MCAC Social Night

I`m incredibly sorry that this is late and it`s been such a long time since I`ve blogged.
I’ve been really busy for this entire week. With presentations, assignments, labs, tests and a Social Night; I was pretty much doing something every night of the week! Sorry! So as an apology, I`m going to fill this blog post with photossince I know everyone loves looking at photos like I do *-*
♥ ♥ ♥
The Anime Club (MCAC) had their Social Night on Friday the 24th of September; and to say it wasn’t one of the best nights of my life so far .. I would be lying! It was heaps fun, and you should all know how much I love dressing up / taking photos and well blogging about anything that I seem to attend*-*

Vu and I decided to go for a red and black theme. Which worked out pretty well as the decoration theme was also red and black xD ! ♥ That, and Red/Black is our colour ;)

I bought this dress for $50 at Valleygirl (added the red ribbon); Glove from Forever New; Earrings from Jayjays; Ring from boyfriend; Bracelet from a friend; Hairbow from Tokuya; Shoes from Ican’tremembernameofshop; Necklace from Diva. Hair/Makeup took about 2hours in total – only because I changed hairstyle halfway. (I was planning to do a lady Gaga bow but I didn’t like it with my outfit)

Vu and I met up with some of our dear friends before heading to the actual place to take some sticker photos! We entered the place at like 5.50 and it was closing at 6. We managed quite well …sort of. Not really xD! I don’t have the sticker photos atm but will upload them when I get some scans of them!
The food that was served was THE BEST FOOD I have ever tasted in one of these formal like dinner things ! And also for the price we paid, I guess ! But yes, as usual, these dinners have an alternating option of two dishes for each meal course. I like this idea especially because I get to try both because Vu and I share all our food *-*!

(Quoted from the Menu) The Entree was:
Smoked Salmon Rosette with Capers, Snow Pea Tendrils and Spinah Onion. OR Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli in a Rich Napoli-style Sauce, topped with shaved Parmesan.

Main Course:
Chicken Breast fillet set upon Mashed Potato, accompanied with Asparagus, Sundried Tomato & Pesto Cream Sauce finished with Crispy Bacon. OR Porterhouse Steak served with Creamy Mash and Steamed Green Beans, finished with a drizzle of Red Wine Gravy. (*There was also Vegetarian but I don’t have any photos of that*)

And the Dessert:
Warm Chocoholic Pudding topped with a Rich Chocolate Sauce, served with Double Cream. OR Cinnamon scented Apple Strudel served warm with Vanilla Ice Cream.
♥ ♥ ♥
The night also had some activities and memories. The majority of the club is very tight knit, and well are eachother’s close friends and etc. So there was a slideshow playing with photos from throughout the year (stolen from our facebooks of course) They also played a video that showed random things that some members got up to (committee dancing Gee by SNSD ..mind you, commitee is all guys but one girl♥) and etc.

Then we had awards and a “Morphing Picture” and “Who Am I” game that gave each table an opportunity of winning prizes for getting the most correct! The Morphing Picture game included member’s photos being morphed together in to one; and we had to guess who was in each of these photos. The Who Am I game had 3 clues of a person for you to guess them. I was in one of them.
“Camwhore of the biggest degree”
“My blog is like rainbows
“I think I’m tall but in reality gravity has got me pretty down”

Or something like that, cos I’ve forgotten by now ♥ !

It was heaps of fun and I loved that there was something to do other than dance and mingle. Well, the rest of the night was filled with that. Mingling, Photo taking, Dancing, Singing, and for some …Getting drunk xD

Alan taking a photo of me taking a photo of him.

May and I playing with the balloons / Holding a cup of coffee ..that I didn’t drink.

Who doesn’t take photos in the bathroom? / Stoophiee ♥

Are you surprised to see this many girls in the Anime club? (there’s more!)

The drinks that were on the Tab.

Another couple ♥ / May, Sam and I trying to kill Jonhsan

I love my Vuvu ! And My Girlies :3
♥ ♥ ♥
How has everyone been? I MISS YOU ALLAnd yes, I am finally done. IT IS 5.33AM AND I AM SO SLEEPY. I hope you enjoyed the photos everyone :) ! ♥ I look forward to seeing some of you this Wednesday

Blogs that will also post about Social Night :3 (probably…they actually might not but yeah)
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