Dress Shopping!

Hey everyone ! ♥
As I previously mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been looking for a dress to wear to a social function. I wanted to buy an actual proper formal like dress, but considering this isn’t going to be that formal and well …it’s nothing special like a graduation or anything .. I decided to look for a more cute / fun / party type of a dress ! So on Sunday, I went to a local shopping centre/mall to look for dresses with my mummy :)
Note: All the dresses shown below are cheap dresses hence the quality is not good!

I thought the design of this dress was cute. I liked the red version but they only had two sizes, one really small and the other really big. Unfortunately (you can’t see in the photo) the small size fits me perfectlyexcept for my chest area :( That was kind of annoying. The next size up however (show in the purple-ish one) fit perfectly but I didn’t like the colour. That, and the material was terrible. But, what can you expect for $45 at one of those cheap Asian clothing stores?

This was the next dress I tried on. And I didn’t like it. The material was slightly bettermore fitted for a formal occasion (only the bottom half) but I just didn’t like the design much. I guess it’s because I’m really short (151cm) ..and the dress was just too long on me. That and it reminded a bit of a sleeping gown. (I also didn’t like the purple xD) I don’t know why x3 This was also $45 from that same shop.
I tried on a few more dresses but their clothes weren’t really nice in quality and I forgot to take the photos ! I left kind of disappointed :(

I went to every single possible shop that sold dresses and didn’t find much. However I did end up buying the dress shown above (middle) ..just for normal wear x3 I thought I’d just wear some extra accessories and a short crop jacket (maybe?) with it and it’d look okay :) !
I ended up buying three dresses in the end. ($20, $30 and $50) – will show later
I think I’m going to wear one of them to social night even though it doesn’t look very formal. But it looks like a party dress to me, and I think that should be fine :)
♥ ♥ ♥
I know some of my readers like to spend heaps on dresses etc but I don’t think I have the heart to spend all my money on a dress that I might not wear again :( It might just be me!
What type of dresses do you prefer? Long or Short?
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25 comments to Dress Shopping!

  • Min


    The red one looks a little Gothic yet cute at the same time. I think the purple one will look even better if it was a little shorter cos it's kinda too big for a petite girl like you <3 HOWEVER, YOU SURE LOOK HOT IN THAT 'LITTLE BLACK DRESS' ;D

    Is this social function for the Anime Club? :) I can't wait to see which dress you'll end up wearing to the event!

    Oh and I actually prefer short dresses cos I'm not that tall either (157cm). But I'm recently into long dresses though I haven't bought one yet xD

  • Exuvalia

    Cute, cute, cute! I love the first one, but it's such a pity that it didn't fit perfectly. The second one seems rather long for you. >__<

    But yeah, it's hard to find good quality dresses nowadays. Myer stocks them but obviously, it's too expensive or my liking. I would never spend heaps of money on an expensive dress. =P

  • Tam

    ohhhhh black dress is very pretty on you, its like an elegant cocktail dress that can look good at a semi formal event or just simply to a night out :)
    love love love it! ♥

  • amanda

    i love the dress you bought! i love the lace detailing <3

  • enchi

    The purple one looks okay in the pictures..

    Much love,

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    I really like that black/purple dress you tried one! I would totally wear that!

    For a long time I didn't wear dresses, only skirts. For my prom (several years ago, uhuhuh I'm getting old), I had a long dress. That's what was popular back then. But now I see short dresses more and more, and this summer I started wearing some. My favorite one is short just above the knee! :)

    Can't wait to see what you bought!

  • Mei

    Totally loving the dresses *o*
    Hmmmm short or long?
    I like both.

    I like short strapless dress with wide on the buttom ^__^

  • kaizokumousy

    it depends on the occasion, sometimes short sometimes long :)

  • Elisa Lee

    I do like the red and the black one, too bad that the red one didn't fit =(

  • siwing

    i lovee that black one !!!

    i've never had a long dress.. i guess it never suited me because i'm only 5'0 !!! lol… i've always stuck with short dress..

  • Naka

    i love your black dress :3 the details is so cute ^^ and im hoping to get a nice PVC or leather corset at whitby goth weekend :p XD

    i cant get over how pretty ur last dress is ^^

  • Naka

    i love your black dress :3 the details is so cute ^^ and im hoping to get a nice PVC or leather corset at whitby goth weekend :p XD

    i cant get over how pretty ur last dress is ^^

  • Celina

    The dresses look so good on you! I really love the detail on the second and last :) I personally go for short dresses, just because I am already a short person and I feel like longer dresses make me look shorter? :) Could I have used the word "short" anymore times in that sentence!?

  • petitechouxx

    love the dresses =D

    i prefer both. it depends on which occasion.

  • b.

    I love the red one up the top, too bad they didn't have your size!

    I prefer knee length dresses {is that long?} or floor length for formal. ^__^

    bonita of Depict This!

    Posted about ~ Nail Art, Plum Blossoms & bonita answers

  • Rena

    oooh the black one looks HOT HOT HOT!

    <33 rena

  • hkittygirl

    I prefer short dresses because long dresses make me feel so short! Also, short dresses are better for running in! ^-^

  • P o o p e r

    I liked the red one, but I really do hate how you can find the right kind of dress and have it end up looking so big in the bust area. D': It happened today to me! But it was a nice dress in the right color that I needed it so I ended up getting it anyways. My mom knows a seamstress so we're going to take care of that as soon as possible. >.>;

    The purple one doesn't look too good in my opinion as well. ;-; Even if it was meant for a taller person, I'm not really fond of the waves on the bottom and how … thick they appear? xD;
    (I'm really short too! About 5 feet tall (or 152 cm o: )

    On the other hand, girrrrrl. I love that black dress on you! >///< So cute for normal wear. A short crop jacket would look nice, but I can't help but to imagine the dress with one of those new military jackets that are coming into style. *_*

    I can't wait to see the other dresses. I prefer short dresses since the long ones are always meant for the taller people out there. :\ and us short people end up looking like as if we stole "mommy's clothes". lol

  • coffretgorge

    hi mel! thanks for your sweet compliment on the dress :) im glad you found 3 dresses in the end thats fun! :)

    i like knee length dresses for casual wear, but long ones for formal events of course. :)

  • kaizokumousy

    Thank you for dropping by to my blog melody ~^.^~

    Well I think you are right, they are just not used to see me with make up XD but i still like plain natural look sometimes :) how about you?

  • Tezza

    i think im your height ahah

    i like the black dress :)

  • Nyan

    The ruching on the purple dress is horrible! D:

    I'm short as well (154cm) and I really HATE wearing anything below my knees. ==

    I don't really mind the prices of my dresses because I usually pick out the ones I know I'd probably wear again one day.

    I also make my own dresses x]
    If I can be bothered.

  • Salisha

    I like skirts above the knee and dresses well, or else I like to be long to the ankles.
    I loved the black dress :P
    Kisses ^_^

  • Violet LeBeaux

    I love the red one the best! Heehee I'm 151cm too!! :D

  • TheMadTwins

    those dresses are sooo pretty O.O
    and you look so beautiful in them ^__^
    I love the red dress especially :D

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