Manifest SAT

I had a very busy busy busy day today with Manifest (Anime convention) and having to vote early in the morning! ♥ So because I`m tired and have to wake early again tomorrow, I`ll just let the photos do the talking! :)

I’m cosplaying as Lenalee, whilst my boyfriend is cosplaying as Allen Walker – both from D.Gray-man :) ! ♥

There are more photos but I`m a bit lazy to upload them right now! Will also post about my purchases later~
Wearing those short shorts in this cold, windy weather was horrible.
Have you cosplayed/dressed up before?
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21 comments to Manifest SAT

  • petitechouxx

    wow very nice cosplay!

    i have cosplayed before: kirakishou (rozen maiden), simca (air gear), alice (american mcgee's alice) and lolita xD

  • Exuvalia

    I've never cosplayed before. I guess it's just not my thing. But I must say, both you and your boyfriend look good cosplaying. So cute! By the way, your eyes are really pretty. >___<!

  • Mei


  • Mei

    Not dressed up 'fully' to say I was cosplaying~
    More like wearing a simple dress with beanie ears~

  • Tien Phan

    Glad you had fun after that stressful week :)

  • P o o p e r

    Both your cosplays look awesome! And you look really adorable. :'3 I can't wait to see more pictures once you upload them. ^^

  • amanda

    EEEEEE <3 you looks so cuteee melody! Looks like a total success! Do you have a full length picture of your outfits? :3

  • Vy Nguyen

    you and your bf are so cuteee! and for him to even cosplay with you is really cool. He must love you alot!
    Yeah, I have cosplayed before – as a school girl like every person does –"

  • Silkybow

    cosplaying looks really fun :D
    I like both of your outfits~

  • Tezza

    you are toooo cute!
    your skin is so flawless :)

  • Tam

    looks like heaps of fun and you two look great in the costume :D
    hmm the only time i dressed up was for year 12 much up day, i went as a sailor and everybody thought i was sailor moon :( not happy

  • Mei

    I answered your tag! Thanks ^__^

  • Min

    you look great Melody :D can't wait to cosplay with you one day <3

  • augustalolita

    awe you both look so cool and super cute!! i love cost play!!!

  • Anonymous

    ive cosplayed as:

    lenalee and road from d.gray man
    ciel and elizabeth from kuroshitsuji
    karin from kamichama karin
    amu-chan from shugo chara
    misa from death note


    i didnt see you at manifest on saturday, i was trying to spot a cute couple holding hands or something but i only managed to find a really adorable Shugo Chara couple that both dyed their hair for it. I asked them about you guys and it was funny enough that they know you guys. It was pretty weird. The chick told me they are probably in hiding from her because she used to date your current boyfriend once before and he told her that he was going to be "out of her life" or something like that. Hehe.

    Will you be going to Manifest next year?? :D

  • Anonymous

    oh yes great timing for you to dye your hair brown you stupid dyke.

    and stupid vu looks pathetic as usual

    lol at the persons comment above me. youre better off being friends with the shugo chara couple than these losers.

  • Anonymous

    ^ You meanie!

    Melody and Vu are NOT losers and they are not pathetic either!

    There is no reason to hate someone if you don't know them! I'm sure Melody and Vu are a lovely bunch of people. And I already know that Fern and Matt [Shugo Chara couple] are so awesome and fun to hang out with.

    Also Fern had no problem with Vu and Melody, she was actually being civil and nice about it saying how pretty Melody is, etc.

    So if you're her friend, then you should stop causing all this drama for her because all you're doing is making other people hate her only because she is "Vu's ex"

    Why can't ex's be friends and just act normal?!

  • Anonymous

    Whoever keeps writing those bad comments about Vu and Melody should just piss off. Seriously. Do you not have anything better to do than go on melody's blog and say crap >__>..?

    Why are you saying all this bs about them? Just cause you heard something from another person about how 'bad' they are? You have no right to judge them and you don't even know them. So get over it and just move on. I'm sure both couples have had enough of this drama between them.

  • Naka

    i lveo the actions shots i have only cosplayed once :( but ppl new who i was meant to be so i was happy XD ytour eyes are so big and doll like im so jeaslous

  • Salisha

    I really like the photos and cosplays! :D

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