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Sorry I didn`t update you on Manifest Day 2 yesterday, I got home and was so exhausted (and then had lots of work to do for Uni …) so here is a bunch of photos.
Without further ado, here are full length photos of our cosplay outfits on Saturday. (It was hard to get photos of these since I was holding my camera ._. and I don`t know if any of the random people who took my photo will upload them ._.)

 My photo ; Thanks Kymmie
And here are some photos from Sunday where I dressed as a maid. Vu …just went semi-formal to be my “Master” (despite carrying my bags in the end cos my arms were hurting :C) ~ ♥

Left: Jono and Amanda cosplaying Gundam Seed Destiny(?) characters Right: Lucyyyyy as a cute Dinosaur :3

Mark, Wen, Sebby and I ♥ ; Thanks Paul ; Amanda with Tofu is so cuteee!
I`m so tired right now! And I still have my lab report to write up and a Japanese lecture to catch up ..and some other study crap work :( *sad* On another a brighter note, I`ve pretty much got most of the things I want to put into my giveaway! So stay tuned as it will be posted up sometime this weekhopefully :) !
♥ ♥ ♥
Which cosplay outfit do you like better ? Lenalee or Maid ♥ ?

PS; I see that there’s been more mean comments which I don`t really understand the point of but .. I don`t know who you are and what Vu`s ex really thinks but I am kind of getting insulted for no reason. I`m sure she`s a lovely person and etc, so I`m not going to say anything but yeah. It would be better not to present her in such a bad light. By the way, I didn`t dye my hair brown …it was supposed to be black but it turns out my hair was too long for just one box of dye :( And ..I think my boyfriend is awesome and wonderful and not pathetic :) Thanks everyone else who commented !♥

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