Hey everyone ~
Sorry I haven’t updated in the past two or three days(?) I’ve been busy with assignments and other assessments. And exams are drawing nearer so I need to study pretty hard T~T! But anyways, because as many of you would know, I always seem to read your blogs that have yummy pictures in them when I’m hungry. So here’s some payback ~ ♥
(Urgh I hate these ugly spacings that the new editor seems to do on blogger – does anyone know how to fix this?)

On the left is ‘Grape Blended Ice with Grape Jelly‘ from Easy Way Tea Indulgence; On the Right is some Fruit Jellies I bought at Jerky House.Both of these are amaazzzzzinnnggggg. The drink is the perfect amount of sweet and well, the jellies on the right are some soft and chewy and sweet and .. I want some now. (I think this payback is backfiring on me!)

This is 赤大福 or “Red Daifuku“. This is a Japanese sweet that consists of a glutinous rice outer cake like thing and some sort of sweet filling. Mine was filled with sweet red bean paste. I loved this so much~ I bought it the other day from one of the local Korean groceries. (Why are there hardly any Japanese groceries? Just Korean….at least they sell Japanese things too.) But yes. If you haven’t tried mochi or daifuku before, you should definitely try it :D !

 Vu and I bought this the other day for lunch(?) from The Den at University. It’s spinach and ricotta cheese canneloni served with a side of chips and gravy. This was the beeesssttt! :D I absolutely love canneloni; and I love love love loveeee spinach with cheese. I think the combination just works perfectly. ♥ And well, I love gravy. So, this was perfect for lunch!

I bought these two things not knowing what the hell was inside. It was only like $1 each and well, I just like trying random things like this. And the packaging looked so intriging ! :D Anyways, inside were some sort of ..chip ? rice type of chip? I don’t know how to explain it. (Sorry for not taking a photo) But it WAS nice. The left one had seaweed flavoured chippies; and the right was just really sweet and yummy. You should probably buy this if you ever see it …just to try it out :3!

♥ ♥ ♥
I have a tonne more pictures of food to show you guys but that will be for another blog :)
What’s your favourite type of cuisine? 

Ps. I’m going to be sending out an email soon to those who wanted to meetup.

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34 comments to Fooood.

  • amanda

    omg i always wanted to try that cute packaging thingyy cos it was just cute. ><


  • fatimaa-xo

    haha food is the best melody :)
    i had grapey easyway the other week!
    i think it was grape milkshake with grape jelly! and i was wearing a purple cardi so it looked good while i was also drinking it!
    oooh and that canneloni looks good! i had the exact same thing last thursday, it was GOOD :)

    & i like asian cuisine the most!

  • Tezza

    easyway! i love lychee green tea and green apple green tea ~

    i always go to them random pubs and order the lunch special which is usually like $9 steak/chicken schnitzel with chips yummm

    gl with your exams :)

  • Exuvalia

    Thanks for making me thirsty/hungry. I just had dinner but you're making me eat more! *shakes head* Haha, I usually buy Mango Green Tea with Pearls from Easyway. Maybe you should try that because it tastes good.

  • siwing

    the drink and fruit jellies are so cute ! ^___^ !! mochi is my fav dessert.. soo yum ! lol.. i named my dog mochi ! hahah… he was a little ball of fur when i got him

  • EDDY

    so many pics of food. yumyum!

    hope the assessments/assignments went well.

  • Silkybow

    awww such yummy food!
    making me hungry here -_-

  • Min

    MELODY DEAR, THIS IS NOT HELPING AT ALL *ROARRRR with a sudden rumble of the stomach*

    I've only tried Easyway once cos it's all the way in the city. But I usually like my Bubble Tea tea-based (not those milky ones). Oh I heard pearls are bad :(

    DAIFUKUUUUUUU <333 Why didn't you share :p If you ever go to Fukuoka, you must try the ones they have there! I love those daifukus with ichigo in them too <3

    AND the $1 tidbits! I just bought them a few days ago from Winsam x) At first I didn't know what they were but the packaging looked so good I couldn't resist :p They sure are good (y)

    itsuka futari de purikura demo torou ka? <3

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    Food is ALWAYS good. Did you see my sushi post? Hahaha!

    I don't like daifuku. I tried it a year ago and was really disappointed because I thought it looked so delicious! But I didn't like it. :( I think it was the texture that I didn't like… It's weird.

