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So I noticed the other day that on days that I seriously just can’t be bothered thinking up a new outfit or to wear something different, I always wear this certain outfit:

Mooks jacket, Giordano T shirt, Supre black skirt, Cotton on black scarf, Sportsgirl beret, Patterned stockings (markets) and boots from a random shop :)
It’s an outfit that I feel comfortable with and it’s easy for me to wear and just yeah? :) The only things I alternate with this outfit is sometimes the shirt inside (white or pink) and the stockings (patterned or coloured or etc) and also ..the beret. I only just started adding that to it :)
♥ ♥ ♥
Do you have a set outfit that you wear when you have no time to plan/find something new?
Ps. Sorry I’ve been cutting back on the commenting / blog posts – it’s getting steadily harder for me to balance keeping up to date with work and handling this all. So bear with me!
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16 comments to Set Outfit

  • Silkybow

    haha with your question… Kinda, but I usually plan my outfits beforehand because I usually stress and say to myself 'I have nothing to wear!'

    Cute outfit btw, beret :D Great for winter :)

  • Vincent

    Bum clothes (Y).

  • h.tea

    LOL! Yeah, I noticed that I was in "set" clothing for the last two week (well for the most of them) .. so I'm trying t wear something different for each day of this week D: Wish me luck! LOL!

  • Tam

    definately high-wausted shorts :) i have the biggest love for high-waiste :)

  • Exuvalia

    To be honest, I'm always pressed for time. So when that happens, I settle for the usual T-shirt and jeans. You probably didn't expect that, did you? (Since you always see me in other type of outfits on my blog!) ^__^!

  • amanda

    Its such a cute outfit though! I would want to wear it all the time tooo.

    Recently I have been rather fond of this fitted grey tank top dress I have. I just alternate with cardigans and acessories :)

  • Naka

    i love the skirt ^6 and i used to until i wore the outfit so many times it was wearing out XD

    i love your skirt and your somment sare so sweet and cute ^^ tehe yeah the arcade has carpet as their floor so it looks like house XD

    i wanna buy one buts it like £2000 for a decent machine but only £100 for the metal mat with bar XD

  • Melody

    @Vu I was thinking that your 'set' outfit would be the black skinnies, shoes and that black converse pull over jumper. I think you look really cute in it too :)

    @Silkybow Yeahh. I usually do plan my outfits the night before, but then there are just days when I'm too lazy to think something up >_<

    @Vincent Your set jumper would be that green one.

    @h.tea Hahaha it's so cold that it's getting really hard to think up warm+nice clothes ;-; but ;A; good luck! :P I've kind of given up xD

    @Tam oooh high waisted anything is really nice but it doesn't really suit me :(

    @Marie Yes ..I did NOT expect that xD I never ever wear jeans. I just really don't like it – it makes me feel uncomfortable xD

    @Amanda I want to wear it so often too but I don't want to be identified with what clothing I wear T-T Like I know a few people who are easily spottable just cos they wear the same jacket all the time :(

    @Mei :)

    @Naka I love the skirt too! But people are starting to notice it more T-T hence I can't wear it as often :( ..I really really need more skirts! And woooooahhhh! That is so expensive xD I only have the playstation2 game + mat (without bar) …yet I still suck so badly x.x

  • Min

    I too have a set outfit which I wear almost everyday unless I feel warm, which is unlikely in Winter xD cos I tend to jump out of bed and get changed real quick (TOO COLD ._.)

  • Tezza

    i like your hairrr

    yeah im always wearing tights and a long blouse with big coat
    almost everyday xD

  • yi-ling

    hey melody hahaha i am commenting on your wonderful blog! i also have a set outfit that i wear, in fact i have several because i am lazy/often uninspired : (

    you seem to shop heaps. it is very inspiring, i also want to go shopping now!! thanks for the tights btw they are so cool.

    btw my boyfriend likes your use of colours ♥ so do i, it makes your posts much more exciting!

  • julia louise

    Aww, very cute outfit. Lovin' the hat :-)

  • Naka

    forever new sounds so cool :3 ^^ i wihs there were cool shops like tht near me :p

  • Melody

    @Tezza ThankyouuU!! Hahahah :P I love wearing tights! mmm I need a big coat though to keep me warm xD

    @Yi-Ling Yayyyy you commented!! Hmm, I haven't noticed your set outfits ..yet. I probably will now that you've mentioned it xD I don't shop that much :( I wish I had more money so I can actually go shopping heeeaaaps ! And yay, thank you and thanks to your bf too <3

    @Julia Thank you ^-^ <3

    @Naka It's cooool! One day, I shall take pictures and post it (if photos are allowed in the store)

  • Rena

    I like this outfit!

    My go-to outfit is usually blue jeans and a t-shirt.

    <33 Rena

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