Surprise: I’m at camp!

I’m actually at camp right now and this is actually a scheduled post C:!
But because I love updating as much as I love reading all your awesome comments, I decided to schedule posts so I do indeed keep that ‘post every single day’ for the rest of the holidays C:
So here’s a blog on…

The camp which I am going to is for my Anime club and we’re heading off to Golden Valleys Lodge where we’ll be staying up all night and having midnight feasts C: ! For any camp however, you must pack for the specific requirements. If you’re going to a snow camp, you pack snow gear. If you’re going to a camp that’s at a beach, you bring your towel and sunscreen! I am however going to a camp where the temperature will be quite low …so I packed thick jumpers and lots of socks!

Of course. You need to bring lots of snacks that you’ll be able to eat with your friends at night. Right? But yup. I’ve got heaps of warm gear in there. Although, not really any pants. Why? I just ..don’t like pants. I much prefer thick stockings and shorts C: Yeah to compensate, I brought really thick jumpers and scarves and gloves and a beanie. Yeah? :D
In any case, you should always double check you have everything which I have done C:
Hopefully whilst you’re reading this now, I won’t be cursing up at camp because I forgot something important my underwear. Which luckily I already packed ! :D
Please leave me wonderful comments on what is going on in the world where you have internet because I will be stuck with none for three days / two nights! 

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