Yum Cha!

Today was a long day. I left the house at about 9.30AM and got back home at around 7.30PM. The morning was slightly hectic because I couldn’t find my eyeliner and I wanted to cry because I wanted to use it :( So I went to Glen and bought a new one. (Found it later in dad’s car) I also bought two nail polishes – which I will be using in a bit.

Anyway we went to Crown Palace for Yum Cha ! (Even though we missed our stop and had to walk up the hill because we were all distracted …) But yes, because I am not Cantonese and do not know the names of these dishes, I’ll just leave you with photos of some food C:

It was really hard to get photos of a nice full set of food because as soon as a plate would land on the table – all the food on it would disappear in about 30 seconds. So these pictures are the closest I can get to what kind of things we ate C:

We also ate ‘Chicken Feet’ (凤爪 which supposedly translates exactly to ‘Phoenix Claws’ ._.) which look kind of gross and well sound pretty gross but they taste quite nice. Although the texture is kind of …gross feeling. But you get used to it.

The bill ended up at $111.00 exactly. Which was perfect for us since there was a 11 people and we could each fish out $10 ..(well with one person giving out an extra $1) :]
We headed off to Knox after that. We…we decided to head to Toys “R” Us ..because it seemed like a good idea and was relatively interesting/fun :D !

As you can tell, I had heaps of fun today! I left Knox at around 5.o5PM. Went home for about 10minutes before leaving the house again to celebrate my dad’s birthday C: ! I’m home now and I’m tired. So ..I’ll probably end this post here!
♥ ♥ ♥
What did you get up to today?
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