Tokuya – Japanese store in the CBD

Tokuya: Discount Japanese Goods
After Violet blogged about visiting this store the other day, Vu and I had to go and check it out. The store sells their items at prices of $2.50 (sale at the moment), $3.50 or $4.50. It’s easy to find the price of things by the coloured stickers on the shelves/handles of the item. Red signifies the “sale” $2.50 items; Green represents $4.50; and anything that doesn’t have a sticker is just $3.50.
It’s easy to assume that because everything is at a cheap, discounted price; you wouldn’t be able to find anything worth buying. But honestly, it was very hard for me NOT to spend all my money in one go. There were tonnes of things there that was just amazing. So with the permission of the lovely store assistant, I took some photos for you guys and girls:
Kitchen Utensils. Bento Boxes. Bento makers (rice molds/seaweed cutters). Cups. Bowls.
Socks. Ties. Cloth. Contact Cases. Scissors. Masks.
Hair clips. Bows. Ribbons. Eye lashes. Make up. Cream. Face Masks. Nail Polish. Nail Deco.
It turned out that I didn’t take as many photos of the sections that I liked a lot – the make up and hair section. This is mainly due to the fact that every time I walked to that section, I got slightly excited and forgot to take photos. (Sorry!)
Note: There are a whole lot more things there than I specified (ie. Party stuff, Homeware, Cleaning things, Stationary, Toys, Mascara…and more!)
Here is what Vu and I ended up buying.
I spent $30 on 10 items whilst Vu spent $44 on 12 items :)
The place is easy to miss because it’s downstairs but I took a picture of the map for all those that are interested in taking a look at this awesome store! :D
So yes, if you get the chance, please do visit this store! It is filled with awesome and cheap Japanese things to buy! The shop assistants are very helpful and nice I conversed with one (Mari-san?) about Japanese and University!
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