Birthday Presents

 And finally, here is the long awaitedpresent post
Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait for anymore people so here are the presents that I’ve received up until today ! :) If the rest come, I’ll blog about them separately ! ♥
Ugh, yes this took so long to tidy up afterward …especially all the small keychains and earrings and etc ..ugh. 
I’m so happy with every single one of my presents ♥ !! So thank you to every single person who gave me something ~!!  But anyways, I took this photo with one of my new presents
Thank you to these wonderful people; Tien, Jonhsan, Hei, Xin, Wen, Aaron, Kailun, Gems, Stoophie, Will, Lin, Linda, Mark, Sammi, Lucy, Arthur, Leon, Yi-Ling, Jeremy, Kayne, Alan, Kim, Lawrence, Henry, Leo, Kyra, Siaumy, Evan and Vu !
Remember my wish list? I actually got something that I thought no one would ever buy me because it was too expensive ^-^”!! The camera is awesome and I love it so much ! I used it to take the majority of the following  awesome photos (some, I took earlier with my other camera) ♥
I was amazed to see that I actually loved every single present ♥!! And so here is a quick run through of who gave what!
Mum: CK IN2U POP perfume, CK Eternity Summer perfume, Mariah Carey Lucious Pink perfume, 2 stockings (other 2 from her friend), Smiggle pack, 2 black skirts
Brother: Mascara, Nail Art Pen, Alice in the world of Hearts manga chapter 3, a ring and three Forever New earrings ! ♥ 
Min: Bow belt and Red/Black Purse   ♥   Tam: Ulta3 Foxy Russet nail polish and Dotti Earrings
Amanda, Marie, Kura: Black bow, smiggle rubbers, bow ring, flower pin, black purse, cake keychains, cute tape, glitter gel, note paper and bookmark/stickers.
Bhav: Elizabeth Arden “Green Tea” perfume   ♥    Richa&Shireen: Box filled with chocolates
Tezza:  Ulta3 Frech Pink nail polish, Red Satin nail polish, 2 candies, Me2You Birthday bear, Butterfly ring
Tienyi,Shreyl,Lynn,YihRue,Rachel: Pink rubber duck (which I graffiti`ed), Apple pin, 4 graphic maker pens, Cupcake soap and a floral pencil case
Winnie: Chip&Dale cups, voodoo doll and a skeleton head   ♥   May&;Eamon : Black bow belt
and now finally …
This is what Vu got for me ! (It also includes Luna Park etc)
Red Polaroid 300 camera, Mameshiba Plushie, Nohohon Plushie, Baby Cinnamaroll plushie, Polka dot hair bow, Hello Kitty Contact case, 5 Lete nail polishes, Invisband fake eyelashes, Lots of Gashapons, Green Tights, Dessert necklace, 5 sparkly hair pins, Heart pendant necklace, Mickey Mouse bobble head, Box of coloured clips, Care Bear, Bubblesss, “Sweets” rubbers, 5 coloured pens, a Singing Hamster card, and a beautiful hand made card (which I mosaic`d so you guys can’t read it ..but you can still see his cute pictures:P)
This was a hugeeeeeee present and I can’t believe the prices of some of the things he bought *-* I love every single present he bought me !! Especially the polaroid
(I took individual photos of these presents too but I thought this post was a bit too long already, so maybe in another post if people want? But if not, then doesn’t matter !)
– – – – – – – – –
Anyways, I’ve been busy lately with studying and what not.
Please do not try and read my disgusting Japanese essay which I completed at like 5am because I didn’t know about what to say T~T! But yessss. I hope everyone is well and good ^-^”
♥ ♥ ♥
I need to practice my Japanese speech / conversation for my speaking test next week. Should I do a vlog with me practicing :P ? No? :D 
What have you all been up to? Studying? Shopping? Sleeping? ..Singing?
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28 comments to Birthday Presents

  • Rebekah

    Super kawaii presents ^^

  • Jilliancat

    I'm ENTIRELY awed at the presents Vu got you. I went like "WHATTTT? EVERYTHING WAS FROM HIM!?!?!" hahah.

    to answer your question, been playing "Zoo Tycoon" lately. :D

  • Exuvalia

    Oooh! You received so many presents! And yes, practice for your speaking test in the Vlog. (Y)
    I want to hear. <3 <3

  • Mei

    Super awesome presento!

  • Rosie Unknown

    Wow, you got some pretty amazing presents! I really love all the plushies.

