In My Head.

I am incredibly tired.
I had an 8am lecture about Biostatistics and I also had a 3 hour Molecular Biology lab today. Ugh. That lab actually went for it’s full three hours and I couldn’t be more tired right now T-T I am not looking forward to when my tutorial starts next week as well! :/
Anyways. This is one of those “What’s in your mind?funny things that I did on this Japanese site a while ago :D ! I first saw it on a Japanese variety show (Mago Mago Arashi) and then when my friend linked me to the actual site, I had to do it :D !
So according to this site within my head are:
Money, Concerns, Evil and um…Hentai (Perverted thoughts)
Yeah. It would seem my mind is filled with ...quite horrible things most of the times?! Hahah :P
♥ ♥ ♥
I hate Mondays.
How was your Monday?
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10 comments to In My Head.

  • Exuvalia

    Can you share the link, please? Haha, anyway, do rest early since you're so tired. :D

    I laughed at 'Hentai'.

  • amanda

    tsk tsk melody, hentai thoughts? hahah!

    what a tiring monday!

    I had a lazy day. woke up at 11.30 ^^

  • Vincent

    Oh, Melody. I'm glad we have the same thoughts. JOX.

  • Min

    Hahaha!! *Whispering begins* Just between "us", H is actually you-know-what hehehe *ends*

    I did mine in March ( Mine is filled with troubles and secrets :S HAHAHAHA

    Ughhh today was actually quite bad. I was so sleepy at my last lecture I think I fell asleep in there. But it must have been hard on you with your (3 hr??) lab. Have a good night's rest! <3

  • Tienyi

    i love mondays :)

    and today was even better than usual because i saw you! <3

  • Yumeko♡

    wooou your day was really hard! :c
    hope tomorrow would be better! (:
    Mine was super lazy. <.<

    i like this ''what's in your mind''!! :D (hahaha XD so many H's!! ;D)

  • petitechouxx

    Monday is not my best day. Hate wake up in the morning to go to school, still tired, lazy, zombie,…

    *evil and hentai* hehehe

  • Mei

    Tuuut tuuuuuuut >w<

  • Naka

    tehe thats photo made me laugh and omg im so grateful u put the translation for hentai when a i was younger i searched it find out wat it was -_-

    i never want anyone to go through the same thing XD

  • Melody

    @Vu Yes baby T-T that was such a horrible lab. THE WORST LAB OF MY LIFEEEE!

    @Marie Its : :D:D

    @Amanda I AM JEALOUS. I WISH I COULD WAKE UP AT A 11.30!! :(

    @Vincent I KNEW IT!

    @Min Ohhh!! xD I so didn't know that but …I guess that's close enough :P But :O I hate last lectures !!! I always end up not paying attention or ….skipping :P

    @Tienyi YAY<3

    @Yumeko shh :P Nobody knows what I'm REALLY thinking xD heheh but yeahh T-T I wish my days were much more relaxing !

    @petitechouxx xD Ugh waking up for school EVERY SINGLE DAY is always so baddd!! :C

    @Mei >W<

    @Naka Hahahahahahahahah!!! I can't believe you searched it up xD hahahah :P aw poor you <3 <3

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