Webcam Party

Around midnight last night, Marie (Perth), Min (Melbourne), Amanda (Perth), Tam (Melbourne), Jennifer (Adelaide), Vu (Melbourne) and I (Melbourne) decided to have a mass webcam session :)

At first, it started out with all of us just talking on facebook and then all downloading Skype 5 Beta (it supposedly holds up to 10 people in a video conference)

However Skype 5 Beta was ..a Beta. And it sucked. So we downloaded ooVoo (which unfortunately only held 6 so Vu had to leave us ;-; !) But we had heaps of fun giggling and teasing each other ;)
We played Truth orTruth. Since no one was ever going to pick Dare ;) ! Especially after everyone’s true personality came to surface !! But yes, the questions and truths will be kept a secret ! ;) I really enjoyed talking and webcaming with all these girls

Vu decides to join us after Amanda bails ooVoo-ing with us ! :(
I took a whole lot more pictures (which can be found on my facebook) but a lot of them are blurry and fuzzy and etc. So these will have to do for now ♥ !

Favourite quote of the night:
Marie Zhang (2:04) : Melody is Evil!
♥ ♥ ♥
Have you webcammed with someone you’ve never met before?

I’m still up for webcamming with anyone else. Just download ooVoo and leave your username in the comments and I’ll add you ! 

Ps. I dyed my hair purple again (it feels really normal to have this colour since I’ve had it since I was like ..15/6 years old. From indoors/pictures it looks black though x) !)

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