Sakura House, Knox

This is another rather late post.
(and yes another review post but I’ll get these out of the way first ..)

Last Sunday (2nd May) in celebration for Irene’s 19th birthday, we went out to Sakura House located in Knox O-zone :D It was a pretty pricey Japanese restaurant, but then again, Japanese restaurants usually are. But yes, there was one thing that I found quite ..intriguing about this restaurant ..

..They have four meals that are named after Naruto characters. I mean I can understand Naruto and Sakura because they could be names for foods or whatever. But I don’t really understand the Sasuke and Choji one xD ? (I find it especially exciting that Choji’s bento is for the “peko-peko” (hungry) because Choji is a character that eats all the time) But, I could be wrong. These names could signify more if anyone knows anything, enlighten me please?

The complimentary.
The miso soup – which tasted really nice and warmed me up greatly :D The cute little tofu that sitting in a cute little saucer filled with soy sauce. And also, the saucers on the right are filled with sauce meant for Tempura dipping :) – at least that is what Irene told me :D

What we ordered: LEFT: Sasuke Bento (MINE) $16.80(approx?) and RIGHT: Sakura Bento (IRENE’S) $13.80(also approx?)
They tasted really really really good. I really enjoyed every single bit of my bento !! Especially considering, I don’t even like prawns (I hate them) but I actually thoroughly enjoyed eating my tempura !! But yes, the other deep fried things included deep fried carrot, sweet potato, zucchini and egg plant :) and they all tasted really really good. My Sasuke bento came with beautifully deep fried chicken too which tasted really good :D (Sorry for the lack of better descriptive words!) But Irene’s beef and grilled chicken also tasted really good ! This was really really filling and is really good as it had a range of variety :D

We also decided to order a glass of Plum Wine (Choya) for $9.60 (approx) :D
Again, I don’t really like alcohol so I guess I can’t really say much but I can say that this tasted much better than Sake. Like much much better. But I still wouldn’t choose to drink it unless …well unless I didn’t want to enjoy my drink xD
– – – – – – – –
In the end, I really really do like Sakura House despite it being slightly expensive. But if you have enough money to spend, and want to dine in a very nicely decorated Japanese restaurant with good food then I suggest you try Sakura House :)
Shop 2222, Opposite Village Cinemas,
O-Zone Knox Shopping Centre, 425 Burwood Highway
Melbourne, VIC
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6 comments to Sakura House, Knox

  • Vincent

    Always eating Jap food! Maybe, I should get onto it. :( Does it help with Japanese 1050? :)

  • Melody

    @Vincent Mmmm Japanese food is delicious. It doesn't help much with 1050 ..but it does help with emptying my wallet :(

    @Vuubs/Boobs Yes go eat the Choji one when we go there one day ..and I shall pick off from you :3

  • Naka

    tehe if they were named after the naruto characters tht would be so cute ^^ nice photos :3 i wanna eat now :p

  • Melody

    @Naka I knoww~! I love Naruto so I thought it was majorly cute :3

  • s

    i know i look so alco picking out only the alco bits to comment about BUT YES CHOYA IS GOOOOD :D i've only had it in america but yeah :D

  • Melody

    @siu LOLOL yes you damn alco xD but yeahhhh ;3 I kinda like choya although I still would prefer a coke over it any day ;p

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