Easy A: Win double pass movie ticket!

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In light of the new movie, Easy A coming out soon on the 16th of September 2010, Nuffnang has given 5 of my lucky readers the chance to win a double pass movie ticket to see Easy A. So, how and what do you have to do to be eligible to win this prize?! Well that’s simple really. It’s all related to this movie.

Easy A

Synopsis: After a little white lie about losing her virginity spreads around the school, Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) begins to find her life resembling Hester Prynne, a character in the novel, “The Scarlet Letter”. This is until she decides to turn things around, and use the rumour to advance her social and financial standing.

This hilarious comedy stars Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Cam Gigandet, Lisa Kudrow, Penn Badgley, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson

Rating: M

Watch the trailer here:

Thanks to Nuffnang and Sony, I was given a double pass ticket to see the advance screening of Easy A at Hoyts cinemas on Wednesday 8th 2010. Vu and I headed there after Uni expecting it to be good (after watching the trailers a few times) movie and were we disappointed? Not at all. The movie was filled with laughter and innuendos and jokes; and it was hard not to fall in love with Olive (Emma Stone) ‘s strange and sarcastic (albeit kind-hearted) personality. Vu and I both really enjoyed the movie and how it was structured out. And I’m pretty sure all of you would love to see this too! So how do you win one of these 5 double pass movie tickets to see Easy A? Well, just keep reading you’ll find out…

So this movie tells the story about how the clean-cut high school student, Olive tells a small white lie that eventually blows out of proportion and backfires on her. This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve all told a little white lie, thinking it would be alright, but then had to suffer the consequences for doing so….

Like when you told your friend that she looked good in that dress when you knew that yellow just wasn’t her colour. Or it could be when you told your mother that her cake tasted delicious even though it lacked sugar. Or when you comforted someone else saying they could rap like Eminem – when really they couldn’t at all. I know for sure that I’ve had this happened to me before…
This is a representation of what I was like as a Year 10. (This photo was taken a few days ago / just a reinactment)
It happened back when I was in Year 10, an immature and young teenager who just wanted to have fun. I attended weekly Japanese classes after school on Tuesdays at a different high school. But this one day, I decided that it would be fun to pretend to go and just skip it to hang out with some friends. So I told my tiny white little lie to my parents saying that I was going to attend Japanese class, when in fact I wasn’t at all. So I walked in to the school premises with my friends, only to walk back out when I knew my parents had driven off.

This is me checking to make sure that my parents have left.
Things ran smoothly as we met up with others and drank some Happy Cup, and played some Arcade Games. And then it was time to sneak back in to the school without anyone finding out my little white lie. The only problem was that we had lost track of time and instead of coming back to the school with plenty of time to spare, we got back with 10 minutes to spare. This would’ve been fine if my dad wasn’t punctual and made sure he was always early to pick me up at the front of the school. So the bunch of us had to sneak around the side / back of the school.
Why do I have such bad luck!? (Pretty much how I was feeling at the time)
Unfortunately for us, because we weren’t attending any classes – we weren’t actually supposed to be on the school grounds. So we decided to hide behind the school portables. But for some stupid and unfortunate reason, the grounds keeper found us. He then proceeded to yell at us loudly and usher us all the way out the FRONT of the school. So I guess you can see what happened then. My parents saw me getting kicked out of the school. To say that I was let off the hook easily would be a lie. Because I wasn’t. Not at all
My phone was confiscated; I wasn’t allowed to attend the Japanese class anymore; and I wasn’t allowed to use the computer/internet. Oh, and did I mention that I had to suffer a 2-3 hour lecture about how I was a bad girl? Yeah ….
This is pretty much how I looked and felt when I heard “No computer/ internet”
So after hearing how my little white lie backfired harshly on me, all you have to do to be able to win one of those five double pass movie tickets to see Easy A is to answer this question:

Have you lied about something and had it backfire worse than you could imagine?

This competition will end at 5pm EST on 22 September 2010.
However, I apologize that this competition is only open to Australian residents.
Please read the full Terms & Conditions.

I’m guessing many of you will have a few stories for me to be reading! I can’t wait to read your little white lie, and how it backfired on you. So leave a comment on this post telling me your story, and I will get back to you to see if your consequences were as bad as my internet ban!

