Semester 2

I ..still do not have photos for my hair! But I promise I`ll take some tomorrow ..unless I somehow forget and then I give you all permission to throw virtual bricks at me *hides*
♥ ♥ ♥
Anyways, Semester 2 of University is starting tomorrow and I’m already dreading my two 8am starts (Monday and Wednesday) Ugh. Check out my disgusting 22 contact hours T-T ! So the units I’ll be studying this semester are: Biomedical Sciences and Society, Human Neurobiology, Molecular Biology and Japanese 6.

The orange are lectures. Green are Labs. Purple are Tutorials. And Pink is Seminar.
Ugh. 3 hour labs are going to be so bad :/ And what’s worse is that I hardly have any breaks at all on Mondays and Tuesdays T-T!! Oh wells ~ I’m sure the labs/tutes will finish early most times anyways. (I hope) Ahhhhh. At least my breaks are similar to my boyfriend‘s – which means, at least I can spend some time with him during the weeks C: !
♥ ♥ ♥
What are you studying at University? Or plan to do after you finish High school?

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11 comments to Semester 2

  • Naka

    im going to college next year, but my bf is just leaving so I can't see him around college T_T

    are you looking forward to going back :P?

  • Exuvalia

    My major is Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I'm doing Commerce (typical Asian course!) Haha! Wow, you're doing Japanese? =D

  • Tien Phan

    Congratulations on completing the blog challenge Melody!
    (I'll give you something later this month/early next month xD)

    BTW: Will you be attending the Anime's Monthly Movie tomorrow?

  • amanda

    eeps sorry to hear that you have uni as of tomorrow. I still have two weeks off. Gambatte! ^^

    Wow science students seem to have so many contact hours! Commerce students have at most 12 ><. I'm doing commerce and language and I have 15contact hours ^^

  • Melody

    @Vu T-T Yes they are so bad!

    @Naka Aww >_< That's sad! I'm not looking forward to attending those 3 hour labs or those 8am lectures for sure T-T

    @Marie Ooh commerce ! Haha yup :P I've done Japanese since I was like in year 7 :]

    @Tien xD Yay! Maybe I should continue with this blog-a-day thing? And, I probably won't attend it ? :/ I don't know

    @Amanda T-T WHAT? Two more weeks? UNFAIR!!! >:C Ughh yeahhh, damn contact hours T-T Art students have the least contact hours T-T 9 or something T-T !

  • h.tea

    Ngaw, I start at 8:30 on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays … I don't even know why I'm still awake =="

    Have fun at your first day back :)

  • Exuvalia

    Hahaha, I actually have 3 more weeks to my next semester. Oh yeah, I've already finished advanced Japanese. So I know quite a bit of the language. It's cool that you're learning it too. :)

  • lynnnnk

    My timetable sucks too. :( And I thought I'd tell you….. I have a four hour prac. :( :( :(

  • Eloo C.

    Looks like you will be busy!
    After the summer I will start Senior Highschool at a new school, I'm a little bit nervous :S But I'll be a new adventure.
    (btw, have a great semester!)

  • Melody

    @Marie oooh! That's awesome xD I think I`ll be dropping Japanese next year though :C Since it doesn't really help me at all for my course :/


    @Eloo I wish you luck in your new school ! :] I hope you meet new friends and etc. :D Thanks for visiting my blog too x

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