MCAC Birthday Party

As some of you would already know, I’m having more than one party to celebrate my 19th birthday. Mainly because having one LARGE party is a bit too hard for me and it doesn’t always work out well. On the 1st October (Friday) I had my second birthday party (my real birthday is NEXT week – 10th October) with some University friends

There was only 8 girls out of the 30 people that came :)

The day started off at Food Star: All You Can Eat Buffet restaurant. The food quality wasn’t as good as my previous post (China Bar) but when you have good company, the food quality doesn’t even matter! :) So we were the largest group (30 people) and we made the most noise ..and ate the most food (?)

Some of the food that was present ; self serve ice cream ! :D

As usual, I can never eat a lot at my own birthday party (I think it’s because I think I should be doing something rather than sitting by myself and eating(?)); and hence I spent the time taking photos with some of the awesome people that came to the party ! ♥ I have some pretty awesome friends :3

With May ; Wen, Xin and I attacking Tien ; Andrew doing his signature move (Y)

As you can see, I had fun takinglots of random photos with my awesome friends :B ! Oh, and well – disturbing them while they were still eating xD ! But I’m sure they don’t mind ….right ;) But yeah, It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to take photos with every single person that day – but I’m still cherishing each one I did take :)

Wen and I stopping Jonhsan from eating ; Kayne and I :3

Sometime during the course of everyone eating and taking photos; the Happy Birthday song started playing over the speakers and I was brought out a cake. As you can see in the photo below, I was really embarrassed and was well …turning quite red. *-* Everyone (and I mean all the really loud guys) started singing really really loudly.

I am covering my face in embarrassment as everyone is looking at me ;A;

A lot of people captured some pretty disgusting photos of me as I was blushing and getting really embarrassed – but it’s okay xD ! The rest of the time spent at the restaurant was used on figuring out how to cut the cake up between 30 people – and then finding out we couldn’t finish the cake because the majority of people didn’t want cake. Or were too full from whatever else they had eaten before hand ! :( And then itt was closing time and we were kicked out sort of.

Camwhoring in the car with Linda and Wen :3

The majority of us then left to Knox Shopping Centre (which is just across the road). Most of the people walked there but because I had heels on and Vu had some bags to carry (for me). A few of us jumped in to Lin’s car and he …sped really dangerously (not really) towards the shopping centre. :D

Jams, Wen, Lin, Will and I (ft. Will’s glasses) ; With Wen, Hei and Xin :D

The group pretty much split up in Knox to do their own things; and I was left with a few of my awesome friends to muck around. We played some games at the arcade, shopped around, took some funny videos, laughed at some language books, won some gashapons and took heaps of photos :)

I had a lot of fun with everyone – but none of it would’ve been possible if it wasn’t for one very special person. Vu. He was with me for the entire day, holding my bags, helping me take photos, winning me stuff, feeding me food and etc. He made the day possible :)And if you’ve added me on facebook already, you’ve seen how much he’s doing for my present(s) ;) ! ♥

Thank you: Vu, Wen, Xin, Kim, Linda, Alan, Kyra, Lin, Celine, Hei, Khanat, Arthur, James, Will, Jonhsan, Tien, Henry, Kayne, Jeremy, Lawrence, May, Eamon, Leon, Andrew, Mark, Martin, Leo, Jimmy and Evan ♥

But of course, every single person who came made my day special. And so far, this has been one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had ! And it’s not even my birthday yet!! ♥
I got really embarrassed, and couldn’t even say a speech at my own birthday.

♥ ♥ ♥

What’s the best birthday you’ve had so far?