Find out more about Easy A by following these links:
Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/easyAaus
Earn Your ‘A’ tab: http://www.facebook.com/EasyAAUS?v=app_4949752878
Official website: http://www.easya.com.au/
Coming out 16th September 2010 (Australia)

I will also be replying to every comment on this post. So come and check back to see what I think :)
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49 comments to Easy A: Win double pass movie ticket!

  • audrey

    Aw you are so cute <3

  • Anonymous

    Omgomg you have the masterchef apron D8 !!!!!!!! Speaking of masterchef is back on soon!

  • Min

    Melody I would be lying if I told you you're not cute <33

    I'll leave another comment later telling you about my little white lie! x)

  • amanda

    eee this is such an good post! you made it so interesting :)

    i have told plent of white lies but i don't think i have gotten in trouble yet. maybe i'm a good liar! ><

    hmm there was this once when i was little,, my mum asked me to go shower but i was having too much fun finishing a project so i just changed into a new set of clothes so it looks as if i have. So when she asked me if i has showered an hour later I lied and said yes. But then she got really mad at me and started scolding me and called me a liar. I kept denying it and said I really did shower.

    Then she said "Then why is the shower so dry? It hasn't been used."

    Oops.. caught ><

  • Pui

    This has got nothing to do with the tickets
    but i love your pictures and reenactment xP

  • Salisha

    I look forward to this movie long ago I watched the trailer and liked it.

  • b.

    ~ * ♥ * ~

    The bad thing is that I do not think that I have been caught out in a white lie. And that is a bad thing because I got away with it!! >o<

    Else, because I only lied once or twice when I was little I think, that I just do not remember being caught…. >.>' I dunno. I just really haven't had that problem. But I still want to see the movie! I'll probably just have to fork out for it myself. ^__^

    bonita of Depict This!

    Posted about ~ How to crochet your own strawberry charm
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  • Tam

    BEST expression when you found out you were not allowed to have the net. LOL i giggled

    sorry it's going to be a long comment but this is the only white lie that stood out because it had such a bitter sweet ending :)

    My bestie R.M & I hung out with the wrong crowd back then we planned to go to a bday that had alcohol & do an all nighter afterward. I lied to mother & told her R.M is having a sleep over. At the party R.M end up ditching me for boys hence I got angry & hung out by myself =(

    Benjamin was my crush since 6th grade and still was in year 9 when he moved suburb & I never saw him again, he was also there that night. He came over to asked if I still remember him & why I'm a loner. I told him what happened, we got on really well & ended up doing the all nighter anyway. Next morning I got home, went straight to bed to sleep off the fatigue. When i woke up my mum was already waiting in my room. She asked how was last night, I told her: "I had so much fun watching movies and eating popcorn in R.M's room" she also asked if I went outside? I got worried but I stuck with my story that I was inside R.M house the whole night.
    She then questioned why my shoes & pants are muddy & a bottle of cruiser was in my bag. I was so scared I end up telling the truth but alcohol is a NO-NO so I said a friend asked to put it in my bag because she wasn't carrying one. My mum automatically assumed R.M but no matter how much I said no she stuck to her guards. So I was prohibited to go out & was not allowed to hang out with R.M. I can't imagine how bad my punishment would have been if I admitted to the cruiser :S

    Oh well I end up dating my crush since 6th grade and we are still together if it wasn't for that night.

  • Tam

    awww my interntet stopped working I'm not sure if my comment was sent :(

  • Melody

    @Audrey :3 thankies

    @Anon Hahah yes :) I got the apron for free!! :D

    @Min Naw Min >3< ! I can't wait to see your comment !!

    @Amanda Hahahahaha Aw Amanda. I think I've done something like that before :P …well, actually I think it would've been related to brushing my teeth xD And then she asked to smell my mouth …and uh yeah :| It still smelled like dinner xD

    @Pui HAhahah Thanks Alan xD

    @Salisha Yes ! It's a really good movie :) You should definitely watch it when it comes out!

    @B ;A; That's kind of a good and bad thing xD? Hehe :] If you think of something you remember, please be sure to leave it in teh comments ! :D I'd love to hear it x3

    @Tam Omgg! That is such a bittersweet ending *-*! That's pretty awesome how your grade 6th crush is now your boyfriend …SO MANY YEARS LATER! Aww. But yeah ..ouchhh :/ But yeahh, I guess friends and peer pressure is a big reason why we end up getting in trouble a lot of the times. Like ..the story I mentioned above …was around the time I was hanging out with the wrong crowd too ..and …I've learned my lesson now xD And I love your long comments ^-^"!!

