Old pics of Food C:

Although, I don’t really feel much of a difference because I’ve been kind of treating this entire exam period as my own personal holiday :| But in any case ..now I can procrastinate and do nothing without feeling any sort of guilt C: !
I don’t have any photos to post that are relevant to anything in particular so I thought I’d just spam this post with random pictures of food that were uploaded to my old blog but not to this :3

Mmm, I haven’t baked/cooked anything in a long time …
Maybe now that I have a 3 week holiday break, it’s time to start? Maybe? We’ll see how lazy I become ..and then yeah :C !
But in any case, I will eventually post up the for sale items and I will eventually change this blog layout ..and I will eventually blog about something more ..relevant to this day and time C: !
(NB: All these photos (except the rainbow cake and sushi) were taken with the camera I am selling in the post below C: !)
♥ ♥ ♥
Are you hungry now ?
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