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I think I`m getting better which is definitely a very good thing for this week as I’ve got lots and lots of things to do ;_; ! But yeah. I’m so glad that today is over! One day down, four more to go!! :D On better news, I received the giveaway I won from MARIE today! ♥ Thank you heapss!!

It’s so so so so gorgeous !!
And I`m so happy that I won this just in time to use it for this weekend – as I’m going to be going out for an anime convention and I don’t really want to be lugging a huge bag around ! :D I also love that it’s from Dangerfield ! ♥ (I love the stuff at Dangerfield but they’re pretty pricey sometimes :x)

Going to end this blog quickly as I’ve got a Biostats test at 8am tomorrow, a Japanese lecture to catch up on for my tutorial tomorrow and also a 3hour Human Neurobiology lab where we’re going to be Human EMG (or something!) :D !
Oh. If you notice I’ve got 49 followers ..which means one more till I do my giveaway! I’m going to go shopping for the gifts soon (probably look at the anime convention too)
♥ ♥ ♥
Since I’m going to an anime convention and I might buy something there for the giveaway..
Do you watch Anime ? &if so, what is your favourite ?
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  • Vy Nguyen

    I watch anime too! :D i remember watching a really decent one, i forgot what it was called. But skip beat, naruto (Y), fruits basket and a few other ones I have forgotten.

    But if you don't want to watch Anime, watch Autumn's Concerto the drama. It's really good :D

    Good Luck to assessment, I hope you ace it!

  • Exuvalia

    Melody! Yay, you received the parcel. You can send me a letter using my address that I wrote on the parcel. Anyway, I'm glad that you love the bag. It's so gorgeous yeah! Hope to see pictures of you carrying the bag, because that's awesome!

    Anyway, I don't watch Anime. Unfortunately.

  • Ann

    About the anonymous message:

    I think that you shouldn't request this here, because if you don't care about the opinion that he/she has about you and your boyfriend, It doesn't necessary to request him/his. People like this doesn't matter at all. You don't care about them and not giving more explanations to anonymous-idiot people, sweety.

    I like your blog :3
    Bye, Bye~


  • P o o p e r

    The purse is really cute! ^_^ ahh and good luck on those exams!

    My favorite anime changes as I get older. lol In middle school it was Kodocha, at around my late high school years it was Beck, and right now I don't really know. ^^; Hey, what's yours? :3

  • Mei

    Wow you lucky! The purse is ubercute!
    I never win with giveaways :'D

  • Mei

    About your 'GTFO' post
    don't worry about it o: he/she must be some jealous git~

  • Naka

    i love full metal panic and congrats on winning the giveaway and i love the bag ^^ have a good time at the anime convention ^^

  • x[A]nnehhhx

    Congratz on winning the giveaway.
    I <3 anime, but prefer manga :D
    You're going to manifest right?

  • petitechouxx

    omg i love your purse O.O

    i just went to an anime convention a fews days ago in my town. i didn't take a lot of pic T_T i love anime and my favorites are rozen maiden, air gear, air, higurashi, umineko, clannad, soul eater, pita ten, and many more that i forget the name right now xD

  • Jackosaurus.

    :O Thats a very nice purse!

    My favourite Anime series would have to be..hmm..Full Metal Alchemist or Code Geass, they are so yum =P

    Enjoy your extremely busy day tomorrow :D

  • Silkybow

    Ooooh that's a cute bag :)
    I wanted to go to my cosplay convention but had no time :(

  • Anonymous

    shotgun 50th follower yeahhhh

  • Min

    That Dangerfield bag is sooooooooooooo gorgeous alright ;)

    I seldom watch Anime but my brother watches HEAPS, like everyday xD I recently leeched some off him and am currently watching K-ON(??).

    Have fun at the Anime Convention! I wanted to get tickets for it but they are all sold out :(

  • TheMadTwins

    I hope the exams went well. The bag is really cute ^__^ I love white and pink together =D

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