I’m still up for webcamming with everyone soon as I find a date that we’re all free! :D


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23 comments to MCAC Birthday Party

  • Exuvalia

    I think Vu is very sweet! He bought you so much for your birthday, and I'm still waiting for the next part. Haha, unfortunately, I stalked your Facebook and saw all the pictures before you blogged about it. I should stop doing that. Anyway, you look pretty, Melody. :D

  • TheMadTwins

    wow, so much birthday parties ^__^
    that sounds amazing :) Happy birthday :P
    and those picture look amazing ^__^
    You always look so cute on pictures ^_^


  • Mei

    Haha so nice ^____^

  • Libby

    Waaah it looks so fun! ^_^ I never have cool birthdays like that hehe. Lol at your reaction the the surprise cake…that's awesome!

  • BuNnYLuBerz

    wow 30 ppl is a big party too!
    I had multiple bdays too cuz not everyone could go to the same one ^.^

    p.s you and your bf are so cute together =3!


  • Tezza

    aww, looks like you had an amazing time
    you guys are just so cute! <3

  • Sunny & Star

    Looks like a great party. Happy birthday.

    You have a lovely blog.

    If you get a chance check out my blog. We are having our first giveaway.

  • Sunny & Star

    Looks like a great party. Happy birthday.

    You have a lovely blog.

    If you get a chance check out my blog. We are having our first giveaway.

  • amanda

    i was wondering that mcac stood for. hahahaha. looks like a perfect fun filled day! makes me regret not celebrating my birthday a little now :(

    and yess, webcamming please! will download skype soonnn :)

  • Vincent

    Did you make a profit out of FoodStar, or did Food Star make a profit out of you!

  • h.tea

    Ngawww, it looks like you're having the perfect birthday this year <3

  • Jennifer :) ~

    awwwww how cute about you blushing when the birthday song came on and everyone was singing it :D that sounds like something i'd do (the blushing) haha

    haha wow so many people and guys!

    sounded like so much fun ^^ you are so dearly loved by many <3

    you're beautiful! love the pictures

    <3 xoxo

  • Tam

    haha buffet agaian and 30 people pwoah must have been super duper fun :D
    awww heels is painful hope u didn't get blisters from it

  • Pui

    hahaha you can see me takin a picture of you in the one where you're like covering your face :)

    best birthday huh?
    I don't really celebrate mine.

  • Pui

    PS. You can count me as a girl…that makes it 9 girls


    Whaaaaaat? 30 people! OMG popular or what? :P

    Awww so glad that you had an amazing time.

    You look so cute trying to hide from the cameras when your cake was brought out!

    What a sweet boyfriend to arrange so much for you just so you could mingle with everyone !

    Mmmmmm food star – gotta love buffets haha! Whenever my friends & i plan on going to buffets, i dont eat for a whole week just for that 1 day of glorious food haha!

    Glad you had loads of fun darling ^____^



  • petitechouxx

    so cute!!! i don't know remember if i've had the best birthday so far o.O i don't usually do a big group of people xD

  • Kura

    Both parties looked like so much fun! *v*

    Hahaha…you look so cute in the blushing/covering your face pic hahaha <3333

  • Naka

    oh it looks like fun ^^ tehe u looks so cute in the photos :3 tehe ive never had a birthday party but i'll probrably try to organise a meet on my bday for my 17th XD

  • Lily

    Aw looks like you had a fun day. :D

    I haven't been to Food Star for years, haha. xD

  • Raine



  • Bibi

    Thanks for your message on my blog! Good luck on starting uni again… ^.^

    Your birthday parties all look like so much fun! And you look so cute on all of these pictures (yes, even on the one where you're all embarrassed because people were singing happy birthday to you :D)

    The best birthday party I've had so far was when I turned 20 — I know I'm old — and my friends threw me a surprise party to cheer me up (I was depressed because of the big 2). They had pasta and chocolate pie with candles and lots and lots of presents, and they made me feel all cheered up again :) — and then our landlady came in to tell us to leave the kitchen as we were making too much noise >v<

  • ☆ NachiPoo

    Waaah you have such great friends! Its great you know so many guys ^_^ I have too many girl friends.
    Not that I'm complaining.

    The birthday sounds so fun, doh makes me wish I had done something for mine ;_; Happy birthday love!

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