Cheap or Expensive Food

How I love the smell of discounted things *-*! Actually, no.
I just like the smell of food / drinks that are on sale ! And because I am Asian and therefore, stereotypicallycheap” – I will buy things in bulk ..just because it’s cheap x3! Well, my mum does at least. Just look at the below picture ! It’s from the convenience store, 7eleven. All that above was $1 each. I don’t know about where you live ..but that’s pretty cheap for some of the stuff :)

According to the facebook event page, this was what was included in the one day, $1 sale.
Mother 300ml Slim cans, Nestlé Medium bars, Twisties, Burger Rings & Cheetos 90g, Nestlé Drumstick Ice-creams, munch Cheese & Bacon rolls, Donuts, Four’N Twenty Snack Pies, Goulburn Valley flavoured milk, Golden Circle LOL! Juice and Berocca Twist ‘n’ Go
Some of these things can be pretty expensive normally.

So, basically, I got home and found: 12 Golden Circle LOL! Juice cans, 3 90g Burger Ring packets, 8 Four’N Twenty Snack Pies and 8 Nestle Drumstick Ice-creams! Oh mummy&daddy are so kind x3
(Supposedly there was more but my brother ate it all before I got home ;A;!)
However in saying that, I don’t actually mind paying a lot to eat good food. Well, depending on the place and how good/yummyyyy the food really is.

The flavours in the box we got from left-right, top-bottom were: Champagne, Strawberry, Excellence 70% Cocoa Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Pistachio and Passion. (I thought the box was pretty*-*)
But I don’t know if these were worth it. Lindt Delicepacket of 6 for $13. We did not get to choose the flavours we wanted :( Hence, why I think it wasn’t really worht the $13.
The only ones I actually enjoyed were the Strawberry, Milk Chocolate and Pistachio (kind of). I guess it might be because I don’t really like the taste of alcohol, that I didn’t like Champagne. And that I don’t like Passionfruit, hence why I didn’t like Passion. And well, I don’t like dark chocolate 70% was too bitter for me :(!
♥ ♥ ♥
Whilst I am on this topic, I was wondering, if the bloggers that wanted to meet for my birthday, would mind going to a buffet / restaurant?
(That might cost a bit … maybe like $30 per person for lunch?)

Do you take the risk with expensive food and hope that it’s yummy; or just go for the cheap ones that you know taste good?

When I confirm the details, I’ll be sending out an email with information so I’ll be needing your emails and food requirements! (Also I hope no one is opposed to the South-Eastern suburbs?) And probably on a Saturday or Sunday since I know that other universities have already had their midsemester break …and for some reason ours is in between Week 10 and 11 ;A;

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30 comments to Cheap or Expensive Food

  • Exuvalia

    Oh Melody. Another $1 sale in 7-11?
    I'm so sad that they don't have it here in Perth. Why oh why?! I really envy you and your family. My mum hardly buys snacks for us, apparently because it's not healthy for our bodies. *shifty eyes*

    I usually go for cheap food. I don't like spending money on something that won't last forever. =P

  • Elisa Lee

    omg so cheap !!! I wish they had a 7/11 here =(
    andd oehhhh <333 love macaroons

  • Elisa Lee

    omg so cheap !!! I wish they had a 7/11 here =(
    andd oehhhh <333 love macaroons

  • chocolatesuze

    woahhh nice haul from 7-11! i bought waaay too much chips and wish i got some ice cream!

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    I'd rather pay cheap for good food. But once in a while I like to try out new restaurants and those aren't always cheap.

    I tried a new japanese restaurant last week and it was VERY expensive. It was good, but I don't think I'll be going back. Too much money for simple japanese food.

  • siwing

    LOL.. we are so the same.. we both got it from our mommas! lol.. i stock up on everything when it is on sale.. food, drinks, shampoo, laundry detergent.. you name it ! i got lots of "back-ups" in my house.. but hey.. i never gotta run to the store when i'm out of shampoo !^_^

  • Mei

    Share share share >:O !!!