  • Tam

    After that night I believe in everything happens for a reason, if one of us decided not to go or if my friend didn't ditch me we would never had the chance to talk. Also he used to live 10 minutes away from me befor he moved. Just wow! Pity I found out too late, never had the chance to stalk either :( haha

    if you don't mind sharing what's the story behind you and vu? I love hearing how couples met, it leaves me with a fuzzy feeling after hearing it :P

  • Melody

    @Tam Yeahh! I've always believed that too :3 ! And aw, it would've been so good if you guys lived 10 mins away from eachother ..so you could stalk AND SNEAK OVER AT NIGHT xDD ! Oh sure :3 I'll tell you the story through your email if you want x3?

  • Elisa Lee

    ahhh, super cute picturesss..
    can't live without internet now x_x !!

  • siwing

    LOL at the eminem part.. you are too funny and cute!

  • sourmay

    Nawww, your post has enlightened my day!

    Now I don't tell lies at all to peers, honesty is very important in friendships. I used to tell little white lies and never been found out >:-D Not that I know of anyway.

    The following is a white lie I am still telling to my mum.

    After all the years helped supporting the family, my mum has finally retired since last year. (In fact she isn't 50 yet) Her job now is to beautify our home and improve the family's living quality, such as cooking us the best breakfast on Earth and turning my old bedroom into a study room. D;
    She styled and measured and shopped, devoted herself very much in selection of furniture for the house, but neither me or Eamon actually think they look good together. When mum gives me the look with splendid and expecting eyes, I could not say "Mum, they don't match well."

    If I say what I honestly think, I will definitely hurt her feelings… ;A; I admire her!


  • Exuvalia

    Q. Have you lied about something and had it backfire worse than you could imagine?

    A. Yes. In 2005, I hung out with my then-boyfriend and my mum didn't know about it. Before I went out, I told her that I was going out with a group of friends. She trusted me, and so I spent the entire day with 'my guy'. We went to Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre to watch a movie, and after that, we walked out of the cinema holding hands and being intimate.

    So when I got home, my mum asked me who I went out with. I told her that I was out with a group of friends, and she called me a liar. (Her friend actually caught me red-handed and told my mum about what she saw!) *sad face*

  • Naka

    such cute photos and easy A sounds like a girl i know; long stroy short; I now hate her XD

    and your so adorable i wish I could adopt u or something :D *does that sound really creepy* i hope not :(

  • petitechouxx

    aww cute pictures!

    can't participate.. =( from canada >.<

    anyways, i have lied about something before, but it hadn't backfire… yet. Like i lied to my friend that i have something to do but for real i'm just too lazy to go somewhere or i lied to a person who sits next to me that his drawing were great, but for real, it was really awful and ugly =.= i'm so mean…

  • Nyan

    I never got caught in lying. Except one day I decide to wag school (this was in year 12) because I already wagged school a few days back and didn't get caught. At first I was just chilling at home because my parents weren't at home and I was going to txt them later that they didn't have to pick me up because my boyfriend was. Lucky I was still at home because then school called around 9:30. And I started to panic a little. But I took the opportunity to make up another lie. So my mum called me up and asked why I'm not at school and I told her I was sick and my bf was taking me to the doctors. So she believed me and then my bf took me to his friends apartment that he was looking after because she went overseas for the holidays. We stayed in the city that night and faked a doc certificate. I also wagged the next day (last day of sem 1 anyway) and I didn't get back home until Monday night. The worst part though wasn't trying to convince my parents but my teachers.. They didn't believe my doc cert so they called up the place luckily though I was one step ahead and put all the details of my friends house and number. :) he picked up the phone and acted like a doctor.

    I've never been caught lying because I think through my lies and make up more stories incase I get questioned.
    At the moment Im about to go to Perth without my parents knowing so I have to make a good lie for that :P

  • Exuvalia

    Oh my goodness! Where is my comment? Did it disappear again? :(

  • TheMadTwins

    The movie seem so amazing! ^__^
    and you pictures are so adorable! You look so sweet, and the yellow dress is amazing. I love it <3 n__n
    I wish I had such beautiful eyes as you have ^__^


  • Melody

    @Elisa I can't live without it too!! Back then it seemed bad but not HORRIBLE ..but now it's just CRAZY!!

