Compilation Post!

Okay, this is a super super late post.
I was really supposed to have blogged this last week but I ended up procrastinating and not doing so :/ and then a whole bunch of things happened so I’m just going to cram it all in to this one post!! :D

The day started off with lots of camwhoring. Arriving at the campus centre at around 8.30AM, Louisa and I started camwhoring on her laptop xD (With Kim featuring in one of the photos :P) and then after realizing we were late to class, we ran off …to the toilets to camwhore for a bit more where Jenny met us ..and then we all went to Jap. (And was late for our dictation test xD)

But yes, the day passed by and then it was time to go to dinner with awesome people ! (plus an awesome boyfriend :]) So we (Vu, Lynn, Tienyi, Shireen, Bhav, Andrew, YihRue, Richa, and Sheryl) headed to Petaling Street for dinner! (:

The food was good as usual and then we went in to Centro for some random shopping ! There wasn’t that many nice photos so this picture will do ! :] I had an awesome time with everyone, and it was just good to catch up with old friends and introduce them to my boyfriend :) !
Irene and I attended the Japanese Festival that was in Box Hill :)
There were some really awesome stuff selling (ie, kimonos, magazines, plushies etc) but because they were all pretty damn pricey, I decided not to get any :( ..but instead spend all my money on food instead :D :D ? !

Yasai Korokke
This was beautiful !! Because it was freshly fried, the texture was perfect and tasted just …so …good. *really wants to eat some now*

Oden and Yakitori!
I only had a little bit of both because they were Ken’s but they still tasted pretty good :D

Mmm, the powdery mochi skin, and the sweet redbean with the succulent strawberry waiting inside !! :D It was just to die for ♥

I, uh, forgot what this was called. But its some type of mochi and tasted relatively nice :) Although I still prefer ichigo daifuku over this :D
(will do a separate post on Thursday)
My contacts arrived on Wednesday! But because I was too scared to put them on myself, I waited till Friday to see Jenny to help me put them on :D

Blue, Purple and Grey (which is Vu’s) :] !! Ugh, they are ..really really scary to put on and quite uncomfortable at first xD But with the help of Louisa, Jenny and Vu ..they managed to get them in my eyes :D !

^ here’s a picture of me wearing it :) …Enlarge it if you can’t really see the contacts ! :D
But yeahhhh~ I am going to end this blog suddenly because I have a lot of work to do ! (Japanese listening test, speaking test, writing test, Online quizzes, and not to mention, EXAMS lurking !! :/)
But yes, hopefully I’ll get that blog up about Thursday soon :) !
How has everyone’s week(s) been?
♥ ♥ ♥

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