Clothes Shopping

I went shopping today with my mum to Chadstone Shopping Centre.
I don’t usually go there because it’s out of the way and sort of inconvenient for me, but I really wish I could go there all the time. This is because Chadstone has a wide range of clothing shops and food shops too C: !
I bought four items today:

This really really nice black dress that I absolutely adore because of it’s slimming powers! Bought from Tempt at $19.95! I also wanted to get this other black/grey dress that I found but after trying it on and staring at myself in the mirror for awhile, I convinced myself that I looked fat in said dress ..and didn’t buy it. ( I seem to do that a lot :/ )

(left) Long Red Jacket $19.95 and (right) Short Green-like Jacket $39.95
I really like both of these – especially how the red jacket has black buttons and a hood on it ! The other jacket is something that I’ve been meaning to get for awhile – although the one that I originally wanted to get was black with gold on it. But nevermind! I like this too :] Both of these were bought at Tempt too.

I also bought this Domo-kun hat (with badge) from Jay Jays. I’m not really sure why I bought this I don’t really wear hats at all (especially baseball caps) ..but I thought it was so cute and it was only $10. :)

Mmm. My mum also bought a bag for herself today from Coach. It was $545 … but she seems really really happy with it – and she has been brooding over getting a new bag for ages now so it’s all good!

I also had a whole lot of different food today ( I really ought to stop eating so much before I become fat and can’t fit in to any of my new clothes ! ;A;) and tried out a few new things. But I guess that’s for another post, right? C:
♥ ♥ ♥
I`m thinking of holding a giveaway soon. What would you guys like to see in it?
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17 comments to Clothes Shopping

  • h.tea

    I cannot imagine you looking fat in anything!

    I really love the dress! Gosh, only $19.95?! It looks like one of those dresses that would cost like $80 or so at Bardot!

  • amanda

    i love all your buys! domokun is loveee.

    is chadstone a popular mall in melbourne? I'll be heading down in december and would love some recommendations :)

  • Exuvalia

    Oh wow! You sound like me. Even though I might like a piece of clothing, I won't buy it if it makes me look fat. As girls, we're always worried about how we look. Isn't that right? ;P

    I think that the Short Green-like Jacket's cute! But I definitely won't pay such a price for it. $39.95 AUD is too much for my liking. (As you can tell, I like to buy stuff that are under $20 AUD.) ^__^!

    Domo-Kun! So cute. I own a Domo-Kun pencil case and tissue holder. I saw the Domo-Kun jacket (the one you have?) at JayJays and was going to buy it. But I changed my mind because it was grey and not brown. =(

  • Tien Phan

    11pm so late :o I started to wonder if you had forgotten to blog today!

  • Melody

    @Vu Nyaa! You will get to see me in every single piece of clothing I have – well maybe not all xD

    @h.tea Yeahh! I was really surprised too xD But I love it :3

    @Amanda Yeahh! Chadstone is pretty popular in the suburban areas in Melbourne! You should check it out :D !

    @Exuvalia >_< Yeah I guess most girls are pretty self conscious about their weight :( haha yeahhh .. I normally wouldn't pay that much for a jacket but I think it was the first thing I bought and I assumed it was going to be the only thing …but well yeah xD And yeah! I nearly didn't buy the jumper because it was grey …but I was like .."BUT ITS SO CUTE!" so I bought it anyways :3

    @Tien I WILL NEVER FORGET! (It took ages for me to take photos and upload and rarar)

  • Fanny

    how pretty stuffs ^^

  • Min

    :O!!!!! I have that black dress and red hooded cardigan too <3 and I agree the black dress has slimming powers xD

    I remember trying on a Topshop dress with triple bows at the back. It was so cute I thought I just had to get it. BUT after trying it, it was so body-hugging that it made me look fat ._____.

    dw about becoming fat because uni is starting next week! We will be busy :)

  • Melody

    @Fanny ^__^

    @Min YAY! We can um be twins …if we ever see each other in real life :B ? Hahhah But yeahh ..I'm hoping that because my timetable is so intense means I'll be running around from here to there ..AND ILL LOSE WEIGHT ! WOOO :D

  • Exuvalia

    Oh, I forgot to answer your question. Host a giveaway on items that you have lying at home, but haven't used/will never use. I'm sure everyone will be happy with free things (no matter what it is).

  • Vincent

    Giveaway that Domo-kun hat? :)

  • chocolatesuze

    there's also a domokun backpack at jay jays haha i want it so bad

  • Melody

    @Exuvalia Hmmm! Yeah I'll probably do that :D

    @Vincent .. ;A; *hugs domo kun tightly* NEVERRRRR!!

    @Suze I saw it too! But it's ….SO EXPENSIVE for a freaking random domo kun bag xD ..but maybe hmmm >:]

  • enchi

    I really love the haul!!! I want some of those tooo!!! :(

    In regards to your upcoming giveaway, I would really like it to have some Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese products since its really hard to find products that are both Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese and really worth your money here in my country.


    much love,
    enchi :3

  • Naka

    zomg i love domo kun :3 and nice tights and i like the shiny gold buttons :3

  • petitechouxx

    domokun hat! i wish to have one >.<

  • Melody

    @Enchi Oooh I'll see if I can find some Korean/Jap/Taiwan things here in Australia but they're a bit pricey too ..but not too much – I don't think C: ! :D

    @Naka Yey! I love domo kun <3 !! :3

    @Petitechouxx :B I might give a domo kun hat away in a giveaway – MAYBE ;]

  • Bella Francisca

    Im really sorry about your uni's result :( hope you will back!
    thanks for your comment :) I'm holding a giveaway, please join my giveaway! it's open internationally! xoxo


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