Comfort or Style?

I didn’t really do anything today apart from be a potato couch and just watch movies all day so I’ll do an outfit post for last week Wednesday when I went to watch Eclipse (:
(NB: Here’s a photo where I’m smiling for some h.tea who requested I smile :])

♥ White Jumper Top – Dotti
♥ Shorts – Tempt
♥ Patterened Stockings – Markets
♥ Gloves – Forever New
♥ Spikey Wrist band – Markets
♥ Boots (not pictured) – Random Shoe Shop C;
♥ Bag (not pictured) – Duchess
♥ Blue Geo Contacts
 I`ll probably wear this sometime again so I`ll be sure to take a proper photo then. I really liked what I was wearing here although it was quite cold that day ..but my boyfriend was there to warm me up so it was all good :)
♥ ♥ ♥
Do you choose comfort over style or style over comfort?
Because I always seem to wear things that will end up causing me to freeze just because I want to wear the outfit hmmm.
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9 comments to Comfort or Style?

  • Vincent

    Comfort! Bum clothing is the way to go.

  • Exuvalia

    I choose comfort over style if I'm not taking pictures on that day. But I choose style over comfort when I'm just heading to University or Church. The weather is getting colder each day, eep! I want Spring to come already! =(

  • amanda

    you and your boyfriend are so cute. i'm envious :(

    whether i chose comfort or style depends on my mood for that day ><

  • Tien Phan

    Pancakes <3 nomnomnom

    I'm picking comfort from now (even though I signed a contract saying otherwise xD) but it's freezing down at docklands!

  • Naka

    comfort ^^ and super cute photos :3 i wanna do purikura :3 and i love ur spikey wrist band :3

  • Melody

    @Vu I think your fashion sense is good darling <3 You're biased ;]

    @Vincent Bum clothing is only good for house things though ;A; imo

    @Marie ! Yupp that's how it's like with me too >_< If I know I'm going to be seeing someone or something like that, I'll choose style. But if it's just a random quick outing to safeway or something ..I'll just wear whatever :)

    @Amanda I guess that's true xD It really depends on what type of day / how I feel :3

    @Tien Yummmmm pancakes ! :( I wish you didn't have to go !

    @Naka But your comfort is like super stylish anyways :3 ! I loveee purikura xD

  • Min

    I love your outfit <3 cute purikura too!

    I'd say comfort or anything that keeps me warm cos whenever I try to dress up, I'll end up piling lots of layers over it as the weather's too cold :S

  • h.tea

    You're such a cutie <3
    Love the photos!

    Comfort or style? I'd say it depends on my mood :)

  • audrey

    Your eyes are SOOO PRETTY! Like puppy dog eyes! I really like the 2nd picture & the purikura ones too. You and your boyfriend are a very cute couple~

    AND YOUR HAIR IS SOO NICE. I want to grow my hair longer but I always have to trim it because of split ends, so it never gets long :(

    Wow, I'm so envious right now. XDD

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