Teppansan, Melbourne CBD

The other day, Vu and I took a trip to the city and dined at a Japanese restaurant called Teppansan :)

We ordered the lunch special set which cost $11.00(?I actually don’t remember at the moment but I shall check with Vu later..) and came with Miso soup, 4 pieces of Tuna&Avocado Sushi, 2 Spring rolls and your choice of main course (which I am terribly sorry that I can’t remember ..but I’m pretty sure apart from the Okonomiyaki, there was also Oyako don and etc)

I still enjoy looking at the menu despite having already decided on what to eat :) But yes, without further ado, here are the beautiful photos of the food that we ordered ! (Oh gosh, I am so hungry right at this moment …)

The Miso soup tasted good! I’ve tried many Miso soups before where it was either too bland or too salty – or just not right. But I think this had the right taste, and I enjoyed drinking it a lot :) The tofu and spring onion balance was perfect too! Especially the cube sizes of the tofu! There were many bowls I have had before where the tofu was too small or too big and hence rather hard to eat. But I thought this was good! (The Miso soup also kept me nice and warm on that cold, cold day! :D)

I usually don’t really like tuna and avocado sushi because I used to have it quite often as a child and I never really liked the taste. But possibly due to my growling stomach, this tasted really nice! Well at least I enjoyed it quite a bit :D This also came with the small portion wasabi that you can see on the edge of the board …which neither of us ate because, well, I guess you need to be accustomed to the taste and the zing that it gives. (Careful not to eat too much at one time!)

The spring rolls with mayonnaise was delicious. I really really liked these. They were filled with simply just carrots and noting else, I’m pretty sure :) The fried skin was nice and crispy and gave that beautiful crunch noise as you bit in to them ! The only problem with these was that ..I wanted more! In fact I like them so much that I really feel like traveling all the way to the city just to eat these again! :)

The main courses we picked: Teppansan’s version of ‘Okonomiyaki’
The left is mine: Beef whilst the right is Vu’s: Pork :)
The differently shaped Okonomiyaki was like a humongous flat pancake folded over their chunks of meat, cabbage and onions. Drizzled on top was their Okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise accompanied with moving Bonito flakes. This was really, really big. It took me quite some effort just to finish my own plate. It’s probably the biggest Okonomiyaki that I have ever seen or eaten. But the taste was standard. I enjoyed mine (apart from the Bonito which I have never liked anyway) and I thought this was definitely worth the money :)

Out of curiosity, we also ordered Sake. Neither of us have ever tried Sake and well, the taste for both of us was a little too strong, I guess? (I’m sorry I also have forgotten the price for this but I think it was approximately $7.50?It cost $5.50 – thanks Vu) We didn’t end up finishing the entire jar but it was an experience :)

Overall I thought Teppansan was a good restaurant and I would like to go back again to try the rest of the food on the menu :)
(4 out of 5 stars based on quality, customer service and interior)
Teppansan is located at:
179 Russell St
Melbourne 3000 VIC
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