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I’m sick again (but so is Vu) hence, today was the first time that Vu wasn’t with me at Uni ..it felt so weird ..which is why I left straight after my Japanese tutorial (2pm) ..and kind of spoke to him on the phone / msn during my lectures / breaks v.v’
Anyways, because I don’t have anything significant to blog about I’m going to answer Yumeko‘s questions C: ! *NB: I can not remember if anyone else tagged me in anything so please remind me if you did!
♥ ♥ ♥
1. What’s you favorite Dessert?
I don’t particularly have a favourite dessert because it varies a lot from custard puffs or to certain types of cakes. It really depends on what I feel like eating that day (: Although ..I’ve noticed that I don’t really like sweet things a lot – in a way that I can’t really eat too much of it or else I’ll feel sick.
2. When you go shopping, do you end up buying a lot?
I don’t know if I buy “a lot” ..but every single time I do go shopping (in the sense of entering a shopping centre/mall) ..I do end up buying something. Whether it be clothes, accessories or some sort of product. I don’t know. I feel like it’s waste if I don’t buy anything ..but that’s because I don’t really get to go out that often. So yeahhh :)
3. Is there a color that reminds you on something special? (event, day, person…anything)
Well. Red and Black reminds me of Vu. This is because on a random day before we got together (or even liked eachother) we both showed up at Uni wearing exactly the same type of jacket. Red and black checkered. So now everytime I see him wear that jacket or I see my own jacket .. I think about him. ♥
4. (When you talk to friends) Do you always say what you think, even if this might hurt your friend’s feelings?
No I don’t. I try to keep it within me as much as possible because I don’t like creating unnecessary problems. Unless this is to do with someone close to me, like my boyfriend, because it’s better to tell them the truth than lie to them, right?
5. Would you like to have a hug or a kiss from your love?
Can’t I have both xD? I really love getting hugs and kisses from Vu – but I guess if I really did have to choose ..I’d choose hugs. Hugs are warm and make me feel loved and secure and protected. :)
6. What do you do when you have a bad day?
I complain. I complain a lot. And then I snap at the people I don’t mean to :( So I’m sorry for that. But other than that, I usually sit by myself and don’t speak to anyone. I’ll try to listen to some songs that cheer me up but yeahh.
7. What do you think of one-night-stands?
I don’t think they’re really that good. I think that ‘sex’ should be with someone special and if you’re having a one night stand then it’s obviously not very special :/ And any consequences that could come out of that will be severe (unwanted pregnancy) and to have a child that is unwanted from the very beginning is just …cruel and sad :/
8. Do you carry a lot in your purse, (let’s say when you go out with your friends)?
Umm. I usually carry a lot of things most of the time. I carry quite a bit of money depending on the places I go (if I’m actually going shopping) ..but if I’m just heading to uni, I tend to take most of my money out and leave it at home. And I tend to also carry quite a number of things that aren’t related to money too. My phone, my iPod, my keys, my mirror, my makeup bag, tissues ..and then anything else I need for the day.
♥ ♥ ♥
Thank you so much for the questions Yumeko!! :]
Now here are eight new and different questions that I will ask upon the following people:

Mei, Tezza, Vincent, Min, Tam, Jody and Vu

1. If there was only one website that you were allowed to go on a day, what would it be?
2. What is one skill that you would love to master?
3. Do you like your name? And if you could, would you change it?
4. Would you prefer to die from a fire or by drowning?
5. If there was one thing on this planet that did not exist, what would you want it to be?
6. What is one thing you hate about the opposite sex?
7. Do you have some sort of habit that you just can’t help but doing?
8. What is one thing that you love most about 2010?

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