Outfit: I don’t want to go out

I was forced to go out today. I slept at like 3-4am, and my mum woke me up at like 12pm to go to the Glen ..because my brother was getting a haircut. Why can’t I stay home alone? T-T
Anyway, so I ended up shopping for a bit.

Tempt Red Jacket, Black printed long tee, Jeggings, Boots, Sportsgirl Beret Duchess bag (and holding mum’s Coach bag)
Well really, my brother shopped :( But I did end up getting a white long sleeve top($15), electric blue stockings($10) and temporary hair dye($4.75). I had to get the temp hair dye was well because …you know how I decided to dye my hair like orange-brown? I forgot that the cosplay I was doing has black hair. And the event is like …in two weeks. So yeah xD
♥ ♥ ♥
Have any of you used temp hair dye before? Does it REALLY wash out after 8 washes ?

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11 comments to Outfit: I don’t want to go out

  • Tam

    Love the red jacket! would you consider lookbook? I envy how you went shopping today :P

  • h.tea

    I love what you're weary =D
    It's kind of edgy and and cute =P

    I've never tried temp hair dye before .. but I hope it washes out properly! Good luck =D

  • Silkybow

    LOL@ what you're bf said about puffy sleeves… it is kind of true in a way haha.

    I love your outfit :D

  • Yumeko♡

    I really like the black purse!:D
    & your outfit is great!!<3

    I've never used temp hair dye,
    so i can't tell! :c

  • Min

    I love how you'll be blogging daily from now :)

    My aunt has used temporary hair dye before and she said it does wash out after 8 washes. But I'm not sure if it applies to everyone (which I think it should since it is a temporary hair dye?) xD

  • Melody

    @Vu You're looking pretty lovely ;] Hmmmm, I really hope that mine works out okay T-T" But because of that ..I think I'll do that cos on the Sunday and just leave my hair this colour for the Sat? I don't know :( I miss you

    @Tam You should shop tomorrow :D? I love lookbook but I don't think my outfits are good enough for it >_<

    @h.tea I woke up and picked up the first thing I saw in my cupboard xD I really hope it washes out too ..but well ..I guess it doesn't matter much :S

    @Silkybow Hahahaha yeahh xD But I still love them! (I need to go buy one!)

    @Yumeko That black purse is my mum's :( She bought it for like $575 or something I forgot :(

    @Min Yayyy! I expect a comment on each and every one xD Joking <3 teheh I …hmm.. I'm guessing it WILL wash out …I hope. I wonder if the water will be running black each time I shower then .____.!

  • Exuvalia

    Whoa! You were forced to go out today? Same here, sometimes I rather stay home than go out. (Even though it might include shopping!) Oh well, that often happens. (:

    I think you look great, Melody. Love all your outfits so far! You have better fashion than I do. *frowns* Anyway, I can't help you with the dye question because I've never used temporary dye before. D:

  • augustalolita

    i love your boots and bag!! and cute photos :) as for the hair dye situation. my experience with it is that i had redish orange hair and dyed it dark brown with a temporary and the color stayed dark :(

  • amanda

    i like the red jacket! :) naww i wish i got to spend the day at home yesterday too :( i like lazy saturdays ><

  • viva la vida lolita

    hi melody this is augusta lolita from lolita's life and shop viva la vida lolita. the grecian bracelet is $35 + $10 shipping international. if you are interested i could give you the paypall address. let me know :) and thanks for checking out my shop!

  • BHaV

    i hvnt used it but if you have blonde hair then it stays for longer! Colour doesn't stick to colour, so how you've already coloured you hair it won't stay on for long but and maybe it won't even colour your ends but yeah. My hairdresser said that colour doesn't colour on colour so if it's temp and darker than what you have you'll be fine! :D
    i love your boots i swr!

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