My Perfume Empire

My precious, precious perfumes …
Most people, if not all people would have something they like to collect or just like to buy. Like something that they are so addicted to, that they just want to fill their house with it. Some people would like comics, others would like shoes, but for my family and I, it’s perfumes.
That picture above are the perfumes that are in our house at the moment. At least the ones that are open and not still in their boxes :) In total, there are 69 proper perfume bottles in that photo (not including any that are below 5ml) Those 69 bottles are shared amongst my mum, younger brother and I :) I own 32, my brother owns 11 and my mum owns 26 !

I’m not really sure why we all love perfume so much but it’s just something that we’ve always liked and it was something that we’d buy on impulse if it was on sale or if the bottle looked nice or if we had that scent stuck in our head.

My mum and I have such an obsession with perfume. And the problem is, we’re only attracted to the branded ones or the ones labeled by celebrities. For example, in the above photos there are, Calvin Klein, YSL, Britney Spears, Estee Lauder, Burberry, Gucci, Guess, Beckham, Lancome, and many others ! It’s rather strange that a lot of people would buy branded shoes or handbags, but for my mum and I, we buy lots and lots of perfume. But yes, as you may be able to notice, the obsession goes as far as to buy multiples of the same type. And to have backups in storage for when a favourite runs out ….
Ah wells.
Do you collect anything? Or are you obsessed with anything?
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21 comments to My Perfume Empire

  • Vincent

    Melody smells.

  • Melody

    @Vincent . Yes I am smell 8) ..with my nose :D !

    @Vuvu Oh actually if you can see there's two right on the right hand side that are my dad's but I just included it under mum's cos he doesn't use them at all. Also, yes! Manga library !! :D I want too !! We can build one together :3

  • Tienyi

    hello :D (i actually typed 'hello my loveee'' but 1) vu would've murdered me and 2) um i'm not really lesbian *defensive)

    anyway- i dont really collect things! i'm more of an impulsive buyer, not someone who collects a certain type of things.

    so after awhile i have a whole assortment of random things like rocks from great ocean road/bubble liquid (from my 17th birthday) AND a bubble gun that desmond bought me for my 18th/ pink strawberry shortcake notebooks/happymeal toys WTF.

    but i'm quite consistent with books! if i have a series, i MUST collect them all so that they look good on my bookshelf. and i do that with schoolwork and folders too. i MUST have a whole set of folders for all my different subjects….

    *trails off because i sound so nerdy

  • Melody

    @Tienyi ITS OKAY. ILL KILL VU FIRST KAY? ….no, I'm joking.

    and yeahhh, I have a whole lot of random things too 8) AND YES ! I always have the whole series of all the books I buy !! except for one which i still can't find the second part :( :( :( :( !!

  • Naka

    i'm a little complusive with sewing materials and such :p

    omg so much perfume ^6 u must smell lovely all the time :p
    I really wanna try the lola rose one:p

  • Melody

    @Naka yes I would assume you would be compulsive towards the textile equipment ;p and yes! I want to buy marc jacob's lola too!! but its a bit too expensive atm :P

  • BHaV

    im not rly compulsive with much stuff, well ok i love dresses i hve many and they r still not enugh!! and shoes i always htink shoes r something at this age i cant grow out so i don't have to buy more but then i buy a dress and i need shoes which i can match! and all that but i don't have LOTS of shoes i do have some, i think i used to like to collect soft toys btu after i got the big one from andrew im contempt wiht my collection also after eceving so many @ my 18th lol

    do u have dolce and gabbana light blue?? its my fav!! mayb i shudnt tempt u haha its expensive but i love it .. weirdly enugh al th eperfumes i have r gifts the light blue beigna demand for valentines day haha perhaps also for next valentines day just in case it runs out… =]

  • Melody

    @Bhav hahaha! I don't ever buy soft toys ..because I always get them from other people as gifts xD ! and no, i don't have Dolce and Gabanna light blue !! BUT NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT.. I really want to go smell it and then …buy it xD hahaha <3 and yes, mine are all gifts too :) either from (ex)bfs or my mum xD

  • ivy's closet

    wow. How fantastic!

  • s

    DKNY – PURE.
    that is all.
    you've spent almost as much on perfume as i have on drinking.
    i am not alco.
    shush now lets go play in bed <3

  • Melody

    @ivy thank you :3

    @siu I WILL GO TRY IT ! (speaking of which I have now +1 to my collect xD) and yesssssssssssssss bed time!! :D

  • s

    OHOHOH and the new limited edition of daisy. ok its not that new but its the blue one. quotes ken: "SO GOOD." quotes chris: "JIZZZ IN THE MOUTHHH" ROFLMAO

    gotta say my favourite for guys is gio – georgio armani or however you spell it LOLO

  • s


  • Melody

    @siu That is Vincent xD He somehow stalked my blog then we found out we both do JPL1050 and have the same lectures 8) but OH BLUE DAISY? WHAT?!? CRAP. IM SO OUT OF THE LOOP OF PERFUMES ATM ! and Yes I love Gio <3

  • Naka

    thanks for all the kinda comments ^^

  • amanda

    OMG MELODY! you are much worse than me! hahahahaha
    69 bottles? I'm JEALOUS! Can I please come to melbourne and steal your entire collection ><

  • Rena

    WOW! So much perfume! I may collect stickers and pens/pencils, but I didn't know someone could own soo soo much perfume at one time!

    I recently got my first perfume, and it was Couture Couture by Juicy Couture!

    I really want Gwen's Harajuku set of perfume!

    Jessica Simpson's Fancy perfume is lovely, too!

    <33 rena

  • Vivienne

    Wowowow! Sooo many! I want them!! D:

  • Rinny

    lol omg Melody I am so envious of you and your mom's collection! I really like to collect empty perfume bottles after I finish them, but my collection is minuscule compared to yours!

  • […] If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you should know this is an old photo taken in 2010. Back then, the total count of perfumes was 69 but it should be least about 80 now aha. I […]

  • Wow!!! You have such a collection!! How much do you spend a year on perfumes?

    Perfume Enthusiast
    eaudeonline recently posted…ParfymMy Profile

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