    @Siwing Hahahah thanks x3

    @Sourmay Heheh I'm glad that it has!! Yes :3 It's very important to be truthful at all times (unless the white lie is essential!! I don't want to say my friend looks fat xD) But yeah~ Awwwww >w<" I hope your white lie won't backfiree!! It seems like your mum takes pride in what her design so I think the lie is fine ^-^"!! :D

    @Vu Oh my xD That would've been horribleee! My parents hate it when I don't come home at the time I specified ><" Well, luckily they always pick me up from anywhere so that doesn't really happen xD

    @Marie !! OMG That's pretty baddd >_<" I always have to be careful when I'm out with my boyfriend (ever since I started getting one) because my mum's friends are like spies!! :( They're everrywhereee!! What were the consequences ? :|

    @Naka hehe thankyou! And woahhh That sounds bad :( ANd hehe, no it's not creepy xD ..unless you're an old man :(

    @petitechouxx Aww ! I'm sorry that it's only open to Australian residents :( I wish you could enter too *sad face* Hahahaha you're not mean! You just don't want to hurt the other person's feelings which makes you quite nice actually :)!

    @Nyan Aw that's a pretty close! Something like that happened to me in year 8 ….only I got caught because the school called home ..and mum was at home. And when they called me, I was on a bus >>" And well, I can't lie about it since there's no way I should be anywhere else apart from school :X . Cos if I'm sick they'll take me to the doctors etc. And I guess after year 10, I stopped wagging cos I thought VCE was too important ><" Hahaha! Perth without your parents knowing? That might be a tough one :P Do keep me updated with that :) !

    @Marie oops~ I forgot to tell you that my comments are moderated before published now :3

    @TheMadTwins Thankyouuuuu ^_^!! You should watch the movie when it comes out !! :) And yeahh~ I love the yellow dress too xD unfortunately it's still abit too cold here to wear it >w<"

  • fatimaa-xo

    melody you are soo adorable & i love your hair colour :)

  • Pui

    I really want to enter the competition but…I actually can't think of when white lies backfire on me ><!

    oh wait I do have one.

    Once upon a time Alan had a girlfriend, they've been together for a year now, but Alan had recently moved to college and met with a girl who he got along with extremely well. Uh-oh. This can't be good. Confused he told a few lies, he avoided to tell the girl that he was taken, and didn't tell his girlfriend about this new girl he met.

    But time goes on and his feelings grew stronger and the girl got to know him better, things were harder to keep quiet about. Eventually the girl figured he had a girlfriend and distanced herself, he was almost shattered. With that, his girlfriend also found out about this girl and grew extremely angry. Eventually they broke up. Poor Alan was trying to be faithful to something he no longer had any faith to. He told his girlfriend this was 'just a little crush', one he would eventually get over. Deep inside he knew. For a while, his girlfriend believed him, until they grew further and further apart. He no longer thought about his girlfriend before each night, rather the new girl at college would continuously pop up in his mind. Girlfriend confronted about breaking up, the new girl kissed him on the cheek on the same week. Despite that, the girl from college proceeded to get a boyfriend. And in the end, Alan broke up with his girlfriend.


    It ended well though ;)
    (The story that is…the continuation anyway)

  • Min

    This happened way back, when I was in Grade 4…

    It was my best friend's birthday party on Saturday in February. But my parents didn't allow me to go over to a friend's house even if it was just a birthday party. Besides, it was a Saturday and I had Saturday class that day. So I faked a self-made consent form (we have consent forms to attend Saturday class in Singapore) and even forged a teacher's signature x.x

    Well everything went well until here although I could sense that they were kinda suspicious of it. Both my parents are teachers so I think there's nothing that would escape their eyes :( But anyway, they signed the consent form and sent me to school that Saturday morning. I entered the school but left as soon as the car was out of sight. I ran to the bus stop to meet up with my friends and off we went…

    I arrived at her house with everyone there. We started playing games, went down for a swim and even had bbq. As the "consent form" states that I'll be having class from 9am to 4pm, my kind parents (who knew that the canteen wasn't open on Saturdays) went to school to pass me lunch :S They arrived in school at around 1pm and went straight to the general office and used the PA system to call for me! OMG x(

    What was worse was that my dad was a good friend of my principal. So my dad showed the principal the fake consent form and called up the so-called teacher in charge whose signature I forged. She just so happen to still be in school at that time and went down to the general office. Of course, she knew nothing about my whereabouts because I didn't even turn up for my class which was suppose to be from 9am to 12nn.

