7/11 One Dollar Sale

So today, 7/11 (which is a convenience store in Australia) held a ONE DOLLAR sale on selected items. From the posts I saw on the facebook event page last night, it seemed that some people went crazy (like buying 600+ Mother drink cans._. and going to 7/11 early in the morning/late at night (1am…))
♥ ♥ ♥
I was still at University while my parents and younger brother visited the local 7/11 to buy some things so I didn’t really get to pick what they bought. And I also missed out on a few things they ate before I got home! But here are the ones that were remaining when we got home.

(photos are so bad due to late at night / mobile camera T-T)
Although the thing is ..after I got home. Dad and Mum went out again to buy some more Cornettobecause for $1 per cone is really cheap compared to their usual $3+ something(?) :] But yes. I think in total we have: 28 Cornetto cones, 8 Mother drinks, 10 Kettle chip packets, a Mocha carton, and some chocolate milk thing that I never got to try.

Supposedly there’s going to be another one next Thursday!
♥ ♥ ♥
I get so excited when I see things on sale. It makes me want to buy in bulk.
Do you take the advantage and buy a lot in one go when things are on sale?
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9 comments to 7/11 One Dollar Sale

  • h.tea

    Yess! I heard there's gonna be another one next week :D

    I missed out on today's one cos I couldn't be bother lining up :(

    I really love the way you took the photo, btw :)

  • amanda

    omg! what is this! perth doesn't have 7/11 :(

  • Min

    WOW I didn't know 7/11 had a $1 sale! :O

    28 Cornettos?!?!?!?! wowwowwow I'd love to sneak into your house now :p I haven't tried Mother before, is it just another sugary drink? cos I heard it's something like V.

    Oh yehhhhhhhhh I take advantage of food sales and end up spending loads of money BUT at the same time, LOTS OF FOOD!!

  • Exuvalia

    So cool! I wish Perth had a 7/11 too. And having a $1 sale at 7/11 is so awesome. Haha, I don't really buy in bulk when it comes to sales. Not sure why, but I hardly do it.

  • Vincent

    I wanted a Cornetto but they were all gone by the time I got to 7-11!

  • chocolatesuze

    woahh nice stash! i only managed 14 choc bars, 6 cornettos, 6 kettle chips, 1 milk and 1 donut haha all the 7-11's in my area ran outta mother! the next $1 sale is on friday 30th july

  • Naka

    yep ^^ i learnt it off my mum too :3 i hate it when she buys loads of cheap chocolate becuase i eat it all XD

  • Tienyi

    i don't like mother! because it tastes like cough medicine ;( i'd rather drink, like, coffee or water or juice or something. :)

    but heeee i love cornetto <3

    i actually forgot all about 7-11 day until you guys mentioned it :(

    and….i guess i AM kind of thrifty, but i never manage to catch good sales. i always end up buying something, and then it goes on sale the next day FML

  • x[A]nnehhhx

    Omgosh so lucky!
    I would definitely stock up if I sale an event like this! xD

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