It’s a BLUE lab

This is going to be a very quick post as I took a nap after coming home from uni today to wake up at about 9pm or something … so uhm yeah. And then I didn’t start work till like 11pm!! :|
This is what I wore today:

Electric Blue Tights (korean sock shop), grey long sleeve (supre) , black print&sequined dress/shirt (nfi) , black shorts (cotton on) , boots (bh) ♥ Ps: Sorry for me looking like a loser xD
I should’ve taken better photos but I forgot and also ..Vu forgot his SD card blame him!! haha :) But yeahh. Tehehe ;] I’ll probably wear this outfit again and take some better photos then and post it! :)

Here’s also a photo that he decided to take of me while I was waiting to enter my Microbiology lab for my Molecular Biology unit..where we did detection of antibiotic-resistance mutants and the transformation of Escherichia Coli. (Yeah..)
I love wearing different coloured + patterned stockings.
Is there something particular that you just love wearing?
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12 comments to It’s a BLUE lab

  • 35585

    That blue is so bright!

  • BHaV

    im looking for boots like yours so long and lace ups but no heel! where can i find a rly good pair thats not humongously expensive cuz i am in love!!!
    AND i need to find a place that will sell a decent pair of back lace stockings!! and a decent lace dress that doesn't look tacky!! haha i knw im asking more than answering… i love my red beret from myers and my keds <3 and also my coat that i wear lots and lots and probably need to get drycleaned!!

  • Min

    Love your electric blue tights! Yeh I love wearing red for some reason xD I have this pair of bright red shoes which I wear quite often but I always hear (MANY) people saying "her shoes are too red" so I feel sad sometimes that what I like may seem like a joke to others :(((

  • amanda

    naww you look so cute in your lab coat <3 i love wearing different types of stockings too ^^

  • audrey

    haha you look like a scientist (in the making) in your lab coat. very nice!

    i know how it feels to take a *quick* nap, and wake up only to see darkness outside :O

    goodluck in school, study hard!!

  • Mei

    Do your best at school ^__^ gambateru!

  • Yumeko♡

    You look so cute in a lab coat!:D <3
    I really love wearing hoodies,
    those are so cute^-^
    but i only wear them when i'm late to school or at home!(:

  • Melody

    @35585 Its awesome though :D

    @Vu >___< Thank you baby. And I don't think you wear hoodies THAT often …I think ;]

    @Bhav HAHA nice long comment <3 Hmmm go try box hill! They have this awesome shoe shop that sells boots and other shoes for quite cheap!! :D And black lace stockings? The only place I buy my stockings from are from those random korean sock shops or like carribean market or something. Not sure about lace dress though ..check forever new? :S

    @Min Woo! You must show me your red shoes one day xD and yeahhh, people always look at me weirdly when i wear bright stockings or etc. But I just think to myself "I obviously have better fashion sense if they think this is weird 8) " looll I dont know xD

    @Amanda teheh thank you! Yayyy! I love stockings so much <3

    @Audrey Hahaha xD Oh if all goes well I'll be qualified to be a medical research scientist *-* hahaha ! And eeee yes :c I woke up today thinking it was the NEXT day xD

    @Mei Thank you<3

    @Yumeko Thanks :3 Mmm yeahhh! I love hoodies too but I only wear them when I'm in a rush and I don't have any oufit planned >_<

  • Exuvalia

    Hey! Where did my comment for this blog entry go?! Disappeared. :(

  • augustalolita

    awe you look super cute in your lab coat miss scientist :) and i love the blue!!

  • Naka

    zomg i love the blue tights ^^

    i love wearing my white tights XD

  • Melody

    @Marie I never got one T-T

    @Augustalolita Tehe thankyouu C:

    @Naka Yay! I haven't worn my white tights in agessss

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