Before I begin this post, I want to say Thank You to every single one of my readers who left comments and helped cheer me up. Thank You.
– – – – – –
Today I went to the Sports Centre at University to play Badminton with my friends ..and it turned out I was like the only girl who showed up. Note: Playing against guys is hard because they smash so damn much and they have like unlimited strength *-*
Anyways I also got the stuff I ordered a few weeks ago today !!! :D

The shoes are awesome! They fit perfectly ! Heeeh But the only problem is that they smell. They smell like disgusting cheap fake leather shoes. But it’s alright. I’m sure the smell will eventually go away after wearing them for a bit, right? I showed my parents, and they seem quite happy with the purchase (especially when I told them they were like $10/under) ! :]

I also bought this maid outfit. It also fits really really well and I will probably wear it to Manifest – maybe. The only problem is that, the suspender like things are slightly too long. I’m not exactly sure how to fix that. Help, please? ♥

Oh if you can tell by the above pictures, I also painted my nails like ladybugs. I did them after seeing a few online, especially Naka‘s !! :] Although, I attempted to do the black bits with actual nail polish ..and failed ..a lot :C But oh wells ! They still look cute ..from afar.
♥ ♥ ♥
I seriously love you all. And because of that, as soon as I hit 50 followers, I will be hosting a giveaway! C:

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11 comments to SHOES ARE HERE!!

  • Min

    I love your maid outfit look! You look great in it ;)

    so good to know you're feeling better :)

    will you be going to the nuffnang blogger meetup at Koko Black?

  • h.tea

    You look so cuuuute!

    Love the shoes! They look gorgeous :D I can't wait to see how you wear them :)

  • amanda

    omg the shoes look lovely! oh yes! i've been meaning to ask, do you think you could please email me your personal shoppers contact details? my email is :)

    your nails are so cute! I really want to paint my nails but can't since I work with fast food :(

  • Naka

    omg i wanna see the whole thing ^^ tehe awh i wish I was a maid :( so cute ^^

    and for the suspender thing where do they reach? You can just cut them and then sew them back together at a shorter length but it could look messy :(

  • Naka

    also cute nails ^^ I tried painted them last night and failed :(

  • Vincent

    They look like bowling shoes.

  • Melody

    @Vu >_> Yes you have unlimited strength which I just do not possess T-T And yeahhhh :] I really like the shoes ! ^-^" …I'll be your personal maid long as I don't have to clean/cook/do anything :D

    @Min Thanks :3 I hope you're feeling better too! Mmm …I probably won't be going to the meetup bcos my parents are strict with me going to the city :C

    @h.tea :D Thanks ! I`ll post pictures once I get some of me wearing them

    @Amanda Email done :) and aww that sucks T-T I guess you could always get fake nails and take them off for work :S ?

    @Naka :D I'll post the whole thing once I wear them properly/ get photos :D ! And hmm, I think the suspenders are okay now.. I think I jsut didn't tighten something properly before xD ^-^! But thanks <3 hehe I am so bad at nails >_<

    @Vincent You look like bowling shoes :D

  • Elisa Lee

    cute nails ^^ like the shoes!

  • Exuvalia

    Hey Melody. I have so much I want to say in this comment. Where can I start? Ah, yeah! Whenever I buy shoes from the internet, it does have that nasty fake-like smell (even if it's not made out of leather?) Weird much?

    I love those shoes though. So cute! If only I had enough money to get pairs that look similar to that too. *frowns* One day, one day.

    You can fix the suspenders. Just ask your mum or an adult to sew it so it's shorter (to suit your size). My mum always does that for me, since most clothes don't really fit my body shape. =/

    Oh wow. Love your nails! I love them so much that I want them too. :(

  • petitechouxx

    That's so true. Guys smash hard in badminton and have unlimited strength. I don't even have the time to hit x__x i don't know how they do that x__x

    Oh and i love your shoes! so cute!

  • Mei

    Love the shoes & nails!
    You can tie a piece of suspenders into a short of a bun with a piece of hairstring? Okay bad explainer……

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