  • Mei

    I would try the unknown exspensive food. I like trying new things out. ^___^

  • Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    for food, I dun care about the price, as long as it's yummy enough, I'll buy^^

  • Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    for food, I dun care about the price, as long as it's yummy enough, I'll buy^^

  • ♥ 熊貓girl ♥

    thanks for the lovely comment sweetie ^^ I would SO love to come to your birthday but I'm on the other side of the world =(

  • Vincent

    Cornetto, Meat Pie or LOL me on Tuesday. :)

  • Min

    Heyhey I'm with you on the asian-cheapo-stereotype issue xD I'd usually pay for expensive food if I've heard that it's good otherwise, I'd opt for cheap and good stuff ;)

    Melody, buffet sounds good! But is there one around our area? $30 isn't that expensive (I think). I've been to one that cost $50+ x)

    PS I heard from my friend that Crown has a $19 lunch buffet but that's kinda far…

    Can't wait to see you <3

  • petitechouxx

    oohhh yummy cheap!!! T-T i wish to a store that sell less a dollar!

    I do both =P i love trying new foods, cheap and expensive.

  • hkittygirl

    I just eat anything that looks super yummy! >.<♥

    Maybe, that's why I'm always eating, but I exercise a lot, so it's ok! :)

  • coffretgorge

    this is the first time im seeing lindt macarons, they look good! :) same with you, i dont mind paying for good food! im a foodie and i like exploring different types of cuisines and restaurants, it doesnt matter if its cheap or expensive as long as my taste buds are happy hahaha!:P

    yeah, i still prefer prettia, if youre interested, you can order prettia through adambeauty, i think they have the best price online :) (and no, im not affiliated with the site) :D

  • BHaV

    well i like to stick to cheap rly good tastign food but i do liek to go out and try new things mayb even in small quantities ill have an urge to try somethign new even if its expensive like once or twice or more times a month!
    omg i forgot bout 7/11 day!! i want those lol drinkss soooo baaaadd haha mum wud've gone crazy if she foudn out drumsticks were THAT cheap
    horry to mothers who remember and like to buy junk food!
    mum has stopped buying junk food and since i dnt rly go shoping that often anymore i dnt get to eat that much junk food :( it's rather catastrophical!

  • Vi

    I wish they had 7/11 where I live =[ haha

  • Rena

    Goshers…7/11 stores in the US aren't that popular where I'm currently residing…but those are great deals!

    I think I would love to munch on some ice cream drumsticks!

    Well, I usually go for cheap foods, but it just depends on how good/bad they are…and what kind of financial situation I'm in.

    My hubby has really picky taste buds so he only wants expensive foods…or else he'll have cheap junk foods…8(

    <33 Rena

  • Tam

    pwoah thats heaps! food oh glorious food. Hmmm I like food that taste nice despite being cheap or expensive. Some cheap place has really bad food and some has really nice food better than expensive restaurant.

    I can't stop staring at the food above! mmm

  • Ribka

    wow so cheap! I wish there will be the same event here :p

  • Pui

    I actually do both.

    I dive for food I know has a reliable taste, but I do dare to try some of the expensive food from time to time.

    7/11 1 dollar days…they're the best!

  • Tommy

    cheap and sweat food… *q*

    We don't have 7/11 in France T__T

  • Frankie

    Hahaha! That is so cute :D
    That food is really cheap!

  • frances.♣ GING!

    niceeeee bargains u gott!!!
    oh too bad, I didn't pay a visit today : (

  • P o o p e r

    Food that's cheap. :DDD <333 Girl! Hide some of that food in your room or disguise it in the refrigerator. I have two brothers and when they're hungry, they end up devouring everything. ;A; It angers me.

    I'm really picky with food, so I'd probably enjoy the same macaron flavors as you. xD I don't like dark chocolate as much or passion fruit.

    Since I'm really picky with food I always try to avoid going to restaurants. When I do end up going, I always pick out food that isn't super good to me. >.<;

    Oh and btw, take your time with the package! ;__; Don't feel rushed girl!

  • Jay

    cheappppppp! I'm so asian D;
    Omg, the 7/11 sale, I've been sick with my sore throat and everything they sold for $1 would just make it worse. I can't believe how much your parents buy EVERY time XD I see food as just… a need to survive thing so due to my cheapness, taste is rated second after price =( Although I've had some pretty tasty and cheap food, but that's in singapore XD

  • Silkybow

    aww I want some macarons asap! T_T
    Nice discounts, I rarely see any discounts on food here haha… :(

  • Jackosaurus.


  • Naka

    i normally just buy cheap food :3 unless it looks really good and i would love to try macaroons :3

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