Outfit: Purple

I don’t remember where any of these clothes were bought.
I think this is the first time in about … 3 years that I have worn that dress. I’m not sure why I don’t wear it often(?) I think it’s because it’s pretty plain and the material is quite thin so it can be chilly. But I think it was perfect for today :) As I still had to attend Uni (and talk to Japanese exchange students) but then go to a movie screening later on in the night (which you will hear more about later) :]! I’m really tired at the moment, and I have lots of things to do. So I’m going to go to sleep now :)
♥ ♥ ♥
It seems that I have quite a number of purple clothing despite saying my favourite colour is pink.
What is the colour you have most in your wardrobe?
I think mine would be black.
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28 comments to Outfit: Purple

  • Exuvalia

    Melody! My favourite colour is pink, but most of my clothes are black. Followed by white, grey, and then pink. =)

  • Exuvalia

    Oh my goodness. What am I saying? Let me rewrite my comment. You can delete the previous one, if you wish.

    My favourite colour is purple, but most of my clothes are black. Followed by white, grey, and then purple. =)

  • amanda

    nawww i love your hair <3 I think I have mostly white and blacks. i'm boring :)

  • Mei

    Lovely eyecatching purple girl ^__^

  • Roisin.

    Your hair is sooo pretty! (:
    Most of my clothes are also black, but my favourite colour is white.


  • Isabel

    Wow I like your hair =) So nicely curled, it almost looks like a wig lol


  • Naka

    i think i have a alot of dull colours i think ur outfit looks nice ^^ i wish I had your figure :p

    ur looking very cute ^^

  • siwing

    the dress looks cute !! ^_^

    its a great end of summer/beginning of fall dress.

    i had many colorful clothes in my closet, so i told myself i need to buy more neutrals/black/white..

    and i also have clothes that i bought that i haven't worn in sooo long!

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    I think everyone will say black because it's neutral and can be paired with anything.

    My favorite color is pink as well, but I have mostly black and white in my closet. Lots of tank tops that are black or white to put under other tops of color. I like orange also…

  • TheMadTwins

    wow, that's so nice! I love the dress ^__^ And I wish I could talk to japanese exchange students ^__^ (I'm trying to learn japanese by myself now ^__^)
    Goodnight ^__^

    Loves London.

  • Tezza

    your hair is love! <3
    haha seems like everyone has mostly blacks in thier closet, mee too :) followed by grey

  • P o o p e r

    The dress looks so pretty on you! I'm loving the outfit! (and part of your stockings I see xD hehe)

    The color I have most in my wardrobe is black. Despite blue and pink and being my favorite colors. ^^;

  • P o o p e r

    The dress looks so pretty on you! I'm loving the outfit! (and part of your stockings I see xD hehe)

    The color I have most in my wardrobe is black. Despite blue and pink and being my favorite colors. ^^;

  • hkittygirl

    My favorite color is blue, but I have mostly black, grey, and white. The biggest majority I have is blue-ish grey because it reminds me of the ocean!

  • b.

    Black!! In all shades from white to grey to charcoal to midnight. I love that colour and it is my staple. I do also love jewel tone colours and I have quite a bit of purple.

    I really like that dress on you, it is so cute. ^__^

    bonita of Depict This!

  • Mari

    I love that dress! I love it's simplicity!

    I don't know what color I have most of in my wardobe because it's pretty colorful. I actually only started buying black items 3 years ago. So they're just a few basic items (cardigan, jeans, shirt) Maybe I have too many colors… hmm… XD

    The thing I love is buying florals though ^^

  • Tam

    love the stockings! I'm in love with your hair *sigh* :D

  • petitechouxx

    so lovely =D

    i have a lot of blue, white and black.

  • fatimaa-xo

    melody! the dress looks so cute on you!
    & i love your hair colour btw :)

  • augustalolita

    your dress is so cute and i love your hair <3 a lot of people also think i love pink-i think its because they know i love Hello Kitty :/ but my favorite color is yellow and as for clothing, i love black too and grays :)

  • Rena

    Cute outfit! I like the simpleness of the dress! Right now I'm trying to change my wardrobe to be simple and chic. [8

    As for my fav color, it'd have to be pink? But I love the rainbow so I can never make up my mind. Anyway, most of my wardrobe consists of black items…once, I tried to avoid pink…and I did, but I started missing wearing pink apparel so I started buying pink things again…LOL

    <33 Rena

  • Nyan

    I don't really have much colours (as G-Star clothing aren't so colourful ==) in my wardrobe.
    I really like grey :) The colour looks the best on me. Though I'm starting to have a liking to purple because that's my boyfriends favourite colour and likes to buy me purple clothes.

  • Lily

    Aw the dress looks nice on you. :)

    I have a lot of random coloured clothes. xD I don't really have many black clothes, though. I think maybe… White?

  • Pui

    dominates my wardrobe ;A;

    my favourite colour is purple, so yay to purple dres =]

  • Vy Nguyen

    I think my colours are whites and blacks mostly. That dress could use some accessories and it would look nice ;)

  • Morgane ☆

    I like your dress :) I like purple and it seems there's a button or something on the shoulder.
    Btw, I have many colours of clothes but mostly black

  • Libby

    Such a cute dress! ^_^ I think I have mostly blacks and browns. Wow, I just realized how immensely boring I sound hahaha =_=''

  • Salisha

    I think in my wardrobe is mostly black, but I like purple.
    And that dress in the photos looks really nice :)
    Kisses ^_^

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