    I didn't have a mobile with me when I was in Grade 4 so there was no way they could contact me. On the other hand, I was having so much fun at me friend's place that I totally forgot about the time. Before I know it, it was already 4pm! And I had to be back in school by 4pm. That was when I started to freak out cos it takes an hour or so to get back. (Like your parents, my parents are ALWAYS on time when they pick me up from school) So I was trying to think up of an excuse to say why I was an hour late…I decided on saying that the teacher had more to teach because exams are around the corner and thought I would get away with it. Boy was I wrong…

    When I was walking towards school, I saw security guards(/policemen???) patrolling outside the school gate and it was then I knew I was in trouble.

    My parents were sooooooooooo angry at me for getting my teacher into trouble and had me grounded apart from attending school.

    That's my little white lie story! It's somewhat similar to yours right ;) Just that mine involved some VIPS x)

  • Min

    errrr, my comment is "too large"?? Did it get through?

  • Melody

    @fatima thankyou <333

    @Pui Aw Alan. That's quite bittersweet ><" And you know that I've been through a similar thing and how horrible all the lies can be :/ But I'm glad that it all worked out in the end cos you&kimmie are awesome together :3

    @Min OMG THAT SOUNDS SO SCARY>_<"! And yes, it is quite similar to what happened to me only like hundred times worse x3! Although your consequences don't seem that bad ? xD Unless there were more :3?

  • augustalolita

    omgosh!! your photos are sooo adorable <3 i want to see this movie but i dont think my bf will take me hehe!!

  • hkittygirl

    You're such a cute school girl! I want to see Easy A! It looks so funny!

  • P o o p e r

    Awwwww man. Talk about really bad. ;A; How long did you end having all that prohibited to you for?

    I know for sure it's happened to me. Having a little white lie backfire, Though I can't remember any at the moment. D':

    This movie does look good. I can't wait until its released here in the US. ^^ I love these kind of films. <33333

  • Exuvalia

    My consequences…

    1. Grounded.
    2. No internet for two weeks.
    3. More household chores to do.

    It was pretty bad. But thank goodness I had books to read for entertainment. =)

  • Melody

    @augustalolita tehehe thankyou! aww you should persuade him to go watch x3 even my bf found it funny and interesting xD!!

    @hkittygirl tehehe thankyou :3 GO WATCH IT! It's hilarious :)

    @Pooper >w<" Well it was only about for a week ..BUT IT WAS STILL SO PAINFUL T^T! Hahaha! If you remember be sure to tell me cos I'd love to know :) Definitely watch it when its released :D !

    @Marie OMG :| That is pretty bad >_<" And yeahh, I think I read a lot of books around that time x3! Did you read anything interesting? :D

  • Nyan

    Good news~ I'm not going to Perth anymore :)

    But apparently my boyfriend told me we're going to Sydney. My mum is okay with Sydney as she has a friend who works at the Hilton Hotel over there.

  • Ellie

    As a relatively innocent fourteen year-old I got caught shoplifting… But knew my parents were at work,so called home and made the confession the security guard insisted upon to our answering machine (pretending it was my mom) thinking I would be able to get home and erase it so no-one would be the wiser. Well, I beat my parents home, but unknown to me my grandmother was there, heard the whole message and it was very clear that I'd planned to get away with the whole thing perfectly. Not proud of it, but I never shoplifted again! (oh, and my punishment? I'd lifted a chocolate bar. All I received for my next birthday was bars and bars and bars of that same chocolate. The humiliation!)

