I went out shopping today for food to take on camp. Instead, I found out that Dad had dropped Mum and I off at the shopping center to shop for about 5 hours. Which usually calls for celebration on my part because I get to buy heaps!
The annoying part was that we were at a shopping center/mall that didn’t have many nice clothing department stores. That, and all the clothes I found were either ugly or too expensive.
I did end up buying baby pink stockings and a grey long sleeve. But I wasn’t satisfied because I was really looking forward to buying something nice :C So I came home and started looking for stuff online. I bought:

These white and black cute shoes for 56yuan which roughly converts to $10.93AUD. The online store was having a sale and I was excited to see them so cheap!
The second pair I bought were:

These really cute ones that were 45yuan which is around $8.79AUD :D This was also from the sale online store hence the really cheap price.
I bought these both from which is probably like China’s version of eBay. I don’t actually read or speak any sort of Chinese so I had to have a friend translate for me :) I also have to buy through an agent because I don’t have a China bank account :S But either way, the costs are pretty damn cheap and I’m happy with them!
♥ ♥ ♥
I’m always nervous with buying shoes online because I’m scared the size won’t fit me but I got to measure my feet so I guess’s okay?
Have you girls/guys bought any clothing/shoes online? What were your experiences with it?
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15 comments to Shopping!

  • h.tea

    Omgg I want oxford heels in black >< !!! How much will it cost you to get them shipped to Australia/Melbourne?

  • Melody

    @Vu It's probably the black/white theme that it has going on xD

    @h.tea It kind of depends on the weight :S but it wouldn't be that much :/ I think … it also costs a bit extra since I have to buy through an agent – so it's like paying for double postage :\

  • h.tea

    Eep! I'm so tempted to buy a pair .. but I think I'll just keep looking in stores =\

  • sourmay

    Yay, another online shopper found!<3 I shop heaps online cos Australia stuff are really expensive in terms of HK currency (blame the US market?)

    Taobao is awesome! Heard that they are working with Japan Yahoo too >w<

  • Melody

    @h.tea ee yeah>.< It's hard to buy things online :(

    @maymay YEY~ :D Not only is Australia expensive ….they never stock my size :C MY FEET IS TOO SMALL MAY MAY! But yeahhhh :3 I like taobao~

  • amanda

    hi melodyyy, omg i have been dying to buy from taobao since FOREVER. is using agents safe? =x

  • Teo Min

    I've bought a number of shoes off the net too! I'm a 25.5cm but the shoes turned out to be a little bigger than my feet even though I purchased a 25.5cm. So I've been getting 25cm ever since ;) But it wasn't from Taobao so yours might be fine?

    I agree with Taobao being a good site! It's sooooo much cheaper than the Gothic/Lolita online shopping sites on Kanga Kanga!

  • Melody

    @Amanda heyy! Well the agent I bought from is quite good :D I've bought from her twice before and all my stuff have arrived perfectly :) She also helps with translation / talking to the seller. If you want her email, I can send it to you :) ?

    @Min Oooooh! I'm like a 23cm :| …yeah. My feet are like small :C hence Australia being mean and not stocking any size for me :/ But yeahhh! They are much cheaper – probably bcos it's like Asian xD

  • Naka

    oh i wanna try taobao :3 there r a quite alot of reviews on egl about them :D

    i wanna have those shoes so bad so loliable ^^ I can't wait to see them in an outfit :3

  • Melody

    @Naka tehehe :3 There were other cute lolita/gothic lolita shoes too but they were much more expensive T^T ! BUT I WILL GET THEM ONE DAY :3!!

  • Violet LeBeaux

    CUTE! Omg the prices are so good too :O I've always wanted to try Taoboa but I'm so scared of having to go through an agent and getting something completely different from what I ordered! I love everything you bought!

  • Melody

    @Violet Yeahhhhh! :D I was really scared at first but my friend had used this agent before and it seemed quite alright >_< And this agent can speak English pretty well so it turned out quite good :D I'm just hoping that the sizing for these shoes will be okay! :|

  • Vy Nguyen

    OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCHH! I was looking to buy those shoes, I was looking for a pair of oxfords everywhere!
    wait, actually don't worry. I just went on the site and I couldn't read a single thing LOL.

    Take a photo of your shoes for me! cause I really want to see them in real life :D

    Jealous of you ;)

  • Mei

    I soooo want to buy the brown one <333
    And no.. I haven't bought anything online yet D: I'm too scarded for scamming!

  • kyura

    i bought a hoody off the net once, i've never worn it because the size is weird as lol

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