I have to wake up in 5 hours to get ready for University :( 
I haven’t finished my lab report which is due tomorrow and I’m not sure how to do some of the questions either T-T! So I thought I’d just write a quick blog post on the nails I’ve had for the past week :3
I have my friend to thank for these nails. They were done using Ulta3 Nail Polishes and Nail Art Pens :)! 
I have a really really big problem with nail polish.
It would seem that every single time I do my nails, I end up ruining them because I can’t sit still and do nothing. I ruined these nails soon after I took this picture because I tried to get my bag out from under the cupboard :( !
♥ ♥ ♥
How do you prevent yourself from ruining your nails while the paint is still wet?
I try to sit there and do nothing but I can’t! :(
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33 comments to Wet: DO NOT TOUCH

  • Jonhsan

    yea its so annoying, i always… i mean… erm

    YOU SHOULD JUST TIE YOUR HANDS TOGETHER, actually get someone else to tie your hand together till they're dry LOL

  • Jennifer :) ~

    your nails are so cute ^^
    and yeah i'm so impatient when i do my nails, blahh!
    i usually start blowing on them to try and make it dry faster xD or just stare at a wall.. how boring lol


  • TheMadTwins

    wow, your nails are soo beautiful! O.O I think I'm going to try it too :)

    when I paint my nails, I do it when I have nothing to do, watch movie, or sit behind the computer :)


  • Mari

    Good luck with your lab report!!!

    About your nails… There's a product by Sally Hanson called insta-dry


    I've never tried it, but Secretlifeofabio nerd on youtube uses it on her nails. She said she had the same problem

  • Libby

    Those nails are adorable! And I absolutely know what you mean…I always ruin my nails! I always convince myself that I can do things when they're wet, but I end up ruining them :(

  • siwing

    cute nails !

    i'm impatient too.. you should try OPI drip dry! i have it.. and it makes my nails dry alot faster.. =)

  • Rena

    Ooh! Maybe you should start using a nail dryer! I definitely need one! I cannot stay still either…so my nails usually get ruined as well…however, I've seen some cute nail dryers out there…maybe I'll invest in one..and I'll get you one too! How about that for a bday present?! But who knows when/where I'd get it!?
    Your nail design is cute! Reminds me that I have to paint mine! I usually leave them short…long nails make texting on my cell phone too complicated…LOL

    <33 Rena

  • P o o p e r

    Haha, I do the same!! D: I have things I should be doing that are due and important but I end up drifting off to do other things …

    Your nails look so cute! >///< What I try doing (and not very effective cause I, too, like moving around, and opening drawers and digging for stuff lol) is that I'll try to find something to watch or I'll try studying but I'll use a pencil or something to turn the pages.

    Nail polish is such a pain. :p

  • Min

    Those nails look like they'll take a long time to dry :O I can't sit still too so I usually speed up the drying process by using the hair dryer ;)

  • Vy Nguyen

    i do the EXACT same thing, i get so sad cause I really wanted to be able to keep the nail polish intact and everything but they always end up ruined no matter what i do –"

  • Tezza

    pretty colour combo!
    i used to have the same problem as you, but then now i just blow dry them using the blow dryer on the cool setting for about 30sec to a min, and it should be fine afterwards :)

  • Diana

    Maybe get seche vite's dry fast coat? I've had about 6 layers or so of polish on but when I use it the seche vite top coat it drys within 5 minutes, nice and hard. (I hate it when you think polish is dry but then it dents.)

  • ♥ Pixie D ♥

    try to use a good base coat and it helps a lot to smoothen your further application =D!

  • Elisa Lee

    blowdry it hahaha xD

  • Exuvalia

    Hey Melody, I'm the same. I always ruin them on the same day, so people rarely see me with nail polish on. Sometimes I blow on them to dry faster. >__<

  • Mei

    Spread your hands and let it all dry up in the air. Meanwhile read, watch tv or any activity that's not envolving your hands :3

  • I Live. I [♥]. In Tokyo

    Cute nails!

    I don't paint mine because they'll just chip off and then I'll be to lazy to re-do/keep them up x)

  • freesia

    Cute, ruin nails!! :D lovely blog!!!!!

  • Jilliancat

    there's this quick dry solution you can apply on your nails. i bought mine from Etude House. :D

  • Tam

    In melody's world, what do you do when you want to take a break from lab reports? Paint your nails so they can be pretty of course :P
    I normally blow on my nail or watch a movie so times go faster.

  • BuNnYLuBerz

    actually i just end up ruining them =/ so i walk around with one hand done haha…. so impatient

  • SneakyLily

    Omg CUTE
    it looks like ladybirds! When I get home I wanna draw ladybirds on my nails, hope I still have red polish.

  • BHaV

    i put on a mask or something of that sort before i do my nails so if i leave my room or the bathroom i'd look too weird to everyone else so then after i've done that i paint my nails and wave em in the air or pose in the mirror or have the hair dryer ready to dry them but yeah i agree i reck my nails 9 times out of 10 because usually ido them in a hurry!

  • Pui

    I generally don't paint my nails, so I don't have to worry about that.

    BUT if I was a girl, I'd use a blow dryer to dry them :)

  • lynnnnk

    I know this sounds odd, but my aunty used to put them under running cold water so that they dry faster! :D And it apparently works :D

    You could try it with like, simple nail polish first to see if it works, before doing that to such nice patterns! :D :D

  • Kura

    I miss painting my nails :C Hahaha~

    Um..I kinda run them after cold water to make them dry faster *u* (Still wait for a few minutes though before sticking them under a running tap~)
    But most of my nailpolishes are the really quick drying ones and I'm still impatient with them hahaha *v*

  • x[A]nnehhhx

    My nails always gets ruined when I go to bed, since I usually do it at night, so I always end up having to redo them >.<

    I use a quick dry clear top coat though…

  • Naka

    i always ruin mine too :( i normally use a hair dryer to make them dry quicker ^6 i lvoe ur nails btw :3

  • petitechouxx

    so cutee!! i'm always ended up ruining my nails too

    maybe use a fan to dry fast?

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    I mess up my nails too! *high five*

  • Lily

    I like your nails! :)

    Haha, I can never sit still after I paint my nails… I'll paint them and then I'll be like "ARE THEY DRY YET?!" after 5 minutes. Then I end up ruining them. xD

  • fhen

    oh those are lovely!
    i use hairdryer so it dry faster lol


  • augustalolita

    omg!! im the same way hehe :) but i love the design!! very cute <3

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