @ you being iddy bitty, well i am about 165cm tall ? -___- so i am not sure if that is considered average height? GAH! wish i got my mothers height instead of my mums :(

    the american diner is in fern tree gully? its called captain america's hamburger joint or something like that. we should do a meet up there one day? mmmm food is so good!

    looking forward to the christmas thing mel mel ;] haha !


  • ShuShu

    congrats that you've finished your university examinations! i still have a long way to go.. T_T

    i started blogging as a birthday present for a friend. and i really enjoy it.
    i can't believe that i keep up posting on my blog as i'm not the type of writing diaries ^-^ i often tried it, but only persevered some days writing regular… what a shame! >.<

  • Naka

    oh wow its nice to get to know you more ^^ and cute photos. I used to keep old diares, but ive thrown them away. and thats cool about your languages! I used to speak cantonese before i went to primary school XD

    hmmm i started blogging becuase i was in spired by la carmina, but i wish I could start my blog all over again!

  • Lily

    Aww your Chinese name is cute! Totally suits you. :D

    Haha, I started blogging because I would forget stuff as well. xD Also because I was bored one day. o_o

    Uhm. I think the place was called Yoyogi or something? xD Crappy memory. P:

    I'm taking English Language, Chinese, Chemistry, Physics and Specialist Maths. I hate Chem. Dx I'm so bad at it. Hopefully I'll be able to do it next year. D;

  • fatimaa-xo

    Hi Melody :)
    i can't read your chinese name.. but i believe the first character of your chinese name is 'beautiful' in japanese.. so i`m assuming your name is .. something beautiful :)
    correct me if im mistaken!
    anyway if your name is BEAUTIFUL, it suits you because you are a beautiful person inside & out :)
    i started blogging on msn spaces five years ago when i was in year seven. when i read those posts.. it really makes me laugh because the way i wrote stuff was just.. TB LOL!
    anyway, im loving your boater hat! where did you get it from?
    can't find any down here in sydney :(

  • fatimaa-xo

    Hi Melody :)
    i can't read your chinese name.. but i believe the first character of your chinese name is 'beautiful' in japanese.. so i`m assuming your name is .. something beautiful :)
    correct me if im mistaken!
    anyway if your name is BEAUTIFUL, it suits you because you are a beautiful person inside & out :)
    i started blogging on msn spaces five years ago when i was in year seven. when i read those posts.. it really makes me laugh because the way i wrote stuff was just.. TB LOL!
    anyway, im loving your boater hat! where did you get it from?
    can't find any down here in sydney :(

  • BuNnYLuverz

    cool you know a lot of languages!! i love reading and the library too! i volunteer there all the time and i mite actually work there !

  • Mooshi.Chui

    hahah wow :) i found out heaps more about you girl!!!
    you and your boy seem SOOO sweet
    thought you guys dated for years or something!!!!! xD

    I just started my blog in Sep? i think not very long
    Im very lazy and a not dedicated person
    I used to have xanga which I had my regular 'half year' blogs hahahaha only post like 2 posts per year LMAOS so that failed XD


  • Biopolymath

    Hey, there's one of my mom's friend with a Chinese name of 美丽. Knowing it I just treat it as any other name.

  • ♥ 熊貓girl ♥

    you're so cute ^__^ hehe, your chinese name suits you ! mine is.. 丽something. but I won't tell you hehe. I dislike it ><

  • SneakyLily

    Really enjoyed reading this post, your reason for getting into blogging was totally diff from me! I never realty wrote journals and stuff. I got into blogging when I was going through a tough time in my personal life, and saw it as something I could create just for myself but share it with whoever wants.

  • Silkybow

    oooh nice FAQ'S :)
    I like your pictures too Melody, esp the hat :)

  • Anonymous

    Hello, you site is very funny he told me to cheer up .. Merry Christmas.

  • Ryo

    Hi Melody!

    I stumbled upon your twitter, and then I was led to this blog. So… the first thing I need to say is "Nice to meet you" :D

    Well, I just wanted to tell you that your blog is one of the coolest blogs I've ever read.

    Lots of nice pics and interesting entries that made me feel warm^^


  • Anonymous

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

  • Anonymous

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

  • Anonymous

    Good article. Thank you.

  • .chaii

    美丽 — beautiful
    am i right ? :|

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