I want..

I think I’m still sick in some sort of way because I’m tired all the time and I just feel weak. But yeah, I skipped a lecture today and fell asleep in my breaks. But yeah, which means no recent photos to post T-T Sorry.

I have a strange urge to eat gelato or some sort of sorbet type of ice cream. Actually, I feel like eating quite a number of things right now. I feel like Japanese food, but I want Lord of the Fries and I also want Pancakes. Ah man. I’m going to be so fat at this rate xD But really, I just want to do something really fun. Like go on a shopping spree (no money T-T) or to a theme park (i’ve never been!) ..or just something simple and fun like that :)

It’s only Week 2 but I feel like there’s been so much work coming in and I feel like I really just need to relax. You know? Mmmm T-T
Note: I know these photos have no relation to what I’m saying at all – but I don’t think I’ve posted this up yet (I took them last year) ..and well, they’re cute ! :D
♥ ♥ ♥
What do YOU really want to do now?

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8 comments to I want..

  • h.tea

    I want another holiday.

    Ngaw, I hope you *fully recover* asap!!

  • Exuvalia

    Aww, I hope you're better soon. I feel lethargic all the time too! But that's because I've been sleeping at 4 am every single day. Zzz!

    Wow! You have never been to a theme park before? Aww, so sad. I've been to many and it's extremely fun (not trying to show off, by the way). But I think you should go to the theme park with Vu one day. That'll be nice. :D

  • Tien Phan

    I want to go watch a movie / get Pho

    Lol… I don't think you need to worry about getting fat Melody =P

  • amanda


    i love gelato! do they have gelares over there or is it just a perth thing? my fav is choc chip cookie dough ><

  • petitechouxx

    i want to eat. I'm hungry right now =.= maybe a mexican food! or pasta! XD

  • Mei

    Lord of the Fries <333
    I know what you mean :( poor us!

  • Naka

    i really want a lolita dress from Baby's sale *cries*

  • Melody

    @h.tea I want one too!!!

    @Vu Thank you sweetie <3 ..I want a hippo! :D <3

    @Marie !! Aw you should sleep earlier :( But yeah I should probably sleep earlier too xD And yeah T-T I've never been to a theme park!! I am going to force Vu to take me one day xD

    @Tien I HAVE TO WORRY. I want pho :3

    @Amanda Hmm, I haven't heard of gelares? I ..really want some gelato right now xD I should've got some today but I was already full when I saw the store :3

    @petitechouxx ooooh mexican food is so yummy!!


    @Naka :O Where!?

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