Human EMG

Another day done and dusted !
I had about 4hours sleep last night because I was last minute cramming for some tests. Had a Biostats test at 8am (which turned out to be alright! Yay!) , Japanese tute (which was also quite good :3) and then a 3 hour Human Neurobio lab (which was heaps fun!)

After our lab. I’ve been wearing pretty bum clothes lately cos it’s been so cold/I ceebs
I wish we could of had our phones/cameras on during our lab because I really wanted to show you girls/guys how cool it was :) We were experimenting on “Neural Control of Human Muscle Activity – The Human Electromyogram ” …well I thought it was fun ..mainly because I had the “hammer” and got to hit the subject ( a guy from our group ) at different places to test reflex (:
Anyways! I’ve got FIFTYYYY Followers so I’ll be holding my giveaway soon (I’m going to go shopping for things – I want to find something that everyone would love to have!!:3)
PS. Sorry for the anger post below, I just want to make a point that I’m really not going to sit around and let you insult me on my own blog. :]
♥ ♥ ♥
Got Japanese test, Human Neurobio Test, Epidemiology Presentation left ..
What do you study in University or want to study?
edit: Thanks Min for reminding me … I’m studying Biomedical Science with Japanese as my elective – after finishing this degree I will try for Medicine/Surgery or Dentistry (or whatever else comes along and tickles my fancy!)
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