High School.

These photos were taken last year when I was in Year 12.

Sometimes I miss the simplicity of high school. I miss the friends and the familiar faces. I miss the set out structure. I miss the teachers. I miss the classes. I miss lunch times and recess. And, well, it was a whole lot more easy than all this “self learning” crap in University. But yeah, it’s nice to visit old memories.
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Do you miss highschool? Or if you’re still in it, do you want it to be over?
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18 comments to High School.

  • amanda

    nawww you look so gorgeous even in high school.

    Part of me misses high school. I miss how carefree things wereee. But I can't say i'm not loving uni life! Theres so much more freedom and flexibility :)

  • Tien Phan

    Life was so much simpler in high school :/

    Working life is sorta better than uni, no homework, free nights and weekends.

  • Min

    I'd give anything to go back to those high school days :( I miss having everyone learning/studying and just mucking around together. It's like a place that brings everyone together cos you know they will be there, unlike uni. Although it's good that uni gives us more freedom, but I still prefer high school! I miss having recess and lunchtime too <3

  • Exuvalia

    You in High School = Pretty.
    You now = Pretty. ^__^!
    I do admit that I miss High School, but I don't think I would want to re-live the memories again. (Had more bad than good ones.)

  • petitechouxx

    I miss highschool. I really miss my friends and now we are seperated to different college or university… i miss the old time that we used to play together after school and going out to restaurant on holidays. I want to going back in time.

  • Naka

    i don't miss it and i love the first photo its so cute and fun looking ^^

  • Jay

    I hate to say it, but you look exactly the same as you did back then, its been like what? 8 months? HOW DO YOU DO IT? ;_;

    Personally, I hated high school, everything was too… scheduled, you can't get and enjoy all the freedom you get in uni. Plus I had a pretty bad HS experience =(

  • lynnnnk

    I know this isn't really answering the question but…. I miss you! And everyone else who made high school worth remembering <3

  • Yumeko♡

    Wooou, Cute photos!:D<3
    You look soo BEAUTIFULL!!:D
    I'm still in high school and yes i think it could finally be over!(:

  • Mei

    I miss my highschool :( yes

  • Anna Lin

    cute cute pictures ! =)

  • Melody

    @Vu Yeahh >_< I don't miss the work – I miss some of the teachers though (SOME ONLY) and yeahh :/ I miss mucking around with everyone :(

    @Amanda Yeahh! I love how Uni is so carefree and you get so much more spare time. But this also means …I have to get myself motivated on my own >>"

    @Tien But working is also stressful / with money income and etc right :C ?

    @Min Yeahhh!! I hate going to uni and not knowing whether certain people are going to be there or not :/ At least with high school, you can go there and know for sure that your friends are going to be there :/

    @Marie Aw :( that's sad. I had a few bad ones but I think my good ones override them

    @petitechouxx T-T I Know how you feel. Some of my closest friends moved to different unis / states. And even the ones who did go to the same uni ..I hardly ever see them cos of our timetables :C

    @Naka tehehe! I love that photo too xD we took SO many to get us all up in the air xD

    @Jay ..I eat babies. No I'm joking ..it's not THAT long ago ;-; and yeah …I still can't get that freedom (much) because of my parents ;-; but mmm v.v

    @Lynn ;-; I miss you toooooooo. I miss MGA CLASS WHERE IRENE AND I PLOTTED AGAINST YOU >:] hahahahah <3 note: all those times we were talking in japanese, we were just saying things like "lets draw on her now!"

    @Yumeko Thankss <3 Aww. You should cherish the moments while you still can though!

    @Mei :C

    @Anna Lin Thanks :3

  • Vincent

    VCE was the worse.

  • juuuunn

    I am at the high school : )
    but I had change a lot of high schools, so I miss the friends of there.


  • Tienyi


    i miss high school- mostly because it felt like there was a right WAY to do things. we went to class, and there were set exercises to do, with instructions on how to do them, and corrections to do if we were wrong.it was as simple as that.

    i hate how uni…..is so vague. everything is in shades of gray and there isn't A CORRECT ANSWER. it's nice never to be wrong, i guess, but it also means you're never really right.

  • h.tea

    Girl, you are babeeee ;)

    I'm content with. High school is over and that's it …

  • augustalolita

    this is such a cute post! i too miss the simple stuff but not high school and waking up early hehe!! i miss art classes *sigh*

  • TheMadTwins

    Your school skirt is too adorable! we have a stupid uniform. The dress with stripes is so beautiful, and suites you perfect! ^___^


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