Of long legs and sexy women

I am a day away from my first exam and I have been thinking about
Body Preferences.
I’ve noticed quite a number of my guy friends (and girl friends) that are infatuated with this Korean pop group, SNSD (Girl’s Generation). And how, everyone seems to really like their long legs.
(This post is no way insulting or disrespecting SNSD, I actually think they’re hot too :])

It got me wondering, is this what this generation’s idea of the ideal body is? Or for lack of better terminology, a ‘sexy’ body? Because it would seem that everywhere I looked, in magazines and online, all the attractive ladies have long, slim legs, slim waist, slender body and generally they are just slim. I guess, as times change, male’s preferences change. Right?
Or can I still say that women who have thicker thighs, bigger hips, a slim waist, and big busts still hold many men’s fantasies?
I don’t really know.
I’m just a girl who has been caught up with the media.
What do you guys and girl think and/or prefer?
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8 comments to Of long legs and sexy women

  • Vincent

    Good legs is a must.

  • Naka

    i would love a pair of long legs and preferable have a more of an hour glass shape over my child like body XD
    I heard a quote ages ago ' there is a body that looks good in fashion and then there is a body that looks good in the bedroom'

  • Melody

    @Vincent mmm legs

    @Vuvu Yeah I guess it really is subjective; and it's hard to generalize what the public actually think :]

    @Naka Hey! That actually makes a lot of sense xD Because I was thinking about it earlier ..and I know that these skinny tall long legged girls look awesome in my sketches and being models – but how about in the bedroom you know xD? But yes ….I wish I had longer legs and a ..more …VOLUPTUOUS(haha)body >:[ BUt nevermind ^-^!

  • Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H

    Hmm.. it's very subjective seriously~ LOL!
    But i wish i could lost some weight and FIT as well ;)
    Not just stick slim. You know what i mean. cause that's boringgg :/

  • Melody

    @Caryne Yess it is a rather subjective subject xD But hmm, I think I would just want to be more tone? Maybe :| haha :3 Thanks for leaving a comment x

  • bestsexymodel

    the nice leg for the girls……best sexy model

  • rob

    Men are biologically wired to respond to visual stimulus. That being the case long legs etc. will catch our eye and we can’t help that. However any excitement we get from looking at “other” women is easily transferred to our beloved partner… that is if you have a good man. If you get naked for him that’s probably going to be more than he can handle and will be very happy no matter what you think you look like.

    Of course different men are attracted to many different things. One of the skinniest guys I knew used to run a web site dedicated to “extra large” women… he was just way into it. So there really is someone out there for most any body type. Of course humans are also very social creatures so many people are drawn to what is perceived as “sexy” by pop culture because we tend to follow the herd. As I’m sure you are aware this changes over time. It was not that long ago that thick women were in vogue and skinny ones were made fun of (I remember old guys telling me not to marry a skinny woman because her skinny bones will cut you up in bed… OK so I’m probably a bit older than most of you)… so things are always changing.

    So basically don’t worry about it too much… self confidence in you and your body will overcome any “defects” you might imagine yourself to have. The mind is the most powerful sex toy.

    SNSD is cool but personally I think 2NE1 is better. I have a theory about SNSD (which I think they have basically admitted to in interviews) which is they are so popular because there are so many of them! With 12+ girls in the band there is something to like for everyone. Brilliant marketing IMHO. OH! (pun intended) and there is another part of this… and that is that women actually do get some excitement from seeing other women… and that has to do with the women putting themselves in the place of the woman on screen/stage and imagining themselves being desired… but that get more complicated. Men don’t seem to do that though. I just learned this myself from reading:

  • I am in love!! i like the long legs so much :):)

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