Mmm Uni Food

My internet is finally uncapped and I have so many things to blog about!
However, I shall just start with something small and easy so I don’t overload this blog post with photos and text :)

So recently, I have been quite a lot of food at Uni ..which is really different for me considering I never really bought anything at the canteen in high school and I don’t usually buy things to eat when I go out. But recently, I’ve been eating quite a bit of uni food. However, due to laziness and just because I was too hungry to care .. I don’t have photos of most of the things :(

Except this. This is some horrible horrible green pumpkin drink that Vu decided to buy for fun. It has a really …odd taste. I can’t describe it but I guess it tastes slightly like kopiko but yet also kind of like vegetables?! In any case, it made me feel sick afterward!
But yes, here are some photos from the trip to one of those shops at uni :)

I really do love candy/chocolate isles! I love all those candies on the left mmmmmm ♥

Left: I really wanted to try this but it was freaking $3.00 and the Asian in me knew that small packet was not worth that amount :( Right: …I have never even see these two chocolate bars before but I was really tempted to try it anyways :D
That is all for that Wednesday’s food adventures :) But yes, I shall update and blog the rest later – maybe tomorrow or the day after ! (:
It is so good to have uncapped net
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14 comments to Mmm Uni Food

  • UVerworld

    That's it, I'm gonna try those peanut butter m&m's next week and I am totally buying you that drink again. :D

    P.S It's also known as a Winter Melon drink.

  • Melody

    @Vuvu If you buy that drink again I will seriously cry ;_____;

  • Vincent

    High Rollerrr!

  • Melody

    @Vincent ;_; nooo I really have to stop buying food at uni because my wallet is getting emptier by the second ;_;

  • Anonymous

    clayton is so nice and big stupid peninsula and i dont even get to go to the beach half the time because its bloody cold! :(

  • Melody

    @ …anonymous? Well I think it's you Bhav considering you said peninsula! Ughh yes I am so glad that I didn't end up getting in to physio because Peninsula sounds so isolated and small >_<" COME VISIT CLAYTON ;A; !

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA ! My wallet should be lighter than yours, since there is chips everywhere in the CAMPUS centre !!! *drool* And I aint that good in self-control. HOHOHOHOHO
    I think I had tried Crunch in HK, try it :D


  • Melody

    @Winnie Hahahah I knowwww ! I feel like eating chips now! Have you tried the Peri Peri chips at uni? They are quite good :D and I shall try Crunch next time I visit there!

  • Tienyi


    oh and baby that shop's my favourite shop! even though it's like 120% normal retail price :( but i need to eat so much chocolateeeeeee.

    like i need to eat youuuu <3

  • Melody

    @Tienyi YES THEY DO! It's not really the same as like Nandos ..but its still really really good :) ! The shop is called Peri Peri and is actually right near that shop featured in the post :D :D !

    I need you too <3

  • s


    and and and i have yet to see you at uni, or a comment from you on my blog D:

    meanie D:D:

  • Melody

    @siu OH CRAP. I didn't realise you were still blogging because you changed your url and I didn't have that on my reading list >_<" SORRY LOVE <3

    See you at uni !? I thought you didn't go to Monash clayton D: ?

  • Naka


    pretty photos of candy ^^

  • Melody


    Thankyou for your comment! :D And yesssss I love candy *-* !!

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