  • Melody

    @Nyan That's good news then! :3

    @Ellie Ouchh! That's pretty embarrassing T-T"! But at least you learned a lesson :D ? I guess it's better than not being caught and thinking you could do it again ><" ..especially when the consequences could be much worse! And woahhh. Getting bars of that one chocolate would be so humiliating xD

  • BHaV

    SO i told mum and dad that i will be staying over @ S and R's house overnight after i get back from the club we were going out to but it backfired BIG TIME when they found out we all crashed @ some random guys house…. well the party continued at his house and it was like a whole house full of people so no funni business but yeah my brother foun dout and he told mum who didn't tell dad and they threatened to confiscate my car and my internet for a month… so i'd have to use uni internet and travel on the bus!!!!! *no way jose* so yeah i had to tell them the truth truth…. and they let me off with a stern warning :(… was very very scary!

  • BHaV

    this once i told mum and dad that i'm staying over @ a friend's house but i was really staying over @ my best friend's house whose a guy
    no funni business or anythign but yeah i know they would freak out that i'm staying over @ a guys house even though there were going to be a whole bunch of us staying there so yeah i thought it would work perfectly because the friend's house iw as going to stay over @ was overseas and if they called no one would pick up wondering everyone's asleep and call my phone instead!!
    they found out my plans cuz mum accidently stumbled upon my msn chats… mum's computer was the only one with internet then so i was BANNED from using her computer and my curfew for a whole month was home by 4.30 max after school except if i had work.
    And no guitar lessons for a whole month also i think she threatened to confiscate my phone but didn't end up doing that cuz i needed that for work :( So saturday and sunday were used either going to work, hw or cleaning up our backyard which hadn't been weeded in like 3692638273 years!

  • Kayne Lee

    hummm hi melody !!! it's Kayne roar :3 XDD i think the worst lie i made was about wen i was much younger like 13 i think i went out with my little brother on our motorbike (this was when i lived in the middle of nowhere) and we kinda crashed the bike LOL and my brother was crying and i said "dont say anything and i'll give you my xbox games" was all going so well until we got home, the SECOND he saw mum he started crying >.> and blabbed everything haha then i got in trouble T^T but yeah, im alot better on motorbikes now, although i did get my xbox taken off me back then XP

  • Melody

    @Bhav Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch! That's pretty horrible ;-; ! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR MUM READ YOUR MSN CHATS ! I ..lock all my MSN chatlogs with a password that only I know so no one can access them even if they somehow get on to my computer :3 !

    @Kayne AW KAYNE. I did exactly the same thing ..only not with a motorbike. I used to like break my brother's toys or hurt him …"BY ACCIDENT" and then refuse to let him to tell mum x3! I'd cover his mouth and go NOOOO DON'T TELL MUMMYYYYYY I PROMISE I'LL DO THIS AND THIS x3 !! We're such bad older siblings :3?

  • kyura

    i told my mum i lost my a|x sweater but really i threw it out because it was covered in vomit. i don't drink that much anymore lol

  • Jonhsan


  • KYRA

    Dear Vulong hoang,

    I once lied to you i was weak. Then we wrestled in methods class and PIN DROPPED YOU. HAHAHAHA that was epic.

    Ok, i've done this many times and many times this has backfired. I've lied to people/ girlfriend that i am busy and cannot talk right now. I have to help my parents out. 5 minutes later they come to my house to find me playing CONQUER 2.0 and other fun related games and not onrop. This backfire is so intense that it should ricochet me towards those two free movie tickets.

  • Monica L

    So like when I was small for some reason I didn't like eating dinner much. One day I decided to throw the food away(Yes, i know I was wasteful and a bad child), but I tried to make sure that no one would find out. So stupid little me decided to throw away my food behind the table between the curtain in the lounge room in the corner. When I got my food for dinner I would throw it in that secret hiding place and wait like 2 minutes which I thought was AGES and then bring my bowl into the kitchen sink. My grandma would question me and say "You ate food that fast!?" and I replied with a yes hoping she wouldn't think I chucked it away or anything. I did the same when my mum was home. Soon enough the pile of food built up in the corner LOL and I was glad that my lie was working. But, one day when my mum decided to vacuum in that area, she found the moulded food. She found out it was me who did it and I got a yelling from that and got smacked for wasting food, and from then I never threw my food away there again.

