Outfit: Red and Grey

In my 6 hour break today, I decided to go to Chadstone Shopping Centre again.

Beret (Sportsgirl – bought today by my lovely boyfriend!) ♥ Scarf (Cotton On) ♥ Long Sleeve (Supre) ♥ Jacket (?) ♥ Skirt (Jay Jays) ♥ Stockings (Market) ♥ Shoes (Taobao.com) ♥ Fingerless Gloves (Forever New – not featured in pictures)

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m not wearing any contacts because my eyes are really red and sore for some reason. I think maybe I’ve been using my contacts for too long(?) or I’m not sure. But I’m going to stop wearing them for awhile. This outfit was freezing in the morning but other than that, I loved it! The only problem was that the shoes began to hurt after awhile because the back kept rubbing against the back of my ankle. Ouchh.
♥ ♥ ♥
I really need better places to take my outfit photos.
Where would you recommend to take photos?
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12 comments to Outfit: Red and Grey

  • Winnie*

    Love the outfit! you look really cute! Sometimes my eyes get really sore from wearing contacts for too long too. Definitely give them a break before exhausting them again (sounds really brutal). I'd say maybe take photos outdoor with direct lighting? though the pictures you have are good enough alrready :)

  • Tien Phan

    I've never notice that you wore contacts before.

    Ps. Try docklands for awesome background scenaries ;p

  • Mei

    Lovely outfit ^^ Especially the scarf & berret combo <3

  • amanda

    The shoes are gorgeous!
    I couldn't tell that you didn't have circle lenses on. That means your eyes are nice and big already! :)

  • Min

    You look great in that outfit, like always <3

    My contacts make my eyes red and sore too :S That's why I've been giving them a rest for the past few days.

    As for places to take photos…maybe parks/gardens cos parks and gardens are happy places. OR! at the theme park with Vu when you feel better :)

  • h.tea

    You look so cuuute! Love the outfit :D

    Omgg six hour break?! I can barely stand three hour breaks D:

    I hope your eyes get better :)

  • petitechouxx

    awww that outfit is so cute!

  • Exuvalia

    Awww! You look so cute in that outfit! I absolutely hate it when I get blisters from the shoes that I wear. Especially at the back and sides. Ouch!

    By the way, if you didn't mention that you weren't wearing colour lenses, I wouldn't have known. Your eyes looks so big and bright already.

  • enchi

    I love the beret!!!

    Yes, you should take a break from contacts, maybe they've irritated your eye somehow…

    Much love,
    enchi :3

  • Yumeko♡

    I love your outfit!! :D
    You are so cutee!~ ^-^
    Don't worry, you don't need better places for your outfit photos, the photos are already good enough!!:D

    I hope your eyes would get better soon! ^-^

  • Naka

    very cute outfit ^^ and i like taking photow tih other lolitas or big interesting buldings :3

    i always feel awkwards asking for photos though sometimes XD

  • Melody

    @Winnie ^__^ ! Thank you! And yeah, I'm taking a break now >_< but it's really hard not to use them xD since I like being able to see things :P (and I hate wearing my glasses)

    @Tien You're mean :C

    @Mei THANK YOU^-^ <3

    @Amanda Hahaha thankies :P My eyes aren't that big ;-; ..well not awesomely big like some others *-*

    @Min Yey thankies ;3 Yeahh T^T If only contacts didn't hurt your eyes at all ..that would be so good :D ! I need to go find more places *-*

    @h.tea Thankss <3 Haha yeahhh. I don't mind the breaks that much because Vu seems to have most of his breaks with me – but it is so annoying to have a random lecture / seminar right at the end of the day >:/

    @petitechouxx thanks ^-^

    @Marie ! Thanks <3 Ughh yess. It's so frustrating especially because I loveeeee these shoes!

    @Vu I ..love you <3 And I have you to thank for part of my outfit C:!

    @Enchi Yess! The beret is so perfect ! I love it so much :) and yeah I think they've somehow irritated my eyes ..so I'm going to stop using them for awhile .

    @Yumeko THank you^-^ ! Hahah :P I still want to take better photos >_<

    @Naka I WANT TO TAKE PHOTOS LIKE THAT BUT I DON'T GO OUT OFTEN TO PLACES LIKE THAT T-T ! And yes… it is sometimes rather awkward posing in public xD which is why I prefer to pose with someone else :P

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