    My favorite cuisine… well, it's difficult because I really like asian cuisine, especially chinese and korean, but I also REALLY like italian! Anything with noodles or pasta usually gets me right away :3

  • x[A]nnehhhx

    Hehe my sister bought me easyway today, but I was asleep when she got home so it went straight to the fridge, with the pearls turning all hard and gross! lol ><

  • Yumeko♡

    Yummy food!:D <3

    everything looks so delicious! ^0^//
    I wish i could try Red or Ichigo Daifuku someday!:D

  • Mei

    Food = love
    And I so want to try that grape ice jelly drink <3
    I love Asian, Italian, Mexican cousine <3

  • P o o p e r

    Meldoy! T_T All the pretty food looks so appealing and tasty. Good thing I ate an hour ago, or else I'd be staring at the pictures for a long time hoping that it'll all appear on my desk. xDD;

    I keep staring at those mystery chips with the pretty packaging. ;-; I need to go find an asian market, like right now. lol

    Girl! When does the semester end for you? School can be nice but so time consuming. @_@

    My favorite cuisine is Italian. :DD I absolutely love it!

  • TheMadTwins

    that looks so wonderful =D
    I think my favorite food is Chinese/Japanese and Italian jummie.
    And ofcourse the belgium frights, and chocolat ^__^

    I wish I could joing you meeting =D


  • petitechouxx

    i'm jealous of your food. They look so delicious!

    My favorite type of cuisine are asian (viet, thai, japanese, korean,…), italian, mexican, indian, american, and others i don't remember … xD

  • Elisa Lee

    omg so many food <333 lovely =D i love sushiiiii <333 so asian cuisine ^_^ hihi i always love to buy food with a cute packaging, but they usually aren't that good as they look like lol =(

  • hkittygirl

    The Chips and Gravy look beyond delicious! Also, the drink and jellies look good! I want to try those rice chip thing-y's! On my blog, I like talking about food way too much!

  • liz

    The pic so cute, and is it looks so sweet and tasty :)

    I love chinnese food, especially fried noodle (seems it is common, but i love the taste) :)
    I also adore Indonesian food (you have to try it too dear). The food here is so tasty and full of spices :)

    Anw, i also have giveaway, it is F21 statement ring.
    Have time, or want to try your luck? Join it. Cause merrier is more fun.


  • Tam

    hate you melody hate you! of course i said that through a fit of tantrum after seeing all those yummy foods :)

    to answer the questions, my fav cuisine is italian and french.

  • TheMadTwins

    Hey, thanks for trying to vote.
    ^__^ I putted on my site how you have to do it :D I don't know if that would make it clearer XD but at least, still thank you for trying :D

    Loves London (Ruby)

  • Pui

    So much food…

    I realised alot of your blogs are about food ^___^

    I believe the cuisine I enjoy most is Japanese. I think it's just the salmon I like though =D


    Excuse me Miss Melody but no need for payback. Ughhhh I am literally drooling right now! Didnt eat lunch and havent had dinner yet so this is making my tummy growl more ><

    I LOVE EASY WAY ! Sooooo good ! If only there was one closer to me, I have to travel all the way to the city just to get my fix *sighs*

    Can you believe I have never tried Daifuku but OMG it looks so good! I so agree that Melbourne needs more Japanese grocery type stores! There is one near Chapel Street apparently but I have had no chance to go search for it on my lunch breaks at work ! Mmmm I think I am going to buy some daifuku when I visit the asian shops near my house *DROOLS*

    Ohhhhh btw good luck with your exams miss ! I am sure you'll do great ! ^_______________^


    Jahnice !

    Oh p.s where abouts in Melbourne are you? *wonders if were neighbours* LOLLL !

  • arsyparsy

    Yuuuuum! Looks so good! I never tried any of those before! Craving some sweets :(
    I'm a new follower!

  • Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    my fave is sushi~~~~~

  • Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    my fave is sushi~~~~~

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    cuuuuuute bag! definitely will try it out if I see it!

  • Naka

    i love chinese cusine :3 and cute and yummy photos ^^ i normally leave my blog for 2-3 days now college is so tiring and busy :(

  • Ribbonlicious

    Hehee, I had Red Daifuku yesterday! :D

    Recomment: So, you have Apollo chocolate in your country? *_*

  • Jackosaurus.

    Even though I eat pretty much meat everyday! (Which is ohso yum) I have been going to this restaurant I rediscovered called Govindas, it's strict vegetarian food and is a Hindu restaurant from Hare Krishna. THE FOOD IS SO DAMN YUM!!! I ate three platefuls of it once >.< if I'm correct and you do live in Melbourne these is one down there..I suggest you try. OHSO GOOD.

  • xin.

    I've seen those doughnut and sushi chips ! But didn't have the guts to try it haha… I'll pick some up next time I'm at one of those stores !

  • Ribka

    Yummy :3 I love food post! haha

  • Kimitty Kim

    Easy Way is the best thing ever! I get a strawberry Relish tea with pearls every single time. ^_^ BEST.

    Also, I went to an Asian supermarket recently and saw those chip things with the donuts on the packet but was too scared to buy and try, haha… You sure they're good? :3

  • Ally

    omg yummy!
    you're making me hungry! haha

  • Mari

    I'm hungy now! Sorry for posting about cookies? >.<

    My favorite cusine…?

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