Birthday Planning.

So, it turns out that my internet got uncapped a day early!! :)
I’ve got a Midsemester Test tomorrow for Molecular Biology. The fact is, I am NOT ready. I haven’t been to the majority of the lectures, nor have I listened to them. I really hope I don’t fail. But that’s something to worry about later !

I was very colourful today ; Lots of pink and red in my outfit.
I`ve been thinking about my upcoming birthday (October 10th) and I’ve been wondering what I should do – if I do anything. The worst thing about planning for birthdays (in my opinion) is that I want to invite everyone …but I know I can’t. And it’s a little hard to invite everyone to the one party because “groups” form and it’s a little hard to make everyone happy. Don’t you think? I also kind of want to have a birthday celebration with some of you bloggers – would you be opposed to meeting up with me ? :) – if you’re in Melbourne.
♥ ♥ ♥
I think I might have two separate parties for the different groups (?)
How did you celebrate your birthday? Or How are you planning on celebrating it?

Ps. Thank you to all of my new followers and everyone who joined the competition *-*! I wish you all good luck :3

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30 comments to Birthday Planning.

  • Silkybow

    Birthday planning can be SUCH a pain… T_T~
    It's fun though hehe…
    I think parties are more fun where there is some sort of dressing code :)

  • 35585

    :O You're birthday is sooner than expected! It seems just like yesterday we were discussing the present to get you xD

    Ps. good luck for your test

  • brainloss

    LOL, I can understand the thing with wanting to invite like EVERYONE to your birthday. I don't plan birthdays.

    Usually, the only one worth of planning I think, if the 21st where you find a public venue, rent it out and just do shit.

    If the weather is good in October, why don't you go to the park? :3

  • Exuvalia

    Melody! Yeah, that happened to me. I didn't know whether I would invite different groups to one party or host two different parties. In the end, I had only one party and it turned out awkward. There were four different groups who wouldn't socialize with each other and I had to run around to make sure everyone was fine. Sigh!

    I think it'll be better if you host two parties. You wouldn't want to make the same mistake as I did. :(

  • Min

    Yup, I prefer celebrating my bday with close friends cos…like what you said, groups form if you invite everyone. I'd be more than happy to celebrate/wish you Happy Birthday! <3

    Melodyyyyy I'm not ready for my Micro midsem too ._.

  • x[A]nnehhhx

    Have your party in perth, problem solved~
    kekeke XD

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    Bday planning is hard! You always want to please everyone and have a good time of course. My parents are divorced so while sometimes it's fun, other times it's not!

    I planned to go to restaurant with my mother and some friends. And then I had a BBQ and pool party at my dad's with other friends and family. Everyone looked happy, so was I! :)

    Good luck planning!

  • Jay

    yea I never plan my birthdays, tbh its just meh to me =(


  • Yumeko♡

    The hearts on your bag looks so cute!:D~

    Woou i don't like Birthday planing! :c As you sad, I always want to invite everyone, :c so last 3 years i have two separate parties; one for my family and family friends and one for my close friends (so it's not such a big group of people, cuz i think i'm really bad at entertaining ;_; haha) So i think having two parties would be a good idea!;D

    I'm sure you would host a great birthday party!!:D <3 Good luck(:

  • h.tea

    Haha! Yeah, I'm with you there. I never celebrate my birthdays with a party cos I hate knowing that there will be people bored … :| LOL! Like, even at the best parties, there are those few who just don't click with any of the groups there … =S

  • amanda

    i agree! birthday planning is such a painnn. everytime i plan parties i worry too much about if everyone else is having a good time and end up not enjoying myself. I think its a good idea for you to celebrate in different groups! :)

  • TheMadTwins

    I agree that a group is not the best option to celebrate it

    I had a BBQ with 25 people and I didn't enjoy it.
    My friends dit, but I was to busy to make it so good as possible

    my advise, keep it nice and small


    ps: I love pink !

  • audrey

    I would go to your blogggger party if I was in Melbourne but I'm osofar :(

  • Libby

    Haha my "birthday planning" is always so lame.

    Me: We're should go to a movie or something!

    Friends: OK!

    Two weeks later…
    Me: OK scratch that.

    I would totally wanna go to your party, but I'm thousands of miles away, so I don't know how I'd work that out :p

  • hkittygirl

    It's so hard to make a birthday party where all the groups are happy! D:

  • P o o p e r

    I agree with most people, its best to keep it nice and small that way you won't have to stress out about making sure if everyone is ok. :'3

    It's better to have two parties. :D and I would suggest a webcam party for bloggers who don't live in Australia but I have no idea what websites can allow a whole bunch of people to be live on webcam in the same time. xD;
    Stickam and oovoo only allow a certain amount of people on live. D:

    Btw, good luck on your exam! I hope you pass girl!

  • petitechouxx

    my birthday is one day before your! =P i think i will celebrate in the restaurant xD

    I prefer celebrate my birthday with 3-4 people. I don't like big groups because it's hard to make everybody happy (you're right ^^)

  • Tam

    oh my! I would totally love to meet u if u have a blogger party :)

  • Kura

    Birthday planning can be a bit troublesome haha;;
    Best of luck though *u*

    And wow…your b'day is so close to mine *____* (Mine's on the 8th of Oct hahaha)

  • Anonymous

    omg my birthday is also in october 10…:)

  • Anya

    My birthday is november 7. last year I did nothing because i had work and i was getting married november 29. so we were so busy planning i decided to do nothing. my hubby insisted on surprising me with a really delishious chocolate cake though. It was so sweet. It was a really good birthday because he remembered. my parents would forget my birthday then remember a month later when it was my brothers birthday. So i've only had one party in my life. and i planned it with some 5 friends from college. we went out for hookah and dancing. it was fun. I dont know if they have that in melbourne but you could look for one. O and try having 2 b-day parties. one with ur friends and one with ur blogger friends! I would go if i lived in melbourne! happy bday girl!


    ps. my husband doesn't mind pink. as long as i cook good food he doesn't care..LOL..i think i'm not going to make it that over the top but Its just a nice idea.

  • TheMadTwins

    I'm certain of it you succeeded for you test ^__^ and I love Pink =D I want to create a pink look too, but I haven't any pink in my wardrobe so.. XD I have to go shopping for that (again :3) whahha.
    I love the detail pictures a lot. I hope to see more of you soon ^___^

    Loves, London =D

  • Naka

    good luck for your test and i normally have bad birthdays XD i wanna plan a lolita meet for one, but i ahvent got many close lolita friends but then the thought of being all dress up in lolita on my birthday make me feel happy :p i guess u could have seperate parties :P?

  • Naka

    also i wish I didnt exercise and still be as naturally petite and skinny like u :p

  • !♥ m i m i

    Omgosh lol
    My bday's on Oct. 9 (:

    So happy early bday to you!

    I wish I lived in Melbourne. Or Australia. Then I could come celebrate with you haha
    Sucks living in Canada.

    Good luck on your test!

  • Tam

    haha thanks Melody if you know what I mean ;)

  • Lily

    Aww lucky. ): I'm still capped!

    I usually don't have a birthday party, haha. It's during the Summer holidays, so everyone's usually away. Dx

  • God


  • Nyan


    next years party im going all out and having 3 seperate parties. but will be invited everyone to all 3 as they can decide which ones they want to go to [or attend all]. x3

    1st party: booked a whole indoor kids playground :)

    2nd party: booked 2 hotel rooms [which take up one whole floor =O]

    3rd party: for the people old enough =) it will be either at Bass or Seven.

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