  • TheMadTwins

    woow, the presents look so amazing ^__^ and that's so kind that they bought the camere ^__^
    And wow! You can japanese :)
    I'm learning it myself, and a friend of mine who studies it helps me, but it isn't simple ='( but I keep practicing ;) hehehe

    enjoy your presents :)


  • Holly Bécquer

    You have a supah nice present I think that the most pretty is the pink plushy bear >////< it's so nice

  • Bibi

    Hahaha, now that you mention it, I have been singing (was all alone at work, and felt a bit lonely, so I started humming… Yeah, I'm all professional like that)

    You've received so many amazing gifts! And some really expensive ones too! You're so lucky… Never seen so many cuteness in one post ^.^ (esp. the first picture — I was almost killed by all the colorful fluffiness! ^.^)

  • ~KawaiiParadise~

    hello, I just run into your blog today and i loved it ^^. it's so adorable ^^. My name is charlotte and i'm your new follower. Check out my blog sometime too ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  • Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    I havent't gratz u for your biday! so…Happy bidae~~~^^ . 생일축하해 <3
    U've received quite a lot presents. kyaah~ I got only one or two only at my birthday..hu2

  • Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    I havent't gratz u for your biday! so…Happy bidae~~~^^ . 생일축하해 <3
    U've received quite a lot presents. kyaah~ I got only one or two only at my birthday..hu2

  • Tezza

    dont try and hude with your small fonts, i can see EVERYTHING >:) hhehehe
    TALK NOWWWW hahah <3

  • petitechouxx

    omg! so many birthday gifts!!! =O

    i've been studying and surfing on internet =P

  • Annie

    ive been doing everything you just listed…except for studying xD

    thats so cool how vu got you soooo much gifts =D

    and your mum gave you really cute gifts too~
    thats something my mum would buy for me throughout the year but not all at once. (except perfume, my bf buys that)

  • P o o p e r

    Ohh sounds awesome how you're friends got you all of this! <333
    And I like how they get you many small things and put it together as a present, I never thought of that until I see this post! D:

    Ohhh You are so lucky to own a Mameshiba plussssh. <333 I always thought the cartoon shorts were so cute!

    "Please do not try and read my disgusting Japanese essay"

    Lmaooo, I laughed so hard at this. xDDD

    Go ahead girl! Make a vlog practicing! :'3 if you dont want to upload it on youtube, I think blogspot lets you upload videos, but the quality comes out kind of poopie.

  • amanda

    yays for polaroids! :)
    i am still yet to do a present post. tehehhe <3

  • sourmay

    Awww, Vu is going to spoil you in no time. XD

    From my experience, practice Jap listening by anime/drama marathon (best without subs), speaking by recording yourself reading jap out loud.
    Ohoh, jap games are good too! :D

  • Min

    I can't help myself by saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" again! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELODY <3

    That's the exact polaroid and colour I've been wanting to get. Damn, Vu is such a great bf x)

    I've been (kinda) busy practising for my interpreting exam too :\ And YES, vlog yourself practising yours ;)

  • Mooshi.Chui

    aww im so jealous!! so many presents <3

  • HL

    OMG !!! so many cuuutee things and man, i'm so freakin jealous of the polaroid camera !! woah isn't that rly expensive? you really are lucky, having such a gentle boyfriend hehe :D btw do you learn japanese in australian schools? Isn't it difficult? Or are you actually japanese? Where do you come from? :D

  • William Y

    hey melody, u got heaps of presents there :D glad u enjoyed all of them!
    and WOW at vu, no one can out do him xD
    p.s to answer ur question, trying to study but procrastinating here as u can see >:D btw u feel like doing something before the exams start?

  • Naka

    awh such cute presents :3 and u look cute :3 good luck for ur japanese Im sure u dont need it :3

  • Fionaa ♥

    hope you had a great birthday Melody (: you received such amazing presents! ^___^


    WOW! Melody you sure were spoilt for your birthday! All your gifts are so cute & sweet!
    OMG I want your polaroid camera so bad! I bet that was expensive!
    Lucky girl ;)
    Hope you had an amazing birthday dear !



  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    You're so lucky that you have so many people who care about you!

    PS I love the red polaroid camera. The film needed for my polaroid camera is no longer sold anywhere! D:

  • Ken

    that is so nice! so much good stuff~

    who is vu?!

  • Resha

    Yeha i shall blog about my outfit (: also its my birthday on Tuesday (the day that i have muckup) You also had your bday recently so HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D Hope you had a wonderful time! I wish i was more productive on my exam study :( aahaha

  • fatimaa-xo

    you are pro at japanese :)
    im sure you've aced it!
    and if you really must know what i've been up to
    … i've been cramming HSC stuff in my head, and in the morning completing 3 hr exams!
    wish me luck!

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