  • fatimaa-xo

    idk how relevant this is. but anyway :)
    in 2004, i was in year six, and my little brother was like 5 and i was 12, he was in kindy.
    anyway, imo i thought he was really annoying and noisy so i got so angry that i made him sit on the dining table chair, and i tied him up on it with his 'special shoelaces' and i made him swear not to tell my parents that i tied him up to a chair if i let him go LOL.
    i kinda felt bad since my five year old brother was crying so hard so i felt sympathy and let him go~

    when my parents came home from work, they were like did you guys fight?
    and we were like no we didn't

  • Shirayuki

    Dear melody ~

    Right at this moment.. where im suposed to slp.. i have to enter this competetion.. and so.. i kinda lied and sed i cant tink of a white lie.. but the fact its.. coz i realli have to slp and also cant realli tink of a lie…. so its not realli dat i cant tink.. its coz i juz wanna slp… buh den… here u are..telln me.. to juz tink and yea.. write one.. and so yes….. hehehhee backfired.. and.. i found my white lie to write…

    i love u baby

    Loves, Louisa

  • Jase

    Years ago, I was in math class once and told the teacher that I was substantially confident with everything in the class.
    I only said that because I did not want the teacher to continue asking me questions and so they'd go away as I was becoming increasingly embarrassed towards my inability to solve the math problems.
    Ultimately, this backfired severely the week after when I failed the test. It became clearly apparent that I did not know what was going on in the class.

  • Melody

    @kyura You're so disgusting Lin :(

    @Kyra Hahaha you and Vu seem like such good friends x3! And is the backfire strong enough to ricochet those two free movie tickets? ………..MAYBE….Maybe not xD

    @Monica Omgg, I can imagine the rotten smelling food in the corner now :| And I can imagine any Asian parent getting angry over wasted food ;-; ! I didn't really like eating dinner when I was younger either ..hmm, I wonder if there's some reason to do that(?) But yeah, my mum would sit there and watch me eat >>" forcing me to eat it all. Sometimes, when she isn't looking ..I'd put some of the rice on to her plate or my brother's xD …but she always caught me :( ..and made me eat it T^T

    @Fatima WHAT A MEAN OLDER SISTER. Well, not really :P Since I've done so many mean things to my younger brother as well ! I think it's some sort of …older sibling rule (H) At least you didn't really have a backfire x3?

    @Louisa Aw. WHY YOU SO CUTE <3

    @Jase Omg >>" I hate it when teachers ask you "How are you going?" or "Do you need any help?" when you can't seem to solve anything. That used to happen to me ..during spesh ;A; ! ..I had to steal answers of my smart friend when the teacher wasn't looking (H) ..but yes. And then I did really bad on the test >>" AT LEAST YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO ANY MATHS CLASSES ANYMORE? (I think..) xD

  • William

    D: hey melody, cant really think of a backfired lie atm, but i'll share a little story :D

    ages ago, when i was still a wee lad (k, it wasnt tat far back but…), i had to go to chinese school. it was held at my local highschool (u should know which one), but i hated going to it every sat since my other non asian friends had their weekends off.

    anyways, one day i was really bored during a recess break so i went around with my friends and started trying to open random new school lockers with our keys. to my suprise one of my keys were able to unlock a couple of locks! :D because the lockers were new and i was bored, i just took the locks.

    but then a teacher saw me trying to open random lockers and asked if i was stealing anything, inwhich my mind just went OH SH*T (and went blank as well). then my smartass friend said "he was just opening his own locker, he comes to this school on the weekdays"

    the teacher was still suspicious (eyebow raised), so i lead him to a random's locker without a lock and proclaimed it as mine, and then used an excuss that i was only moving lockers. the teacher then walked away but was keeping an eye on us…luckly the bell rang and we just ran to our class xD

    anyway tat lie didnt backfire so i was safe, from then on i never messed around with the lockers again (well not when theres teachers about anyway xD )

  • Sheryl

    hey melody,
    it was probably 3-4 years ago, my mum wont let me go to a friend's house coz it was exam period. but i just wanted to have some fun and relax a little. So i decided to go out behind my mum's back.
    i planned to come home before my mum does, but then i missed my bus home, so had to wait 20 mins for another.
    by the time i got home, my mum was home and she was furious that i came home late. she found out that i went to my friend's house without permission.
    she was so angry at me. she grounded me for 2 weeks (i think). for the rest of the night, she didnt talk to me.
    but after tat day, i could tell that she didnt trust me when i go out :( but now its ok, she got over it.

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