Hey everyone~
I will slowly get around to replying to everyone’s comments and to also get around to start commenting on every single one of your updated posts that I haven’t commented yet!
Anyways, here’s the post of the things that I bought over the weekend at Manifest!
(Look out ;) – one or more of the things featured in these pictures might be included in to the giveaway! which should either be up tomorrow or the day after ..depending on when I have time to take the photos! ★)

Bought: 5 packs of minature food ($30), Gaara figurine ($10) , Misa figurine ($10), Pack of 4 Naruto figurines consisting of Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke and Deidara ($20), Phone holder ($5), Tofu plushie ($20), Music bag ($30), Minature Sword ($5), Rin Kagamine Keychain ($2.50), Two hairclips ($2), Two posters (3 for $10 – Vu took the other one) and then two free items! (That dragonball hair was also for free xD)
Total spent: $144.50but actually $119.50 since Vu bought some of the stuff for me ♥

I love these mini food displays so much *-*! I think they’re absolutely adorable~!
Although the anime/manga of Naruto has dropped in popularity a lot over the years, I can’t help but still follow it. It was the first Anime (in Japanese) I ever watched when I was in year 7 and probably nearly the only Anime that I know a whole lot of facts about. So yeah~ I’m a Narutard *-* !
♥ ♥ ♥
What’s your favourite item in this post or do you not like any of the things that I bought?
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20 comments to Purchases.

  • Fionaa ♥

    your Tofu plushie <3

  • Tiff

    Hey, I found your blog through Violet's site. Once again thank you so much for the kind comment on my work and thanks for going to my shop!

    As for Naruto… I have to admit… I stopped watching when the Sai guy was introduced. I don't like Sasuke so I was like if I have to deal with ANOTHER guy like Sasuke I am not reading anymore! Haha i'm sorry if you're a Sasuke fan :).

  • Mei

    Damn girl, i'm jealous :(
    Miniature food <333 oh my God I make them >__<

  • Winnie*

    So cute! I love the sushi and waffles the most haha

  • P o o p e r

    Oh dear! *__* Jackpot! Everything you bought is so cute and awesome! I especially love the anime figurines/miniature foods you bought. I just really love 'toys'. xDD Such a great con spree you had! And nice super saiyan wig you got there for free, you must totally wear it just for kicks. :'3

    There's no shame in liking Naruto, I think it's good that it's decreasing in popularity. It'll show that the true fans for it will remain rather then everyone else. (I'm part of that everyone else. ^^; but I do like a lot of other things that are already decreased in popularity. It wont stop me from still liking them and it wont stop you! :D)

    As for your cell phone cake charm that's dirty, I have no idea how it's meant to be cleaned as well. ;_; I was really thinking about throwing my Sakura plush charm in the washing machine but I honestly get terrified at that thought. T_T;
    Who knows what might happen! I also have no idea if these things are washable.

    oh and thanks for everything. :'D Your comment on the disney post made me so happy!

  • Exuvalia

    Melody! Thanks for blogging again, I was looking forward to your blog entry. I love the sushi set thing the most, so so so so so cute! =D

  • audrey

    the plushes are cuuuuuute! Along with the mini food displays~ i'm hungrry now!

  • amanda

    the mini food ans tofu plushie is cuteeeeee. you spent so much on those 2 days! haha x

  • Tam

    I saw so many manifest photo on facebook i regret not going this year :(
    seems like you had a good time and the purchase is totally cute! :)

  • qiqi

    haha i have the same tofu plushie >D but i bought it at animania which wasnt that good…

  • petitechouxx

    mini food! they look good and tasty =d

  • !♥ m i m i

    Minature food is sooo cute!!

  • Naka

    i lvoe the pink plushie ^^ it looks so snuggly :3

  • augustalolita

    hehe these are so cute!! i love the little food <3 i see those a lot at the japanese stores i go to :) and i just love the dragonball hair-soo cool!!

  • Lucky's Luna

    Name: Jessica C.
    Email: luckysluna(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Country: United States
    How you found my blog: I found it from Hello Ninjas!

  • theraintree



  • siwing

    I love the SUSHI and the waffles !!! <3

  • Anonymous

    Genial post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

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