Pop Tarts

Today’s post is going to be short because I had a very long day.
I had Human Neurobiology lecture at 9am, Molecular Biology lecture at 10am, Vu‘s lecture of Computer Science at 11am (which I attended because I love him very much;]), Japanese tutorial at 12pm and a Human Neurobiology Lab at 1pm. So, um yes. I am very tired. However – I bought these at Uni today:

Pop Tarts!
These are made by Kellogg’s and are actually not sold in Australia – apart from stores that receive imported goods from America. Luckily one of the shops in Uni does import certain candy / snacks from America – hence I could try these. Vu bought these “Blueberry” flavoured ones for me for $3.50 (pretty expensive)

(Left: After just opening // Right: After popping them in to the toaster)
Hmm. They are very sweet. But I didn’t find the dough (?) pastry bit (?) very appealing – it tasted rather plain and just ...doughy. But I don’t know? This was the first time I’ve eaten these so maybe any of my American readers (or someone who has these sold in their country) can tell me which flavour to get next time? Or are they supposed to taste like that?
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Have you tried Poptarts? Do you like them?
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16 comments to Pop Tarts

  • h.tea

    Eep! I haven't tried them but they look yummmy!

  • Anya

    mmmm!! my fav are blueberry plain. w no frosting!!

  • amanda

    looks yummy! I've never had the pleasure of trying poptarts before. Or any other other american snack for that matter. Oh,, I like oreos! Are those american? ><

  • Vincent

    :O Pop tart me on Tuesday? :)

  • Exuvalia

    I've never tried Poptarts before. I want to, though. Looks interesting!

    Anyway, I had a long day too. Went out from morning to evening. Feeling lethargic now. =/

  • petitechouxx

    I tried poptarts before. I can find easily in grocery store. I remember when i was little, i used to like them a lot. Eat everyday xD I still eat them, but when i feel like to eat xD Yes, it is very sweet and it's normal that the pastry tastes plain.

    My favorite one is strawberry.

  • Naka

    i havent tried them or see them in shops around here :(

  • Vivian

    i haven't tried it.
    but it looks realy yummie=]

  • Mei

    I had some when I was in US ^^ so delicious

  • Eloo C.

    i'M a pop tarts addicted!
    But it's hard to find them were I live! >.<
    have a nice day :P


  • audrey

    oooh poptarts are good! they sell a whole pack here for that price, though :x

    have you ever tried Haagan Daz ice cream?? you should look for that (if they have it in Australia); it's amazing :D

  • Melody

    @Vu :B It wasn't that boring – although your lecturer was kind of scary T-T

    @h.tea You should try it :D

    @Anya Ooooh – maybe I should try that C:

    @Amanda Oooh Oreos are American but ..they're widely distributed in Australia so that's not really counted xD? hahaha

    @Vincent …Maybe.

    @Marie T-T I hope you feel better soon – Oh ! Maybe you should find some poptarts to make you feel better C:

    @PetiteChouxx Oooh Maybe I should try Strawberry next time :D ?

    @Naka :C Maybe they don't sell them in the UK T-T

    @Vivian Yes it is quite nice :B You should try it!

    @Mei Oooh yummm

    @Eloo C Maybe you could get them shipped to where you live xD

    @Audrey Oh woah T_T That is so cheap compared to here!! Aw T-T I don't think they sell Haagan Daz ice cream here – but if I ever see it, I'll be sure to try it :B

  • Elisa Lee

    hmm, wondering if its nice or not xD

  • Silkybow

    My friends are so obsessed about these… I've yet to try them D:
    Maybe I might buy some this week hehe…

  • Rena

    Hummm…so interesting…and we Americans take so much for granted when we actually have more than others…

    Well, Poptarts are quite plain when it comes to the sides..but then the inside is super sweet..too sweet which is why I rarely eat them…there's even s'mores and chocolate flavors!

    <33 Rena

  • rob

    IMHO Strawberry is the way to go! Also I tend to like the non-frosted version better than the frosted ones. However I don’t usually eat pop tarts anymore… mostly too much like candy/desert and if I’m going to eat desert there are other things I would rather spend the calories on… like Chocolate Cake. Also I don’t know if the pop tarts of today are as good as the ones we used to get. Maybe they are using Corn Syrup rather than Cain Sugar, that’s happened to a lot of products that I remember being good a long time ago that I don’t like as much anymore.

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