So I had my BMS1021 ‘Cells, Tissues and Organisms’ Exam today.
It was ..well .. how should I put this in layman’s terms?
It was a nightmare.
So instead of boring you guys with the brutal murder that BMS1021 exam did to me in that 3 hour block today … I shall leave you with some delicious cakes that Vu bought for me from Breadtop about a week or so ago :]

Mmmmmm. Look at all that delicious cream. I reckon those strawberries are put there – not only for direction – but also out of guilt. It’s likeHey, one minuscule piece of fruit on the top makes it healthy, right?(Totally ignores the amount of butter, sugar and cream ..mmm) But. Whatever~! The strawberry brings it all in together :)

So on the left we have Taro Cake. And on the right we have Black Forest Cake. Oh man, these are so delectable and delicious. We devoured these early in the morning …before studying (well we didn’t end up studying much ..but still) I love the spongeyness of these cakes. Ahhhh.

What types of cakes do you like?
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