I’m Blueeee.

Today was a pretty good day!
I didn’t end up going to any of my classes because I had to finish a lab report with my friend But that’s all good :) ! We managed to finish it on time, submit it in and then eat lots and lots of super crunchy chips with delicious gravy! Mmmm. But anyways, it was nice and sunny today. And a friend of mine deemed it Spring clothes day! I guess it wasn’t very Spring-ish but it was still quite cold so this was the best I could do without completing feezing :)

Jayjays dress, Patterned Stockings, Cheap shoes, Black crop Jacket, Tokuya Headpiece, Diva Necklace
I really liked the dress I wore today. Although, it was still really cold; but luckily I had my awesome boyfriend to keep me warm throughout the day! (Sorry about the picture on the left ..my face was a bit …weird x3) I got everything I was wearing for pretty cheap ♥ which always makes me happy *-*! But ..do you know what makes me happier? RECEIVING THINGS IN THE MAIL FROM MY WONDERFUL READERS ♥ ♥

I got home and mum told me I had received two packages ^-^”! One from Marie and the other from Jennifer ♥ Ugh. You can’t really see everything that Jen sent me ..because the other photos I took turned out blurry :(! But I received awesome things from both of them
From Marie: Cele-up Hair and some Cables
From Jennifer: Nivea Tinted Cream, Two hair clips (not shown) & letter
Thank you two sooooo much :3! I love you both heaps ^-^”
I’ll be sending some stuff out later this week to you two ..and some other people! If you want to do a swap / letter pen-pal / or just email ..just email me at melludee@hotmail.com !
♥ ♥ ♥
My birthday is fast approaching and I need to actually finalize details. So I need to know..
(Melbourne) Bloggers/Readers. Do you want to meet up for my birthday? And Non-Melbourne, anyone up for mass video/conference call ?
Email me at melludee@hotmail.com

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