Monash Open Day

Today, Vu and I went to Monash University (the Uni we go to) ‘s Open Day
(just to get some free things and to have fun xD)

I like this bubble thing that we got from the Engineering faculty ^-^! We got some other awesome things like our faces on t shirts (Yay couple face on a t shirt xD) and some free chocolate/food etc :] and umm a phone strap /etc xD
♥ ♥ ♥
Short blog because busy weekend = need to cram study / homework NOW.
Do you attend things like these (even if it’s not relevant to you at all) just to look around and/or get freebies? C:
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11 comments to Monash Open Day

  • Elisa Lee

    hahaha, your face expression xD !!
    I used to attend these, but not anymoreee.. don't have time for it anymore

  • amanda

    hahahah yes! i love going to uni open days for the freebies :P No need to buy stationary ever! ><

    you look cutee btw x

  • Exuvalia

    Haha, I didn't notice Vu's closed eyes or the position of your beret until you mentioned it. To me, it looks nice though!

    I used to attend events like that just to get free stuff. But nowadays, I can't be bothered anymore. Unless a friend's going with me, I attend things like these.

  • Vincent

    It was tempting..

  • h.tea

    Haha! You're so cuutee! Ngaw, I should've went to the open day for the freebies :O!

  • Yumeko♡

    Cute photos!!^-^
    Yes I attend to many of
    high school open days!!
    It's fun! :D

  • Biopolymath

    Hi again! That was a long time since I last visited you. After exam finished I was in Malaysia, attended lots of happenings judging by the amount of blog posts I wrote for them, so do come over and see what I've been up to.

    I'd love checking out events like this for possible freebies and information. There's always something to offer. In events like this I always end up with flyers and brochures home, love to keep them but eventually they end up in recycle wtf

  • Naka

    my pencial case is full of free pencils and pens of univeristies i dun plan on choosing XD

    and i love the ballon photo ^^ were they free too ^^?

  • augustalolita

    i think the photos are cute!! and i love the balloons :)

  • BHaV

    free t-shirts with ur face on them? oh i wish id gone ima start going now also during o-week! haha

  • Melody

    @Elisa xD They're so funnnn!

    @Amanda I know! I hardly ever buy stationary cos I just use the ones from these events xD

    @Marie Yeahh T-T" I still like the picture very much xD I loveeee attending these things ..but only if its with someone who is very in to getting freebies!

    @Vu Sorry I kamehameha`d it on to you xD But yeahhh. Today was fun because you were with me <3

    @Vincent Should of.

    @h.tea Yeahhhhh! Freebies = (Y) ^-^

    @Yumeko THanks (: I know it's heaps fun! Even though I'm not a high school student anymore xD

    @Biopolymath I only take the flyers/brochures if I'm SLIGHTLY interested in them ( I took some for my younger brother ) ..but other than that, I only take one if they're offering me something free at the same time xD

    @Naka Yayyy!! The only pens that I really buy are my artsy ones :) …yes, the balloons were "Free" (we kind of took them from the law faculty) ..tehehe

    @Augustalolita ^-^ Thank you!

    @Bhav YESSS ! O-week will be the best week for freebies too!

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