Today was Father’s Day.
But we didn’t really do much. We bought dad a t shirt and I drew dad a picture as per usual :) I’m not sure why but I find it hard to express my feelings towards my dad. It’s easy towards my mum. But harder for my dad. I guess it’s because he’s a male and he’s not good with expressing emotions and etc either x) ? But ah wells! :D
This is a very short post just to tell everyone of my readers that I love you :D!
♥ ♥ ♥
I’ve got an evening social function coming up soon.
Do you have any evening dresses that you could recommend me ?
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13 comments to Sunshine.

  • Naka

    cute photo and yeah my dad doesnt like to express emotion but he laughs alot, but ive never seen him cry not even at a funeral :/

    and can i see the picture of you dad it sounds so cute ^^

    as for evening dresses what are u looking for? i hear asos is good, but ive never tried it ^^


  • Jennifer :) ~

    i totally get what you mean about it being easier to express your feelings to your mum more than your dad. it's the same for me too!

    hmm about evening dresses, definitely go with a short dress instead of a long one haha, but that should be pretty obvious :) i reckon you'd look gorgeous in a strapless one. good luck with purchasing one~


  • Exuvalia

    Hello pretty Melody! You blogged, yay. Sorry, I don't know much about evening dresses, so I can't help. :(

  • Silkybow

    even dresses are so hard to find!!! U_U" Though Forever New has nice ones, but people usually avoid those kind of shops since you don't want to rock up seeing someone else with the same dress as you :O

    Oh and the weather is stilll soo horrible down here… sighs, I kinda do miss a little sunshine haha
    AND Yes I was cold :D but I survived ^^;;

  • Mei

    And your readers love you too ^___^

    A cute little black dress match it with black shoes. Don't wear to much jewellery.

  • Lily

    D: I need to find a dress as well. I can't seem to find a nice one though. The only nice one I found cost about $300. /:

  • TheMadTwins

    Yes, it much easier to express my feeling to my mother, my father isn't that emotional, he doesn't understand me, my mother does ^__^
    But my father is a good person :P

    Evening dresses are difficult to find XD It must be perfect, but I always buy my evening dresses (I have one are two XD) in All-Saints, it is such a great shop =D

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    Agreed! Dads are always difficult, Especially if they have everything =.= But that's nice that you drew a pic :)
    Hope you find a nice dress and cute pi ;)

  • P o o p e r

    Aww, yeah I agree it must be because of society's gender roles that your dad doesn't show much emotion. ;-; but guys should know that girls love it when they spill their guts out about how they feel. x]

    My dad's really loving, and shows a lot of emotion. Then again, he's mentioned how he was a wimpy kid when was he was young. :\ Ugh, guys need to know that there's nothing wrong with being sensible.

    I love you too! :D With the evening dress issue, I have no idea how to help as well …
    I'm really picky with dresses so maybe plan a day before the event to go visit a bunch of stores. ^^; ahh. @_@ but a nice black dress would do too.

  • Mari

    I don't really know how to express my emotions for both my parents whether it be their birthdays, mom or dad's day, christmas, thanksgiving, etc.

    What I recently did was randomly send my parents a letter specifically saying how I feel and my thoughts.

  • petitechouxx

    already father's day, here in canada is in June.

    sorry, i don't know much about evening dresses =(

  • Nyan

    I'm actually more close to my dad because he acts so childish :3
    And its the same for every fathers day. I either by him:
    1. Dragonball Z goods. (he loves that anime <3)
    2. KFC hahaha

    When it comes to evening dresses I like to spend lots of money on it. Also, I don't like other people to have the same dress as me.
    So I fly up to Sydney..(not joking..) xD
    Because Sydney have better shops than Melbourne. And I end up spending $400 – $1000 on a dress.

  • hkittygirl

    Try Betsey Johnson? Some of her stuff is super cute (but expensive)! :D

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