Black and White

I haven’t done an outfit post in a long time – actually I haven’t done one on this blog yet so I decided I may as well do one now :) I wore this to University quite awhile ago (31st May 2010) but I only just got the photos recently because my boyfriend forgot to send them to me :C !

Jacket Supre
Black and White top Cotton On
Shorts Cotton On
White stockings some Korean Shop
Boots (not shown in any pics) a random shoe shop in Box Hill
Blue Geo Contacts

This outfit was quite nice to wear in the chilly breeze – although I froze at one point when we were walking to Maccas in our break but still. Oh. Point about the black top beneath the black&white one ….it’s actually not a black top at all. I usually hate wearing tops underneath tight ones like these – because it’s uncomfortable and etc. So I decided to try something different. I cut my old stockings, folded them twice, and put it on.
(ノω・、) )
It didn’t go well. They were so damn tight (leg holes) and it felt like it was killing me! It also didn’t help that because they were so tight, they kept falling down and well uh yeah. I also had to fix them quite a number of times because they un-flipped and made them see through (which of course does nothing to help >_>)
But uh yeah~ It was just an experiment ..which I will never try again x)
Have you guys experimented with any of your clothes?
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9 comments to Black and White

  • h.tea

    Hehe, the thing with the stockings is a pretty smart idea :D !

    You're such a cutie! You should smile in your photos :)

  • Melody

    @h.tea Thanks :D!Haha smart only if you find one that's big enough to fit around your bust :C ! And ..arghh, I smile funny but I shall try xD

    @Vu Thanks dear C: You should try experimenting for fun on your old clothes ..since like, you're not going to wear them anyways xD

  • Naka

    tehe ur such a cutie :3 and i like ur outfit and i like to experiment with fashion :3

  • Melody

    @Vincent …Yum.
    @Naka tehe xD yey~ experimenting is really fun to do ^_^

  • Vivian

    aaah you're pretty!!

  • amanda

    hii lovee, cute blog!
    love that outfit :)

  • BHaV

    i love wearin gmum's clothes, i always wear her very floral clothes that i would never buy with a belt and in the cold with stockings, remember when i wore her wrap-around skirt as a maxi on beach day? all you need is a good collection of belts which i don't have but it still works out alright! and i love mixing and matching contrasting colours sometimes otherwise everything gets boring

    i agree layering is so annoying!

  • Melody

    @Vivian haha thanks C:
    @amanda Thanks ^__^

    @Bhav Oooh I don't think I can wear any of my mum's clothes considering I'm pretty small compared to her xD AND I NEED TO BUY SOME BELTS :C and I agree with the contrasting colours xD as long as it's not too over board with the colours then it's still good imo :D

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