We just have to wait for the rainbow after the rain.
If you can see from the images below, I went shoe shopping yesterday.
Yup, I like these type of shoes – even if they look emo, big and well just emo. I still like these type of shoes and I will eventually add them all to my collection!

However, because I needed shoes that would be comfortable to walk in for Uni …I got the ones on the left (below pics) . They were $170 and are perfect ♥ ..however I really wanted to get the ones on the right too. They’re huge and makes me look like a normal girl (in terms of height) but they were $200 and well, not completely practical for Uni.

There are a few things that I’d like to say but I wonder if it’s okay to say it?
There’s a few things I hate – well okay, that was a lie, there are a lot of things I hate and what’s going on right now is one of them. You know, it doesn’t matter who you are or what’s going on but unless you are directly related to the problem going on at hand, you really have no say in it at all. I mean, in my personal opinion, a friend would still be a friend despite everything, right? No matter what the person did, even if it was murder, if they were really friends ..then it wouldn’t matter.
Because friends don’t judge.
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3 comments to Shoes&Opinions.

  • Vincent

    I approve of your shoes (Y). The right one, is a bit emo-hardcore. :P

  • Melody

    @Vince haha yes it is emo-hc which is why I'll probably get it day and just wear it on special occasions xD

    @Vuvu Pretty sure ….it wouldn't? xD

  • Aya at the Dinner Table

    Hi, randomly found your blog. It's so cute! >w<

    But I love shoes like that too actually. And they really come in handy during concerts because you can elevate yourself but you're not wearing impractical heels or anything.

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